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Only G-d exists Reply. However, Torah and Chassidic thought teaches that G-d is a personal G-d, not just "a force" or "all that is.

What Does It Really Mean to Be 'Jewish?'

This does not make Him less, but more. He does care whether we eat kosher or not etc. And He does relate differently to Jew and non-Jew. Not that He loves one and not the other, G-d forbid, but we are different. For a Jew to observe the Torah is not a lifestyle, but a manifestation of his or her essence. It is not something we graduate beyond to reach some universal nothingness. For a fuller discussion, please see here Reply.

Thank you for your response Rabbi, Let me say that as i described the relationship with G-d, it does not reflect my full conception that you may have implied, as i concur with you of the personal relationship one has with Him. What is beautiful is that G-d has revealed Himself to not just the Jewish people but also to people from many lands and maternal descents. We come from the same eternal womb of G-d, i do not want to suggest that Jewishness is meaningless, there is a parable of the Baal Shem Tov 'The Palace of Illusion' it is in this spirt one may well say what i have said.

If you read the Tanya for example you find the complete mirroring of other ancient spiritual texts, and words of the seers who belonged to not religion, they belonged exclusively to G-d. The revelation of G-d is available not just on Mt Sanai but in every moment to every devoted soul. Thank you for your response Rabbi, Let me say that as i described the relationship with G-d, it does not reflect my full conception that you may have implied, as I concur with you of the personal relationship one has with Him.

We come from the same eternal womb of G-d, I do not want to suggest that Jewishness is meaningless, there is a parable of the Baal Shem Tov 'The Palace of Illusion' it is in this spirit one may well say what I have said. The revelation of G-d is available not just on Mt Sinai but in every moment to every devoted soul. Whether you follow whatever rules one's particular religion may be or not, my point is that if you have Jewish ancestry then you should seek genetic counseling and have your DNA tested.

TNBC is one of the fastest moving and fastest growing breast cancer that there is.

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My Aunt died in from Ovarian cancer. These mutations may cause many other cancers. Many people on my Father's side of my family have had cancer and most have died from it. Esther is right except for one thing: the word Christians don't call their way of life Christism. They reserve "ism" for everybody else. They invented the words "paganism," "Judaism," "Buddhism," "Hinduism" and even "Mohammedism". The Jewish way of life is not an "ism". It is Torah.

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Read the Bible, the mishnah, the Talmud, the Shulchan Aruch. None of them uses the word "Judaism" for a Torah-true way of life. Since I learned who invented this word "Judaism," and why, I"ve avoided using it. We are Jews, yes, and our worship is to live according to Torah. That means the Ten Words, of which the first is to avoid worshipping strange gods, and the mitzvot, of which the main ones are these: "Shma Yisrael: HaShem Kelokenu, HaShem Echad; And thou shalt love HaShem thy Gd with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might.

This is not an ism. Jewish food, Jewish culture, Jewish beliefs, Jewish actors, Jewish writers,etc. Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people. However, just to be even more confusing, it isn't necessary to follow any of the beliefs typical of Judaism to be a Jew. And the beliefs are very, shall we say, open to debate and discussion.

Ask ten rabbis what followers of Judaism believe and you'll get 12 opinions. It refers to a member of the Jewish people. To be a member of the Jewish people one must either be born a Jew or "adopted" into the "tribe" — converted to Judaism. Just as an infant born overseas has to undergo a naturalization ceremony to be an American citizen when adopted by an American family, someone not born to a Jewish mother has to undergo conversion to become a member of the tribe.

Even if you followed all the dietary laws and observed the holidays, you still would not be regarded as a Jew without formal conversion — and the Orthodox community only accept Orthodox conversions. All fine, except that we Jews are not an 'ism'. We are a people, yes, but we deserve better than to be "otherized" as an "Ism. That's why some people claim they do not belong to any "ism". They mean they are not "other than" the right thing. An anthropological view of our tribe or group Yes, we are a tribe.

Granted, we no longer live in a single location, we speak very many languages, listen to and dance many musics, etc. But we do have common traditions, a taste for books, a huge creativity, common jokes, common kitchen delights, and some of us share belief in the same myths and the same religion. This is what anthropologists call a common culture. They are trained to analyze any culture i. Anlyzing any culture form this point of view has yielded incredibly rich results. The anthropologist who started this way of thinking was Claude Levi-Strauss.

His work is a powerful theoretical framework that explains with enormous insight and helps understand well the social behavior, the religions, the myths of many tribes, no matter how far, how primitive, isolated, etc they may be. They can cause TNBC and other cancers. I am BRCA1 positive. Being Jewish is a religion and an ethnicity. Chaia West of the Nile was Africa. Your DNA results verifies history. My mother is not Jewish. I would get a whole spiel about conversion and so forth.

Proper conversion requires a religious lifestyle and not everyone is wired for that. Jews are a race, an ethnicity—a people.

"Why I am a Jew" by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Part of my genetics are Jewish. Absurdity at its finest. Originally being Jewish went by the father, which makes sense since the father is the one who impregnates the mother. I was surprised. They went very far back and I found out that we were originally from east Africa and ancestors were first to leave and head to the middle East. It's fascinating to find out that I'm very little of the European heritage i thought I was. Being a Jew whose family very well might have traveled with Moses to the promised land is the most incredible thing I could imagine.

It's made me more of a Jew and following more of the laws. Im proud.

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  • I'm Jewish Reply. Ken If you have a Jewish mother, you are a Jew even if you fail to do a single mitzvah. Of course, such a Jew is breaking the promise he made at Sinai. Meanwhile, if you do not have a Jewish mother, you only need to keep the Seven Laws of Noah and to treat all kinds of people, including Jews, with respect and kindness, and you will have a portion of the World to Come. If you do not have a Jewish mother, and you want to be a Jew anyway, then you can become a Jew via orthodox conversion, which involves making the Sinai promise to keep the "" commandments in the Torah.

    In that case, you should start with "modern orthodox," which will generally enable you to convert in about a year of classes, after which you will be questioned to be sure you have a modicum of understanding. After that, men need to become circumcised, and both men and women need to go in the mikveh immersion pool. You don't not "become Jewish" merely by beliefs or learning or loving. Jewish It's simpler than everybody thinks. Believe in God at face value, read the Tanakh and believe like a little child, there is peace of mind.

    And love, love is your light to the nations. Exercise it often, not only on fellow Jews. Don't forsake wisdom, balance love and wisdom like walking on 2 legs. Also, fear not, have faith that the God of Israel is with you. Pray Psalms, keep Shabbat, and celebrate as much of the beautiful things as you can, do everything out of love and awe. A Jew is neither a religion nor a race so being a Jew is unlike both of these It's not a race. The ancestry of your father, your mother's father, or your mother's mother's father, are all unable to make you a Jew.

    It's not a religion. Your beliefs aren't enough to make you a Jew. If your mother's mother's mother's mother was a Jew, then you're a Jew. If you fail to do this, you're breaking your promise and you'll be held responsible for this failure. If your mother's mother's mother's mother was not a Jew, you can become a Jew.

    First, hang out with a Jewish community. Take classes to learn the mitzvahs. When the rabbi is convinced you're sincere and have learned enough, you get circumcised if male and you go into the mikveh the immersion pool. Fingerman , July 5, Dan Schnur , July 5, Kelly Hartog , July 5, My job entails juggling multiple tasks, including editing many of the stories you see in this paper.

    I also proofread every page before we go Paul Starr , July 5, To accomplish Orit Arfa , July 5, Deborah Danan , July 5, When American gymnast Simone Biles won five medals, four of them gold, at the Rio Olympics, on the other side of the world in Shmuel Rosner , July 5, I was looking through my library, and I suddenly realized that I have more books on the Rebbe than on any other leader in world Karen Lehrman Bloch , July 5, Up until two months ago, my relationship with Leonard Cohen was fairly one-dimensional.

    Paula Rudnick , July 5, Salvador Litvak , July 5, One verse, five voices. Yamit Behar Wood , July 5, Ryan Torok , July 5, Addressing Jewish Democrats, U. Debbie Wasserman Schultz D-Fla. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren in the first Democratic presidential debates, Shawn Rodgers , July 5, More than 50 people representing a wide range of faiths filled Temple Beth Am on the evening of June 25 to stand in solidarity and Melissa Simon , July 5, Leslee Komaiko , July 5, Leonard Bernstein was conducting. To enter this Big Tent, Jewish ancestry or descent, matrilineal or patrilineal, is not required; nor is religious conversion, or belief in God.

    As a proud secular Jew, Mnookin is in good company. The Jewish heritage: the remarkable 3,year story of the Jewish people and four centuries of American Jewish history. To be a Jew is to be carried by the current of the ancient Jewish river that keeps on flowing. The journey will continue. What keeps this ancient Jewish river flowing requires action on our part.

    What does it mean to be a Jew today? What do Jews bring to the world today?

    The eve of January 1, might be a good time for us to consider what changes we might make to live a more meaningful Jewish life in the year ahead. Photo credit: Rose Eichenbaum. There are almost as many ways to observe Shabbat as there are Jewish people, but they each usually feature pleasure oneg , community kehillah , and rest menucha. If you're curious about Judaism, thinking of converting, or know someone who is, here are some excellent resources to learn more about Judaism.

    Want to explore Reform Judaism but have no in-person opportunities to study? This class is for you! Reform Zionism is a continuation of the early Zionist dream to foster a living, breathing national culture that represents the highest ideals of Jewish peoplehood. What does it mean to stand up for your people unequivocally if they physically harm you because they disagree with you so vehemently?

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