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In short, Hanukkah is as powerful a commemoration as it is today because it responds to a host of factors pertinent to contemporary Jewish history and life.

Second Night—Dedicated to Ascension: The Stairway

Over two millennia, Hanukkah has evolved to narrate the story of the Maccabees in ways that meet the distinctive needs of successive generations of Jews. A contemporary Robinsonade — York, York. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

From Rabid Anti-Semite to Proud Jew

How Hanukkah evolved The military triumph, however, was short-lived. The destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. Francesco Hayez, via Wikimedia Commons The first of these revolts ended in the destruction of the Second Jerusalem Temple, the preeminent center of Jewish worship, which had stood for years. What Hanukkah means today How then to understand what happened to Hanukkah in the past hundred years, during which it has achieved prominence in Jewish life, both in America and around the world?

You might also like Kindertransport documents for three children who travelled from Austria to the UK in Jerusalem is mentioned on this 2,year-old papyrus. The Keshet Cave is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the land of Israel, and a popular spot for rappelling adventurists.

Talking with Angels

For your daily connection to Israel visit Israel Margit Gitta Mallasz, swimming champion, artist and writer, saved Jewish women and children in Budapest. Why should any child be abandoned, or any baby deprived of life, when so many potential mothers and fathers yearn with all their hearts for the chance to adopt?

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What is Hanukkah?

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Hanukkah's true meaning is about Jewish survival

How to Build Self-Confidence. What about pirsumei nisa, as mentioned above? The answer is quite simple and also quite profound. Shabbat lights represent shalom bayit - peace and harmony in the home.

May we all be blessed with an appreciation of true family and moral values in an age when this is no longer so obvious; may the message of Chanukah imbue us all with a renewed sense of worth, reminding us that even if the eternal message of Judaism is not always the most popular one, it remains an eternal message that has, thankfully, withstood the test of time.

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