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Options for International Regulations on Sustainable Tourism. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction It is in the best interest of all concerned that tourism become sustainable and environmentally compatible. This need for "sustainable development" is and more by the responsible parties. Moreover, in the being recognised more search for solution strategies the realisation is gaining ground that tourism must be viewed as a worldwide phenomenon whose development must be co-ordinated in a co-operative effort spanning regions and continents.

It is thus an important task to provide the foundations for joint action. Germany, one of the largest source countries of international tourism, must feel particularly obligated in this regard. The study pursued and examined the thesis that the Convention on Biological Diversity be used as a central instrument for arriving at international principles and regulations for combining nature conservation and tourism which could lead to a sustainable development of tourism.

To further the discussion, the authors brought the study to a logical conclusion by working out a proposal for a "tourism protocol" additional to the existing Convention on Biodiversity. Such a protocol additional to the Convention would entail the stipulation of internationally binding implementation and regulations for achieving sustainable tourism. Conservation UNCED biodiversity conservartion development ecosystem environmental law nature politics sustainability. Editors and affiliations.

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German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation 1 1. Bonn Germany. Buy options. Training by orientating towards quantifiable, normed and exactly based on performance requirements provided by ECTS is the order of the day. Students want qualifications, not education. They want tools, competences and skills that prepare them for the labor market - Employability first. In this way, the field would make its way more firmly into the middle of society. This requires leaving the self-imposed isolation comfort zone of the reclusive ivory tower.

Only by increasingly oriented itself to the people, to the political decision makers, to interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity and compiling facts upon facts can tourism sciences receive the societal relevance that it deserves and avoid becoming a scientific, purely self-referential echo chamber. Such research settings could then, as reflective solutions, bring new impulses to teaching.

The discourse analysis shows the high complexity level of tourism sciences as both a strength and weakness at the same time: multiple access points allow for the adequate investigation of real-life and theoretical aspects. The field would thus not only serve itself, but would also offer something to counteract the dangerous trend of equating truth and falsehood. It should not exclusively indulge itself in solutionism. The orientation towards society does not mean foregoing scientific reflection and becoming trivial.

This alone is however not sufficient to meet the current challenges facing tourism sciences. Aquino V. Bachmann-Medick D. Neuorientierung in den Kulturwissenschaften. Rowohlt, Reinbeck. Baumgartner C. Umsetzungsperspektiven auf regionaler Ebene, Wien Transcript Verlag. Berndt C. Biehusen K. Bramwell B. Buckley R.

Butler R. Coles T. Dann G. Decher F. Enzensberger H. Eine Theorie des Tourismus, Merkur , Suhrkamp, Freyer W. Gibson C.

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Smith S. Spode H. Tao T. Thimm T.

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Tribe J. Turner V. Urry J. Sage Publications. Vester H. Konstanz , S, Waligo M. Hg , Der durchschaute Tourist. In: Vijayakumar, B. Environment Tourism and Development. International Perspectives. They have been modified, updated and amended for the current article. Via Tourism Review. Inhalt - Vorheriges Dokument. Zusammenfassung The field of tourism sciences is currently dealing with numerous challenges.

Aufbau 1. Tourism Science or Tourism Sciences? Tourism Geography in Tourism Sciences. Special Case Tourism Geography. Identifying the Individual Episodes of the Narrative. Analyzing the episodes in terms of their structure, dominant narratives and a connecting Story Line. Determining Matches, Opposites and Evaluations. Tourism Geography in Tourism Sciences 13 Research in tourism geography as an interdisciplinary discipline see also Kagermeier and Reeh , p. Therefore tourism geography research is located in the middle of an intersection of influences from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and sustainability research: Figure 1: Categories of tourism geography research.

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