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Perspectives Four Pillars of Endpoint Security. Eric Cole — August 30, The goal of security and protecting the endpoint is focused on managing risk, which is all about managing access to the system and related information. What is Endpoint Security?

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Endpoint security is the process of securing devices such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktop PCs, and ensuring that those devices comply with certain criteria before they are granted access to network resources. The goal of endpoint security is to limit the attack surface and safeguard the network from malicious threats. In any area of security, there is no single, silver bullet technology that will protect and secure a system.

However, by taking an integrated, defense-in-depth approach to endpoints, proper security can be implemented. In building a robust foundation for securing the endpoint, there are four key components I recommend that you address immediately: Least Privilege One of the fundamental rules of security is that any entity, or user, must be given the least amount of access they need to do their job.

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If in doubt, do not provide access. The main issue with least privilege is maintenance of the access. Just because someone needs access today does not mean they need access in the future. Removing access is key to maintaining an appropriate level of least privilege. Application Control Adversaries will typically target and exploit applications to allow long-term access to a system. By compromising key applications, malicious code can be injected or tied to the applications. Email and web based applications are often targeted in this manner.

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By carefully controlling and managing applications , security teams can not only bolster security of the system, but make it much more difficult for an adversary to cause harm. Password Management In the case of traveling laptops that are directly accessible from the Internet, in many cases the first and only line of defense is authentication.

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Regardless of all of the security software installed on the system, if an adversary can gain access to your password or an enterprise credential, they will have access to the system. Least privilege will help minimize the damage—but ultimately, controlling and managing the authentication credentials will keep an adversary out of the system. Behavioral and Threat Analytics You may be familiar with the security mantra, prevention is ideal, but detection is a must.

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Endpoint Security: Protect any device, any application, anywhere

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Ebook The Four Pillars of Endpoint Security: Safeguarding Your Network in the Age of Cloud

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