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Instead it relies on the facilities provided by its host environment. It was discontinued by Oracle in JavaScript does not have native built in input or output routines. This is specific to the implementation of the core used for the moo, but works on most well known moos, such as LambdaCore or JH-Core:. The symbol is optional and prevents the system from repeating the command before executing it. It's very common for batchfiles to start with two lines of " echo off" and "cls". PHP is a templating language and will echo any text not within PHP tags directly, so the simplest form is:.

With this syntax, a constant has to be used because the message must be placed in positions 12 to 25, between apostrophes. App was introduced since Scala 2. Use Application instead of App for versions below 2. Spin is the high level language from Parallax Inc. This example shows some of those features. Programming language with commands in Polish. The simplest way to achieve this is with the built in message function that is similar to the windows messageBox. A more real world example uses a Clarion structure to declare a window and the Clarion Accept loop to process events from that window.

Note that the previous example will only work when the code is entered as part of a Form Load Event, such as the one created by default when generating a new project in the Visual Studio programming environment. Equivalently, the following code is roughly equivalent to the traditional Visual Basic 6 code by disabling the Application Framework and setting 'Sub Main' as the entry point for the application:. The following sequence of characters, expressed in hexadecimal notation with carriage return and newline characters at end of sequence :.

Simply write it as text without tags. Outputs the string to the message window if placed in a single movie frame. Alternatively, to display an alert box stating the message you could use. This page shows the Hello, world! Souffle by David Morgan-Mar. Later Mike Worth wrote tastier and actually functional recipe. Not really an esoteric language, but this code uses obfuscation :. Note that whitespace has been highlighted Space , Tab. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

Write "Hello, world! BYT 'Hello, world! STACK h. DATA db msg 'Hello, world! CODE start: mov ah , 09h lea dx , msg ; or mov dx, offset msg int 21h mov ax , 4C00h int 21h end start.

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CALL printf ; Call printf. POP eax ; Remove value from stack. MsgBox , Hello , world! MsgBox 0 , '' , ' Hello , world!

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Print "Hello, world! TEXT 0 , 0 , "Hello, world!

AddText "Hello, world! WriteLine "Hello, world! OpenConsole PrintN "Hello, world! Debug "Hello, World". Public Sub Main Debug. Show : HelloWorld. Qout "Hello, world". Println "Hello, world! Answer "Hello, world! Hello World is a room.

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The printed name is "Hello, world! System ; System. Echo 'Hello, world! Output : 'Hello, world! Output 'Hello, world! Print [ "Hello, world! WriteString W , "Hello, world! WriteLn W ; Texts. Append Oberon. Log , W. String "Hello, world! Ln END Hello. Hello , world! Test: proc options main ; put list 'Hello, world! Transcript show: 'Hello, world! StdoutStream nextPutLine: 'Hello, world'. Select 'Hello, world!

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Echo "Hello, world! Write-Host "Hello, world! Console] :: WriteLine "Hello, world! Forms' [System. MessageBox] :: Show "Hello, World! WriteLine 'Hello World!

Drawing import System. Add Label Text : "Hello, world! Run f. Show "Hello, world! Drawing ; using System.