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The Day My Therapist Dared Me to Have Sex With Her

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Big and Punished by Wanda Weiner

She stared up at him, her eyes wide and filled with need. He pushed away and surged to his feet. You can help me past my fear of being with a man. So you can do anything you want with me. The softness of it unraveled his resolve. She leaned close to his ear again. His cock sprang upward and she wrapped her hand around it. As her feminine fingers curled around his hard shaft, he sucked in a breath, his blood boiling. Like was too mild a word.

It was electrifying. She squeezed his fingers around her breast as she ran her hand the length of his cock. When she began to stroke him, he knew he had to stop her. His groin tightened painfully and he was getting too fucking close too fucking fast. He grabbed her wrist, intent on pulling it away, but she nipped his ear, then arched her breast tighter into his hand. I love you touching me like this. His grip loosened and she stroked him faster. Without thinking, he walked her backward until she was against the wall.

She released his cock long enough to pull her loose-fitting pajama top over her head, revealing her generous, round breasts. His breath caught at the sight of them.

Big and Punished (Taboo Erotica)

He claimed her lips, pressing his body tight to hers, excited by the feel of her soft, naked breasts crushed against his chest. As he claimed her with his passionate kiss, she squeezed his cock and stroked it. Moving faster and faster. He groaned into her mouth. She pulled away and gazed up at him.

Wife in Office Adventures! - SPICY STORIES

He groaned as pleasure surged through every part of him, and he erupted in a fountain of hot come. He was shocked at how much it turned him on when she called him Daddy. He realized he was leaning against her, so he drew back, still panting. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed, then lay down on it. She pushed down her pajama bottoms, exposing her sweet, naked pussy.

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God help him. Make love to me now. I want you to be my first.

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Smearing it over her creamy skin. Instead of answering, he glided to his knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He widened her legs and stared at her intimate folds. Do you like me calling you that? He chuckled as he ran his fingertips over her, feeling the slickness of her arousal. She wanted this. I sent them an e-mail outlining the issue. I received a reply back informing me I have a low tolerance for irresponsibility, especially in young adults who should know better and who should have been raised better.

Yet, my law firm keeps hiring summer associates with no respect for anyone or anything except themselves, and then sticking the worst of the lot with me. I know that the managing partner gives me charge of these baby lawyers because he feels that I am the A male colleague of mine once claimed that money, when it travels at a certain speed and trajectory, can turn anyone into an asshole.

I never believed him until it happened to me.

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The day I realised it was just like any other at my company. The climbing sun streaming through the windows of my spacious thirtieth-floor corner office warmed my bare legs beneath the charcoal pencil skirt. So, the office is usually deserted on Saturdays, giving me a chance to get things done without the constant interruption of the phone and incoming e-mails, as well as Emma had a terrible reputation.

Office whore. Rumour had it her voracious sexual appetites were almost never fully satisfied. It was her drug. Even dressed for the office she was the promise of endless nights of steamy sensuality. I thought about her incessantly. I had imagined fucking her so many times it was starting to feel like we had already had sex. My company, Roberts Systems, had just closed on a very lucrative contract earlier in the day, and I was in a very generous mood. While Fridays are usually casual dress for us, a few of us had dressed Jayne King often wondered what it was like to be an average person.

Jayne was always hassled or whistled at. She was used to getting attention from men and women. You see, Jayne had an abnormally large chest. If she was walking down the street, people would cat call out to her. She would get very embarrassed by After the interview, I had no idea what to expect from my new job.

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Would every day be filled with sexual innuendo, fingering, and blowjobs? Not so much. There were orientation sessions to attend, forms to fill out, and computer accounts to configure. It still Mike unlocked the door of his small investing firm and held it open for his wife, Eva. As they entered, he turned the lights on and checked the temperature in the front office.

His wife went into her office and he flipped the light on in his office and put his briefcase down and hung his jacket on the coat rack. Sitting at his desk he turned his computer on and looked at his calendar. Do you ever have one of those days at work? The sky is gloomy and cloudy. The threat of rain is imminent and it is hot and humid. No matter how many times you stare into the bright white fluorescent lights you still cannot fight It was the spring of Kelly and I had visited some friends and, on a whim, took a backroads route home.

It was dinner time on a Saturday. We spotted a bar in the middle of nowhere with a full parking lot and decided to pull in. We had great service and a great meal. It was more than halfway through our meal when I noticed him. He was working the dining room from table to table The cell phone that Jessica provided was ringing.