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Forgotten password? There is still much uncertainty about the role of nineteenth-century British women in social and political protest.

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It is well known that women participated in food riots…. By Andrew Rosen. The suffragette movement shattered the domestic tranquillity of Edwardian England.

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With the use of previously unpublished correspondence of Mrs Emmeline…. By Richard J. Originally published in , this book brings together what is known about liberal feminist and socialist movements for the emancipation of women all over the world in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. By Sue Bruley. This book offers a detailed examination of the interaction between socialism and feminism through the lens of one particular socialist organisation, the Communist Party of Great Britain, from its foundation in until the outbreak of the Second World War.

The study of socialism and feminism in…. By Claudia Koonz. Originally publishing in , it is an important contribution to the…. By Christina Crosby. Why were the Victorians so passionate about "History"?

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By Gail Braybon. By Bridget Hill. When it was first published in , this book filled an acknowledged gap in the social history of the period and made available hitherto inaccessible sources. The work draws on newspapers and journals, memoirs, diaries, courtesy books, county surveys and records, but also on the literature of the…. Edited by Ruth Milkman. This volume represents the best of the new feminist scholarship in twentieth-century U.

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Fourteen original essays illuminate the complex…. By Roger Thompson.

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Originally published in , this study offers valuable perspectives on the status and roles of women in Stuart England and in the newly settled colonies of North America, particularly Massachusetts and Virginia. Incorporating both new research on the subject, and the findings of other scholars on…. By Janet Todd. It is designed both as a research tool for scholars and students and as a revelation of…. Edited by Judith L. Newton , Mary P. Ryan , Judith R. Rosa Luxemburg became a symbol of all that most horrified them in German society, in particular because of her involvement in active politics.

Nazi ideology saw women in the activist role of 'wives, mothers and home-makers',…. By Anne Smith. In this fascinating book, originally published in , Anne Smith records interviews with a group of octogenerian women, covering all social classes and a great variety of experience. She allows the women to speak for themselves, bringing to light the submerged history of ordinary women's lives. Edited by Sara Delamont , Lorna Duffin. This collection of papers draws on insights from social anthropology to illuminate historical material, and presents a set of closely integrated studies on the inter-connections between feminism and medical, social and educational ideas in the nineteenth century.

Throughout the book evidence from…. By Janet Wilson James. Combining intellectual and social history, this work was one of…. By Linda Mahood. The nineteenth century witnessed a discursive explosion around the subject of sex. Historical evidence indicates that the sexual behaviour which had always been punishable began to be spoken of, regulated, and policed in new ways. Prostitutes were no longer dragged through the town, dunked in lakes….

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By Patricia Hollis. By Penny Summerfield. The Second World War is often seen as a period of emancipation, because of the influx of women into paid work, and because the state took steps to relieve women of domestic work. This study challenges such a picture. Routledge eBooks are available through VitalSource. An eBook version of this title already exists in your shopping cart. If you would like to replace it with a different purchasing option please remove the current eBook option from your cart.

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