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Exploration is encouraged in the game. By exploring the game's world, players can find beds which are save points and routes leading them back to their safe houses. If the player's character is killed by a zombie which can occur with one bite , [10] the character will permanently die and the player will then assume the role of another survivor. The previous character will become a zombie, whom the player must kill to reclaim their inventory. The game's controls make extensive use of the Wii U GamePad. During normal play, the touchscreen manages player inventory and displays a mini-map of the immediate area indicating the locations of the player and nearby enemies.

The touchscreen is also used for context-sensitive actions such as executions, escaping from enemies, and hacking combination locks. The GamePad's gyroscope , which allows the controller to sense its rotation and tilt in three-dimensional space, is also used. While viewing the touchscreen, a player can move the controller to scan different areas to find items. While performing these actions, the television's perspective switches to a fixed third-person view of the player character and the surrounding area.

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The player is vulnerable to attack in this state, and must watch the GamePad's touchscreen and the television screen in to avoid harm. ZombiU has three multiplayer modes. In Time Attack mode, players must kill as many zombies as they can in a limited time. In survival mode, players stay alive as long as possible with a limited supply of resources.

The results of these two modes will be posted on the game's online leaderboard. Another player, known as King Boris and using the Wii U GamePad with a top-down perspective , must deploy a maximum of 10 zombies to halt the players' progress and capture a flag. A progression system is present, in which the Pro Controller player and the GamePad player unlock more-powerful weapons and different types of zombies.

Four hundred years ago, scientist John Dee made what was known as the Black Prophecy. The Prepper an ex-army, no-nonsense man prepares for the coming apocalypse, and a secret society known as the Ravens of Dee researches Dee's predictions to stop them from taking place. In November , the Black Prophecy begins to be realized in the form of an outbreak of zombies in London. After the outbreak the player character is led to the Prepper's bunker, where he receives weapons, a bug-out bag and the Prepper Pad, a device with a built-in scanner and radar.

The Prepper, a Raven of Dee, left the organization due to a difference in interpreting Dee's prophecy. According to the scientist, Black Angels would save the world; the Ravens thought that Dee was referring to their organization, but the Prepper believed that he was talking about something worse. The player goes underground while scavenging at Buckingham Palace and is contacted by Dr. Knight, a physician for the Royal Family who is trying to find a cure.

He orders the player to find diaries and notes left by Dee in exchange for scanner upgrades and a virucide , a chemical capable of killing those infected. This is done without the Prepper's knowledge, who believes that a cure is impossible. After leaving the palace the player is contacted by Sondra, who leads him to the remnants of the Ravens of Dee and tries to escape with the player in a helicopter on the Tower of London.

A supernatural force drives a flock of ravens into the propeller, making the helicopter crash.

You're a Zombie!

The player returns to the Prepper's bunker, and Sondra promises to save them. In the bunker, the generator is running out of fuel and the Prepper tells the player to get petrol from a man named Vikram. The player finds Vikram, who has gone mad; he and his young child tell the player to go to a local nursery to get antibiotics for his wife. Despite the Prepper's protests who thinks the player should raid the petrol station , he goes to the nursery; the staff and children have been eaten by a nurse, who became a ghost-like monster capable of teleportation. The player returns with the antibiotics to find that Vikram has become a zombie and eaten his family, forcing the player to kill him.

On the way back to the bunker with the petrol, the player receives a distress signal from a young girl that she and her family are barricaded in St. George's Church. Although the Prepper correctly insists it is a trap, the player goes to rescue her. The player is kidnapped by Boris the self-proclaimed King of Zombies and his gang, who force survivors to fight off waves of zombies in the church's courtyard.

Boris' lights, microphone, and music attract a horde of zombies, and he and his gang are eaten whilst the player escapes. The player has enough upgrades to collect Dee's remaining letters for Dr. Knight, who believes that he can now make a Panacea. He returns to the safe house, where Knight informs him that the Panacea is not a cure but a vaccine.

The Prepper expresses profound disappointment in the player as he returns to Buckingham Palace. Knight has left his bunker for the queen's quarters to access data on a USB key. The player makes his way through the palace, discovering that Knight has been killed and turned into a zombie. The player uses Knight's eye to bypass a retinal scanner and collect the USB key. This enrages The Prepper, who orders the player to leave the safe house and vows to outlive the Ravens of Dee.

After the player leaves, the Prepper who has been using survivors to stock his food supplies finds a new lackey to do his bidding. ZombiU was developed by Ubisoft Montpellier with an person team; Ubisoft Bucharest provided additional assistance. The team was approached by Nintendo to develop a mature game for their Wii U platform. Originally conceived as a tie-in for Raving Rabbids , ZombiU was described as an experiment by Montpellier in adapting the Rabbids franchise for a more "hardcore" audience.

According to Guillaume, the monsters were based on the Rabbids because some people found the sound generated by the Rabbids annoying; in the game, players can "trash and destroy" them. Announced at E3 as Killer Freaks from Outer Space , the arcade first-person shooter had players with extravagant weapons killing small monsters. Although reaction to the game's announcement satisfied the studio, they realized that its fast pace would make extensive use of the GamePad while muting the TV display's utility; players must focus on one screen while ignoring the other.

The issues were singled out by Ubisoft management at a Ubisoft Paris meeting, and the team decided to slow the game's pace. The enemies were changed from small monsters to zombies, since their movement is slower and they are easily identified as monsters. According to Jean-Karl Tupin-Bron, the team was saddened by the fact that Killer Freaks would not work but delighted by the results of the transition. By September , most of the Killer Freaks team had joined the zombie-game team. ZombiU , the game's working title, became its official name since it was a zombie game for Wii U.

The team chose London as ZombiU 's setting because the city hosted the Olympics , and its dark history including Jack the Ripper matched the game. Although the zombie theme originated in the US, the UK has a blend of modern and medieval architecture which contributes to the game's dark tone. The cricket bat was the only melee weapon in the game's original Wii U version. After realizing that some players used the bat almost exclusively while playing the game, Shrager regretted not adding more melee weapons and thought that the players deserved a more-varied experience.

The Wii U GamePad was described as a survival kit for players. It was inspired by the studio's previous game, Peter Jackson's King Kong , in which players make use of the environment to survive such as using a torch to scare off enemies ; the team made the GamePad a survival kit, taking considerable time to fine-tune the GamePad's functions. Although it was initially possible for players to plan strategy with the GamePad, they rarely did so. The team then retooled the system to include features such as the mini-map, resulting in players focusing on the GamePad and ignoring the action on the TV.

Eventually, the team balanced player time on both screens by switching from first- to third-person perspective when the player uses the survival kit. Players are vulnerable when using the kit, prompting them to look at the TV screen while using the GamePad. This increases the game's tension, making it more scary to play. According to Guillaume, the team realized this potential when they implemented the lock-pick feature when players must be aware of their surroundings while trying to unlock a door.

The pad displayed most crucial information to the player, and the game did not have a user interface. ZombiU was designed as a realistic zombie game. Fear was the game's core emotion and it should be played slowly, similar to some classic horror games. Its narrative was designed to rely on environmental storytelling rather than cutscenes , and players would understand the story through the game experience.

The team introduced a persistent level design, in which when players continue playing after their initial survivor is killed. Action by the previous survivor will still affect the game's world; previously-killed zombies will not re-spawn.

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To ensure that the game's narrative would continue after a player-controlled character died, the survivors were not voiced to avoid narrative dissonance; this made the player, not the survivors, the protagonist. Since survivors can die anywhere in the game, linking the story became difficult. A core team goal was a game which was difficult but fair, inspired by difficult games such as Dark Souls and Demon's Souls. The permadeath system ensured that players are often challenged, since every zombie can be a deadly threat.

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It fit the game's survival theme, giving players an incentive to continue. The game was designed for players to learn by experience, slowly improving their skill. ZombiU 's offline multiplayer mode was developed by Ubisoft Bucharest. Cris Velasco was the game's composer. By the time Velasco began composing its music, ZombiU was playable; its audio director sent him game footage to help him understand the type of music needed. He spent 10 days composing the music, and assembled a string quintet of two violins, a viola, and two cellos to record it.

Known as the Apocalypse Ensemble, it played "rawer sound" which makes the soundtrack menacing.

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The page comic, Z , was the game's prequel and linked ZombiU to the initial zombie outbreak. At release, European players could only purchase the game from 11 p. According to Nintendo of Europe, a German law required that games with mature content be played only at night. In addition to the Wii U, its accessories and ZombiU , the package contained a downloadable copy of Nintendo Land and ZombiU artwork and developer commentary. Ubisoft executive Tony Key said that although the game was designed for the Wii U, the company might bring it to other platforms. Second-screen gameplay was moved to the main screen, only appearing when required.

Although the cricket bat was the only melee weapon in ZombiU , Zombi added two weapons. The shovel has a longer range and the ability to hit more than one zombie at a time. That "survivor" is also the first zombie you kill, a grim precursor to the adventure throughout a zombie-infested London that only gets darker from there. Among the gear inside the recovered backpack is the prepper pad, which is basically an in-game Wii U GamePad for your survivor. It has a number of uses, including a radar to scan the immediate area, and area maps once you have found and scanned the CCTV terminal in each area.

While ZombiU is played in a first-person perspective and has guns, it is closer to an adventure game like the Metroid Prime series than a traditional first-person shooter. ZombiU 's controls help cement the difference between it and a conventional first-person shooter.

The main attack button falls on the right trigger, which on its own performs a light shove to push zombies away. To actually damage enemies, you have to first prep your weapon with the left trigger, which either raises your cricket bat for a swing or aims down the sights of a gun. The fact that even guns perform a shove by default is very purposefully done, forcing players to alter how they approach each situation with more deliberate actions. There is no rushing in ZombiU , at least not if you want to stay alive.

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Combat primarily revolves around the cricket bat, the game's sole melee weapon, in order to conserve what little ammo can be found. Zombies take a lot of hits to go down - anywhere between three and seven thwacks - followed by a finishing blow once the zombie is beaten to the ground. One zombie is easy enough to handle, but when they start appearing in groups the tension level and sense of danger instantly shoot up.

These aren't your average shambling corpses either, as they are capable of running and even climbing ladders to reach you. Your survivor adds to the tension with a brilliant use of sound effects. Seeing a zombie will cause the survivor's breathing to grow heavy, which quickly escalates to barely-controlled yelps and wails with each swing of the bat or pull of a trigger.

These survivors are meant to be everyday people after all, and their terrified reactions go a long way toward filling in the game's atmosphere without straying into becoming cheesy. The zombies will flail at you with swiping attacks that chip away at your health bar, but if they get too close they can also grab you for a one-hit kill regardless of how much health you have left. That may sound unfair, but remember that the default attack is simply to push zombies away.

Every aspect of the game - from the controls and combat to the environment and enemy designs - work in a brutal harmony to support a more deliberate play style. Eventually - or perhaps it won't even take all that long - your survivor will become zombie food. The game warps you back to The Prepper's safe house where a new survivor has just arrived, presumably the same way you did in the game's opening. If you return to where you were last killed, you will find a zombie of your former self.

More importantly, they will still be holding all of the equipment from when they were alive. Killing your own zombie lets you recover the lost gear, though it is no easy task since the zombies that originally killed you will usually still be lurking around the next corner. If you die again before recovering your equipment, it is lost.

Most of it is lost forever, though important items like guns will eventually respawn where you first found them. It is a harsh penalty for dying, harsher actually than the notorious Dark Souls since dying creates an additional enemy to contend with. It also creates repetition, as you retread the same areas to find your lost gear. Normally repetition would be a bad thing, but for a game like ZombiU it actually serves as a benefit by building familiarity. Each time you return to an area it becomes a little more comfortable, with your literal comfort zone slowly expanding beyond the confines of the safe house over the course of the game.

The pacing is such that new areas are introduced just as old ones start to feel familiar, so even with the expanding comfort there is always an undercurrent of unease. Let there be no mistake, the balance between comfort and tension vastly favors the latter, but that tension is only bearable because of the brief glimpses of calm as you walk through familiar streets.

Environmental awareness and observation are key as you creep from room to room and carefully examine your surroundings in an attempt to ensure your survival. Pressing the right shoulder button performs a quick degree turn to watch your back, while wooden boards can be found to seal off doorways and help control where zombies can go. The prepper pad also helps in this regard, providing the ability to scan your surroundings by holding the left shoulder button. Scanning gives you a night vision view through the GamePad screen, letting you mark important items, doors and enemies on your map.

It will also tell you whether containers in the environment have any useful gear inside, which can be an invaluable tool since manually searching trash bins, cabinets and desk drawers leaves you vulnerable to attack.

THE ULTIMATE SURVIVOR! - ZombiU: Hardcore Mode - Part 1/2

Your inventory is managed exclusively through the GamePad's touchscreen, letting you turn on your flashlight and swap between weapons, tools and health items with ease. It also causes your survivor to rummage through their backpack on the television screen. The game doesn't pause while you're looking in your backpack, with the camera switching to a third-person view so you can see if any zombies are approaching. Searching cabinets in the environment is similarly controlled with the touchscreen and a third-person view, creating a wonderful sense of paranoia while looking for supplies.

The sense of danger while managing the inventory is something ZombiU does better than any almost any other horror game, adding to the game's already oppressively thick atmosphere.

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The single-player campaign also incorporates the Wii U's online capabilities, taking strong cues from Dark Souls. A spray paint can lets you leave symbol messages on walls, which will appear to other players when using the scanner. These messages can warn about zombies in the next room, provide puzzle hints, or reassure players that there is a shortcut to the safe house nearby.

However, these messages are left by other players who are quite capable of lying, so messages can also be rated for whether they are trustworthy or not. Players can also invade each other's games, where if someone on your friends list dies in ZombiU their zombie can also appear in your game. These act almost as presents, since they are still holding all of their original equipment for you to take. When starting with a new survivor, you had better hope that a friend has died recently to replenish your ammo, distraction flares or Molotov cocktails.

As you explore London - ranging from residential neighborhoods and sewers to Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London - you will slowly piece together the story of ZombiU from found newspapers and documents.