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A good game for kids I feel that this game is great for kids over 11 years old. The only things to worry about Burnout: Paradise are that there is a lot of violence and there are billboards with commercials including Gillette and diesel signs. This game is great unless you have a who you wouldn't trust to tell the difference between the game and real life.

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The only major problem in this game is cars crashing and slamming into one another. It's like perfection: you get to race, blow stuff up, and look at awesome cars you will never own. This game rocks! I must say that the Burnout games are fine for older tweens that understand this is how you are NOT supposed to drive, there are no humans in any of the cars, and if you do drive like this in the real world, your car will crash like it does on the game and you will die. LOL But seriously, the Burnout series in general rocks. I also recommend Burnout Revenge, which is for the PS2 and Just make sure your kids can tell the difference between real and fake.

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Some of the songs are edgy and stuff, so make sure you disable the ones you don't want your kids listening to. But yeah. Great mindless game for tweens and teenagers looking for an explosive boredom buster. Fun and entertains younger ones. This is a great fantasy racing game with a few bad messages.

This is very child friendly. It shows you how not to drive! Burnout has always been cool and fun but this is the best for kids, Not hard. You can either compete in races or drive round at mph. The best way to see Paradise city is at mph. Its got bad messages because of you drive horribly.


Trying to blow yourself up. Well I do and everyone else. Its very kid friendly overall. Its fun! Good for teens and tweens as well. This game is great, plain and simple.

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No language, no alcohol or drugs and nothing big to worry about. Although, parents should let their kids know that this is not the way to drive. Even though some of the driving action in the can be imitated, it's not really an issue. I would recommend this game for teen players.

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Parent of a 4, 8, 10, and 11 year old Written by ayeshaq June 22, Awesome game This is a cool car game with crashing and racing. Adult Written by KT April 10, Burnout returns again. And it sure doesn't dissappoint. Appropriate for all ages, but especially anyone 10 or over.

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The resolution is higher and there seem to be a few minor new special effects the smoke is definitely better but otherwise this feels more like a port than a remaster. If you want to be generous, that only underlines how technically advanced the original was. Depending on where you are you can then enter a standard point-to-point race or a range of time trials, car chases, and stunt challenges. The game does get a bit carried away with making you manually drive over to junkyards and garages to change cars or customise your current one, but it adds a great sense of physicality to the whole experience and turns Paradise City into essentially a lead character.

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  4. Naturally, this remastered edition includes all the DLC from the original version, including the massive Big Surf Island. At the time this was a gold standard for expansions and it still impresses now, as does the fact that the game had so much free DLC as well — almost predating the idea of games as a service. But having all the DLC available from the start does create some problems. So unless you can hold yourself back from using them you risk ruining the sense of progression.

    Thankfully, restraining yourself is made easier by how fast even the most basic car is. As a series Burnout is about two things: speed and crashes. And Paradise does both better than almost any other video game. In Short: A classic arcade racer that was always ahead of its time and seems both refreshing, and thoroughly modern, even now. Pros: Great city design, with fantastic handling and great sense of speed.