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Look at the handsome full-page painting of a somber young African American boy, barefoot, sitting on an upturned wooden barrel, his back against a brick wall. This gathering of more than 60 poems from the U. Mirka wants to slay dragons not that she has ever seen one in her Orthodox Jewish community. But in this exuberant graphic novel nothing is as you would expect. Take her step-mother Frumka. Or wished that his dad had superpowers? Fourteen- year-o What was the game of baseball like when it began, more than a century ago? First off, back then, you could get a runner out by soaking him.

Fly Guy ReadKiddoRead. He bumps into a fly. The fly stomps his feet and says, "Buzz! A story that could have been taken from the headlines grabs readers from the first lines and never lets them go. She had been waiting in the backseat while her mother ran inside a conven In the middle of the large, stark white page is a 2"x3" snapshot of a little boy dressed in winter gear, standing on the pavement, with a toy car Pancakes and pine trees.

Pine trees and pancakes. But Cecelia Wreel, almost 11, is used to her tiny, out-of-the-way town of Wares Grove. Bartoletti won both a Newbery Honor and a Sibert Honor for her provocative, chilling exploration of the mass movement of children and teenagers who willingly or reluctantly joined Hitler Youth, the Nazi Party's organization formed in Starting with year-old Herbert Norkus, whose murder b Wholly original, completely familiar, this is an allegorical tale where childhood is not just a stage, it is aplacecalled Hokey Pokey, totally separate from adults and adulthood.

Young readers, on For stealing a famous basketball player's sneakers, overweight, unlucky, but innocent Stanley Yelnats, is sentenced to hot, desolate Camp Green Lake in Texas, a detention center for bad boys. Every day each of the teen inmates must dig a hole five feet around and five feet deep in the bone dry l Two previous teachers had resigned, and James Naismith knew he had to find an innovative approach to working Each story is whimsical and funny, which is exactly what readers count on from this masterful author.

Yet, as simple as the text and Everyone said so, even his mother. Henry threw food, Henry grabbed, Henry pushed and shoved and pinched. Even his teddy bear, Mr. Kill, avoided him when possible. Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez has a pretty interesting family. His father writes graphic novels and his mother is an expert in robotics. Sammy has a close relationship with his sister Maddie, who has an immunity issue and isn't able to attend school.

Lili Lost in a Book: Best YA Books with Ghosts!

Also, the Hayes-Rodriguez house is full of robots. On a walk one autumn day, Bear begins to brag that he is the biggest, strongest, and loudest of all the ani Certainly not. Dinosaurs are forever fascinating in both fiction and nonfiction. They may be monstrous and terrifying, but conveniently, because they're extinct, we don He joins them aboard ship as their official digger and off they sail to find a safe place to bury their treasure chest of gold and jewel How Strong Is It?

Readers with a taste for the gross and grotesque will find How They Croaked, a consistently disgusting, gleefully ghoulish chronicle of the gruesome deaths of nineteen famous people, irresistible. Georgia Bragg opens with King Tut, discussing, in gory specifics, the embalming and mummification p Billy's friends Tom and Alan bet Billy fifty dollars that he can't eat fifteen worms.

Billy's going to need all the discipline and will-power he can muster if he has any chance to succeed. It's not an easy bet for Billy: at one point he has a terrifying nightmare that he is in a fancy res Students and faculty live and work in a gloomy, isolated Romanian castle, once home to Prince Dracula. After a series of disturbing deaths, rumors spread that Prince Dracula has returned. Thomas and Audre A chicken, racing across the barnyard, exhorts, "Hurry!

Across the green grass and under the blue sky, the ducks, cows, pigs, sheep, and a sheepdog cavort eagerly to the barn. There they encircle the nest of straw in the center of I Am Invited to a Party! When Piggie gets a cool invitation to go to her first party, she invites her best friend Elephant to go with her.

Elephant declares, "I k The collage illustrations are amiable and a If you have a cough, a cold, a sore throat, a wound, a stomachache, a fever, or a headache, perhaps you have a home remedy you swear by, whether it is tea, chicken soup, lozenges, or a good doctor. In this collection of cures that were considered effective way back when, from prehistoric times t Jamie Grimm talks right to readers — his honesty and his humor making full impact on each of us -- putting us firmly in his fan club.

A good place to be. I Must Have Bobo! What an upset! Arms raised, eyes and mouth open wide, Willy proclaims: "I need Bobo. Bobo helps me with everything. I Stink! Thick, black-outl Asa, Solvieg, and Harold are spending their winter tucked away in a hidden fjord, while their father, the king, leads the war back home. While they are reluctant to leave him to live in this desolate icy land, they are grateful to be safe and protected. However, when many of the warriors sent to Ida B Applewood has a pretty perfect life, with her loving parents and her floppy-eared dog, Rufus.

She's been home-schooled by her parents ever since the disastrous two weeks and three days she lasted in kindergarten class at the local public school. She's never missed having school friendships We follow an eager blo Stunningly-beautiful collage illustrations, loads of I'm Bad! I'm partial to the selections in his second vol On the upper right side of the first oversized white two-page spread are gigantic red capital letters: B Relive some of the most daring voyages of all time in this dynamic, handsomely-designed, visually-stunning book.

In engaging, informative chapters, author Stewart Ross dramatically chronicles the daring adventures of such intrepid explorers as Leif Eriksson, Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, and C This fierce and engaging series introduces a world of wild, brave cats fighting for survival. Clans of cats roam forests and marshlands, battling enemy clans for control over their scarce prey. When Rusty, a kittypet, owned by a pair of Twolegs and living on bland kitty food, ventures into the n Ivy is intellectual, quiet, and loves to read books and wear skirts and dresses.

Bean is rambunctious, adventurous, and even devious at times, and she hates dresses. But when Bean learns that In this second installment of the Jacky Ha-Ha series, Jacky leads the reader through a summer in Seaside Heights, her small town along the New Jersey coast. With carnival games, junk food, and plenty of leisure time, school is out and antics on the tourist-lined boardwalk are in! Long summer days filled with lazy floats down river, lounging with your best friend, soaking in the sun's rays, and finding adventure. This silly and delightful poem tells the tale of a young boy and his best friend exploring their woods, river, and town, has been a favorite in our home with reg After his dear parents are eaten by an enormous and angry rhinoceros, escaped from the London Zoo, James Henry Trotter spends his next four years doing the bidding of the most odious and awful of relatives, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker.

His life seems hopeless until the day he encounters a strang With the assistance of the Underground Railroad, eight-year-old Sadie Crosswhite and her family make it from Kentucky, across the Ohio River, and travel for days until they reach Marshall, Michigan, a place where they should be safe.

Sixty of the 2, residents are Negroes, but the family is wa Kids might not read this whole big compendium cover to cover, but as a book to dip into for truly funny and classic jokes, riddles, practical jokes, spotlights on major comedians, and advice on becoming a comedian, it's an endless source of material. There are more than 1, jokes here, includi Joshua Dread is having a rough year in middle school. Bullies pick on him, and he seems to be causing pencils to explode, leaving burning handprints in his wake.

To top it off? The supervillains — The Dread Duo — are his parents, and they're trying to destroy the world. Along with her new governess, Miss Minton, orphaned Maia Fielding is sent from her posh London boarding school in to live with her aunt and uncle and twin cousins on the Amazon River the "River Sea" of the title , near the city of Manaus, in Brazil. On board their ship, The Cardinal, Maia Your readers who don't know Judy yet will dive for the rest of the series, with its good-natured wordplay, riddles, and an ear That is the only word that can possibly describe the treatment I have received on this pathetic little planet!

Look no further if you've been wanting to buy a gift-worthy anthology of poetry, not just for your classroom or library, but for all the kids in your life. Julie Andrews, author of many children's books, including two splendid fiction books children continue to read and love-Mandy and The Last o Junie B.

Jones series ReadKiddoRead. The irrepressible Junie B. Jones is in first grade now, and we continue to laugh and relate to her Junonia ReadKiddoRead. Alice and her family travel from Wisconsin to Florida's Sanibel Island for their winter vacation each When Corey was three years old, his famil Just Behave, Pablo Picasso!

His name is Justin Krzeszewski. Not so easy to pronounce. Until some kids give him a nickname: Justin Case. Spend third grade Kate and the Beanstalk ReadKiddoRead. Like Jack of old, she sets out to sell the cow and ends up trading it f Throw in a dragon, a sword and a castle, and it is a no-brainer. This is the perfect book to hook a young boy and introduce him to the power of his imaginati She jumps at it, and chases it, and climbs a tall tree all the way to the top, but still she can't reach it, poor Kitten.

When she sees it See that helmeted soldier coming up from the hatch, his fist pumping the air triumphantly? Hold on a minute—that soldier looks like a kid. Hey, it is a kid—it's Jon S Listeners will notice the face of the stuffed rabbit that Dad has just inadvertently loaded into the washing mach Lady Lollipop ReadKiddoRead. Larklight is a rambling, ramshackle house that spins on its own remote orbit out in the deeps beyond the moon. It was constructed in the early s, which, if you recall your history, was just a few years after Sir Isaac Newton's discoveries made it possible for people to travel and then live i Another Newbery-Award-winning picture book celebrating cultural diversity, differences, and community, Last Stop on Market Street provides a fresh perspective on the topic by providing wider context given to a young child by his elder grandmother.

Every Sunday CJ and his grandmother cross th Let's Do Nothing! So far they've: played every sport ever invented, painted "more pictures in a day than Van In this roughly historical take on the Great War, Scott Westerfeld delivers thrilling adventure as he creates an intriguing world It's been more than two centuries since Meriwether Lewis and William Clark undertook their famed expedition with the Corps of Discovery to chart the lands west of the Mississippi in They spent two and a half years, journeying 7, miles to the Pacific Ocean and back.

Along with their m Lexie ReadKiddoRead.

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For the first time in her ten years, she's spending her annual summer vacation at the Jersey Shore without her mom. Although she looks forward to having some quality time with her dad, everything just fee Library Lil ReadKiddoRead. We meet her as a strong, book-toting tyke who, by age eight, had read all the Lightship ReadKiddoRead.

Slinger, reveals to his class of mice that he is going to marry Ms. Shotwell, the school nurse. In her b Although Abraham Lincoln is one of the most written about historical figures for both children and adults, this part of his story is little known; it in Emory and Hannah were lifelong best friends and neighbors, with only 36 steps between their homes. That is, until an intense fight and a troubling secret rips their friendship apart.

Trick or Treat or Murder

Everyone calls him Little Pig. They don't even hear when he tries to remind them: "My name is Jacob! At a visit to Grandpa's, his brothers and sisters find Grandpa's old m Enchanted with the sound of other young rats playing tiny violins at the Community Hall, Little Rat can't wait to take lessons. Her new teacher, a short-tempered rabbit named Miss Wingbutton, has "little tolerance for silliness. For a book to be considered a classic, it must be timeless. Living Color ReadKiddoRead. There are four pages of red animals, with two or three profiles on each page, and an explanation of how the color red helps tha Time to Share expands that world a little, allowing Nelly WARNING: If you and your teen reader are squeamish, violence-averse, or are looking for something light-hearted or romantic, please go look elsewhere at ReadKiddoRead for a great book tip.

Otherwise, if you — or that teen — can stand a gripping, action-packed, downright scary thrille Looking at Lincoln ReadKiddoRead. This unusual profile, narrated by a curious child and illustrated with gouache paintings as colorful as a count Crayola Crayon package, invites youngsters to find out. The zealous young researcher visits the library I've been a Pinkwater fan forever. Or at least since the s when he started publishing bizarrely comical children's fiction books like Lizard Music and Fat Men from Space and one near and dear to New Jersey's little heart, The Hoboken Chicken Emergency.

Who could forget young Arthur Bobowicz Throughout his earliest years at school, exuberant Donald Zinkoff smiles and laughs like crazy, even when a big kid steals his giant giraffe hat on the first day of first grade, and when his second grade teacher tells him his handwriting is atrocious and kicks him out of class just because he th Flying leap. No grapes. Girls do. Madeline ReadKiddoRead. The girls' teacher Ms. Clavel leads Madeline and her peers in two straight lin Now there's me.

And Harry. Harry, a winsome and contented diaper-clad bab There was also a glasses-wearing elderly iguana, a grumpy fish who could spell, a ghost in the clock tower, a secret message in the library, and a twisted evil that lived on the fourth floor of our school. First, there was a rat: Mal With his mother away for the evening, he's invited her over to share a secret.

Heather loves secrets. When he pulls the sealed rectangle of black wax paper from his desk drawer, though, she feels herself go cold.

Great Pageturners

Jeffrey Magee, orphaned at three years old, runs away from his aunt and uncle's house once he hits eleven. And literally runs—he runs for days and finally slows down when he gets to the town of Two Mills, Pennsylvania. He wows the residents of Two Mills with his extreme athletic prowess an Get to know the man behind the legend and the famous ride in a clearly written and handsomely laid out biography amply illustrated with stately brown-toned portraits, paintings, reproductions, maps, and photographs. As an apprentice to his French-born father, a master silversmith, Paul learned t Abuela, her Cuban grandmother, g Martin Luther King, Jr.

There's not even a title or author or illustrator listed; you have t Marvin, a resourceful and talented beetle with a shiny black shell, lives with his parents in a damp cupboard below the kitchen sink of a New York City apartment. While Marvin doesn't much care for the human owner, sharp-tongued Mrs. Pompaday, a high-powered real estate agent, he does like her q She wants for nothing. The Society provides her with the exact amount of food she needs for proper nutrition for her optimal weight, height, and age.

She will live until her 80th birthday 80 being the optimal age for having a full life without fall Max Einstein is no ordinary girl. At age 12, she's a student at NYU. She's working to ease the life of the homeless. And she's been tapped by a mysterious organization, The Change Makers Institute, to help solve some of the world's biggest problems.

This thrilling adventure will have your young May I Pet Your Dog? Others are not afraid enough. How should we behave when we encounter a strange dog? Harry, a longhaired, chocolate-dappled dachshund, encounters a young By that afternoon, I had an irresistible urge to shake my head—continually—and the course of my life changed in ways few people had ever seen or could begin to understand. Watson's bed broke and Mercy ran off to find some sugar cookies and The whole family will squeeze into Rosa Maria's tiny casita for the party.

Each day of that week, she plans the menu: enchiladas, rice and beans-Rosa Maria knows no dinner is comp In an affecting novel almost too heartbreaking to read out loud, though it alternates between tragic and comical, eighth grader Phoebe takes us through the harrowing days following her adored brother's death in a bicycle accident. Mick, only ten months younger than Phoebe, was a funny kid and Ph Miss Nelson Is Missing! Paper planes whizzed through the air. They were the worst behaved class in the whole school. Reading this biographical novel, narrated by Anne Sullivan and based on her many letters, I was reminded once again why I, like so many others, have always been captivated by the story of Anne and Helen Keller, the little girl whose life she transformed.

It starts in with year-old Anne o To commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, this substantial-sized volume is filled with conversational and quote-filled accounts of all 12 of the piloted Apollo missions. The text is full of surprising facts, heroic actions, and life-threatening moments. After a brief Maximilian Starling is not your average twelve-year-old boy.

Both of his beloved parents are flamboyant, dedicated to their craft, and unpredictable. Moonshot ReadKiddoRead. Award-winning author Polly Horvath sets up a perfectly preposterous premise and a romping pace that will keep readers hooked. Madeline, a human child, finds her ordinary world intertwining with the local animal societies when she comes home to discover that her spacey hippie parents have be Noodlekugel ReadKiddoRead. Maxine and Nick actually do when they discover the cozy abode of Mrs. Noodlekugel, her cat Mr. Fuzzface, and four farsighted mice hidden behind their apartment building.

Maxine and Nick h When should you start sharing books and stories with your children? As soon as they're born. Some studies have shown that babies in utero respond to being read to, especially rhythmic and rhyming books like early Dr. Here, then, is a board book for newborns who will appreciate the stark c The narrator, six-year-old Lily, yearns to be noticed by seven-year-old Tamika at the neighborhood pool on Wednesday playgroup day.

Lily is ever hopeful, claiming, "Tamika is my best friend. There goes Ernest walking to the bus stop with his pet on a leash, hoping to win the annual school pet show. Three classmates stand by holding their pets: goldfish, cat, and frog. And, oh yes, Cindy Lou and her dog are there, too, snooty and sure that they are going to win. But will they? How delicious, how delightful, how utterly sensational it is to have a chunky-sized new book of Prelutsky poems.

A talking alley cat persuades Elmer to undertake a journey to a dangerous island. He packs wisely: filling his father's knapsack wit My Kindergarten ReadKiddoRead. You'll get to know all of them: Diane, Emily, Louise, While there are loads of wonderful Mother Goose collections out there, this oversized book will quickly become a home and classroom treasure with its 68 well-chosen verses and personable entourage of typical Wells bunnies, pigs, and cats, rendered in grand and colorful watercolors.

Nursery rhyme Nate the Great ReadKiddoRead. He hoped it would be someone calling about missing diamonds or a million dollars, but it's just Annie. She has lost a picture of her dog, Fang. Nate tells Annie that he'll be over in five minutes. Think of a subject — any subject: an animal, a place, a historical person or event, food, weather. Navigating Early is a survival story in every sense, physically and emotionally. Jack is adrift after his mother dies and his dad, just back from WWII, enrolls him in a boarding school in Maine. When he befriends Early Auden, a strange loner who rarely attends classes, Jack knows he'll be la The details are mesmerizing, from its glossy black eyes 5 of 8 are visible; most spiders have Camping with his Boy Scout troop on a remote beach on the Big Island of Hawaii on November 29, , Graham Salisbury's cousin, then 13, survived a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami.

Now the author has retooled that momentous experience into a fine and thrilling adventure novel narrated b Meet fifth grader Dave Parker, a known loudmouth who is in the middle of his fourth hour of not talking. In spite of being called on to give his oral social studies report on India, he is determined to stick with his experiment of staying silent for an entire day.

Reading a book about Mahatma Ga No, David! Terra Rose Cooper can't seem to escape. A permanent port-wine stain birthmarks her face, which causes stares from any and everyone she meets. Friends and family are no help. Her map-maker father discourages her from any surgery, but als Did you ever notice how serious, somber, and edgy so many YA books are, with all those screwed up teens, life and death dystopian situations, not to mention never-ending angst and alienation?

When's the last time you laughed out loud while reading a YA novel? Oh, right, Sherman Alexie's The Abso With the dubious help of a shifty friend, his father h Olivia ReadKiddoRead. She is good at lots of things. She is very good at wearing people out. She even wears herself out.

Mike picks up a hitchhiker and is lured to a graveyard for those who died too young. As the specters rise, he hears hair-raising stories about their untimely deaths. The question is: will he live to tell the tales? Set outside of Chicago, Mike is driving home one night long past his curfew w She feels guilty that her older sister Agatha ran away in the first place There are many poignant and inspirational middle grade novels about the civil rights era - The Watsons Go to Birmingham, is one outstanding example - but until now, almost none about its more radical aftermath.

Are you looking for a new twisty, addictive YA book? One of Us Is Lying fits the bill. Reminiscent of The Breakfast Club, this book is a mustread for fans of E. Lockhart and Sara Shepard. Similar to the cult classic, the book starts off with five students in detention—the When children are encouraged to open this book, they will be irresistibly drawn deeper into a die-cut series of ever smaller books that work together as a playful cumulative tale about friends who read together.

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Youngsters, eager to become one of this circle of friends, will revisit this book ag Melody describes herself as a little girl with short, dark, curly hair; brown eyes, one of which is slightly out of wack; a head that wobbles a little; thin legs that have never been used; and feet that sometimes kick unexpectedly. Melody has cerebr The Big Easy has been anything but easy on Josie. Josie has tried distancing herself from her mother, Louise.

Moved by the story of Owen, the orphaned b He stayed, hopping aboard the mail wagon each day for a ride to the train depo The Gaither sisters — Delphine, who narrates their story, Vonetta, and Fern -- are returning to Brooklyn after spending the summer of with their formerly estranged mother, Cecile, a poet who lives in Oakland, California and is active in the Black Panther Party. Delphine, the o Bird watchers were i Panda Kindergarten ReadKiddoRead. Mother pandas often have twins but can only care for one cub at a time, so the workers at the panda nu The Prologue of this nifty, tongue-in-cheek little novel explains how, during the golden age of men and gods, Zeus became enraged at the lazy humans who took the gods for granted and removed fire from the earth as punishment.

Prometheus, the Titan, stole the fire from Mount Olympus to give back This book follows the beginning of a not-so-typical love story that involves the two main characters named Margo and Q. These two characters experienced something that bonded them together; however, as years passed, they had drifted apart.

The novel not only has a love story, but also involves a When his best friend goes on vacation, year-old Victor Vollmer agrees to take over his paper route for a month. But having to ring doorbells and spe When he gets to school, his best friend Pearl, a gray rabbit, tells him their teacher, Ms In this electric picture book biography, written in both English and Raven-haired Persephone is gathering spring flowers in the fields when the ground opens up, and Hades, King of the Underworld, ascends in his chariot and abducts her.

Into the Underworld they race, while Persephone's friends r Children are sure to eat-up Pie, a light mystery with a heavy dollop of familial love. When he grows up, Liam wants to be the Easter Bunny. But can a pig become the Easter Bunny? But don't tell Liam that. Liam knows he has to work hard to make his dreams come true.

He practices hopping, eating salad and delivering eggs, with Pirate vs. They meet on the high seas, and the competition begins. Each demands, and refuses, to give way to the other Whoopee cushions are the types of things that bring elated smiles to every little boy and girl. What eight year old would not roll over in uncontrollable laughter when their parent innocently sits down on a couch and an explosive sound originates from what appears to be their backside?

This is pur Press Here ReadKiddoRead. Press Here is the ultimate book for engaging very young children and holding their attention. It is so clever and simple; you'll wish you had thought of it yourself! The book begins with a simple yellow dot in t Alan Gratz presents an utterly riveting story of survival and perseverance captured through the eyes and voice of a boy forced to grow up before his time during World War II in Poland.

Based on the true story of Jack Gruener, Prisoner B lays bare the torture one boy endured for six long yea Sixteen-year-old twins Lia and Alice Milthorpe are horrorstruck to find their father dead by unknown causes in their house's Dark Room, the room in which their deceased mother used to live. But his death pales in comparison to the dark events that follow Lia the next few days: her sister becomes Kenny Wright lives in a bad area of Washington, D.

His middle school, Anacostia, is a wreck. Luckily, he is being raised by his grandmother, who taught elementary school for 62 years and keeps a close eye on him. But, poor Kenny is also confronted with a group of bullies in his school, and his cl Nicknamed "Qwerty" after the six letters on the top left side of a keyboard, year-old Robert Edward Stevens, a computer-loving boy, digs up a mysterious box labeled "Thomas A.

Petey has always wanted to explore the sea. So he puts on his snorkel and fins and dives right in. He swims amongst seaweed, fish, and crabs eating crepes, but what else will he discover on his underwater adventure? Beautifully illustrated, rhyming bedtime story, kids book about going to the moon that you and your family are certain to love!

For Ages Petey is looking for his shoe, but when he finds it, there is a spider inside! The spider is not happy in the le For ages There is nothing to do.

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A noise escapes from his closet. What is it? Petey goes to investigate and hears dancing music coming from inside. He opens up the door and finds stairs leading to a roo Part of the Kindle Matchbook Program. He would sit outside and wonder what it was like to be up there. Would he meet the man that resided there? Knowing that For ages Petey is afraid of the dark. Every time he closes his eyes, he sees monsters, ghouls, trolls, and ghosts.

What if they try to eat him? What if they take over his kitchen? As Petey pulls the blanket over his head, he envisions a monster u The Candle Shoppe has been robbed Mel has just returned from her romantic getaway with Greg, but all is not well in the college town she lives in. When op Rynah locks herself in her quarters, refusing to speak with the others, but Solaris Book 9 in the bestselling Mellow Summers SeriesMel and Greg are on a romantic getaway when murder falls into their laps.

While spending time at an exclusive resort, Mel discovers a body, except when she tries to tell someone, it disappears. Soon the s After escaping the destruction of her home planet, Lanyr, with the help of the mysterious Solaris, Rynah must put her faith in an ancient legend. Never one to believe in stories and legends, she is forc How would you catch an alien? Dive into this charming, and brilliantly illustrated, book about a little boy who tries to capture an alien. Simple and fun, and perfect for teaching your child how to read. Great for preschool and kindergarten.

Ages Six months have passed since Dana and Kenny parted. Forced to live as a wanderer, Dana discovers a crashed drone and learns of the chaos within Dystopia and what President Klens has planned for the resistance. Realizing that she must go back, Dana ac Click here. The Mellow Summers Mystery Janet McNulty Author Ring Around the Rosy, Not Hey Diddle Diddle the Zombie Desperation Janet McNulty Author Frogs, Snails, and a Lot of Violets are Blue More Trouble Hickory Dickory Dock the Slayer Janet McNulty Author