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Their intimate scene were sizzling! This has turned out to be a wonderful mini- series!

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Time to get started and finish the series! For readers who enjoy historical romances, then definitely give this author a try! View all 6 comments. Average read.

Forbidden Forest Centaur colony

At times I lost interest in the storyline. I liked the hero but found the heroine frustrating. Jan 12, Barbee rated it it was amazing. She thinks if she gives her innocence to a total stranger it will resolve her problem to marry a hated Norman Lord! Yet her father, Alastair advises Rhys to pretend he is another Scottish highlander and get to know his true daughter.

Plus her selfish gambling brother does not feel right about Rhys getting all the titles and lands he desires. Rhys de Laurent and Lianna had been betrothed and a match since before Lianna was even born. Lianna knows most of her kin and clan think her ways as unusual, odd and different. As she keeps everything clean and tidy and in order.

Some nowadays might call it obsessive compulsive disorder, known as OCD. She always has made sure she has known every clan member by name and what they need and cares for everyone. Her clan is starving and if this marriage does not happen it could be their destruction and exile! As the castle and lands belong to Rhys de Laurent. The Normans have every right to throw the entire clan off the land. As Rhys father made an alliance that depended on this marriage.

His father could of exiled The MacKinnon Clan long ago. Rhys Grandfather owned the lands. Plus Alastair knew his son would of been a horrible leader due to his dangerous habits and selfish needs. Like her father, Lianna always puts the clan first, even when she is being mistreated by her own clan members! The Now Lianna is duped by the stranger who is actually Rhys de Laurent her dreaded betrothed. Now she is caught in the very web she weaves and there is no turning back!

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Lianna has no choice but to marry this villain Norman bastard! What will she do? Abandon her clan to a life of starvation and being homeless? How can she even let a filthy Norman touch her Will she ever see Rhys and his people for whom he truly is? A fair and good leader who cares for his people. I highly recommend you read this gripping emotional story about betrayal, lies, prejudice, pride, forgiveness, faith, trust, joy, passion, love and so much more!

You can read as a stand alone but I highly recommend you read in series order. OMG have those tissue ready! Another Michelle Willingham emotional winner that I could not put down or stop sobbing through! I have been a fan of Michelle Willingham books since her debut, she still blows me away with each and every book she writes and releases! A delightful action packed emotional novel with all the elements romance readers love! Plus with phenomenal settings, many faceted characters and emotional plotting! I never know what to anticipate next I have absolutely and unequivocally loved this emotional heartstring pulling series!

I received an advance readers copy from the author. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own. Jan 08, Maria Dariotis rated it it was amazing. Oh this was awesome! Until she meets a handsome Highlander who makes her yearn for more than an arranged marriage. A meeting and a kiss later Lianna has fired his blood. The marriage will take place but n Oh this was awesome! The marriage will take place but not be easy. Both have trust issues, their attraction is all consuming. Rhys certainly had some issues with women that his evil step mother had inflicted on him.

Lianna was in my opinion a woman that had issues with disorder she needed order in her life to think calmly and Rhys kept on pushing her boundaries. I received a complimentary copy from the author for my honest unbiased opinion. View 2 comments. Oct 04, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read , category-romance , historical-romance , romance.

Forbidden Lord

Good book. This one is about Rhys de Laurent, older brother of Warrick from the first book in the series Forbidden Night with the Warrior. Parts of this book take place at the same time as the first book, filling in a few blank spaces. In this book, it is time for Rhys to follow through on the long-standing betrothal between himself and Lianna. He doesn't want to live in Scotland, so far away from his home and family, but he is a man of honor and will do what he must - though he does contempla Good book.

He doesn't want to live in Scotland, so far away from his home and family, but he is a man of honor and will do what he must - though he does contemplate getting his brother to marry her instead. His qualms are not eased when he speaks to her father and learns that Lianna wants no part of marrying a Norman. He goes along with her father's suggestion that he get to know her without revealing his identity, but he doesn't like the deception. Lianna is an unusual woman and is considered odd by her clansmen. She loves her people and constantly worries about their health and welfare.

She knows that if she doesn't go through with the marriage, it could mean starvation and exile for them. When she meets a handsome stranger, she is nervous at first but also attracted. Part of her feels that he may be the answer to her prayers. The development of the relationship between Lianna and Rhys was very turbulent. The sparks flew between them from the moment they met. Rhys was as fascinated as he was attracted, and no longer thought of giving her up. Lianna was attracted but also felt guilty because of her betrothal to Rhys.

She was also desperate to escape the marriage, and when she sees the opportunity to do so, gives in to the passion she feels for her stranger, thinking she will no longer be wanted by Rhys. I liked Rhys's discomfort with his deception and how he tried to tell her the truth before passion took over.

To say that Lianna wasn't happy when she found out the truth would be putting it mildly. Things go from bad to worse when Lianna's older brother attempts to kill Rhys and his men and is killed himself. Lianna is beside herself with grief and anger, making her even more set against her marriage.

I ached for Rhys, who had begun to care for Lianna. I loved the way that he saw how much she did for her people and how disturbed he was by the way they treated her. He tried in so many ways to treat her well and show her the respect he thought she deserved. When they left to go to his home in England for the wedding, Lianna still treated him like pond scum. I was very frustrated with her during their time in England.

She held herself away from everyone and was pretty rude to people who wanted to make her feel welcome. Even though she could see that Rhys was a good man who cared for his people, just as she cared for hers, her stubbornness would not let her give in. Eventually, the attraction between them worked a bit of a truce, and Lianna finally began to loosen up. By the time they returned to Scotland, things were looking up for them. Unfortunately, her people hadn't forgiven him for the death of her brother, and Lianna found herself caught between the two sides.

Some ill-spoken words by Lianna were overheard by Rhys, putting them at odds once again. Another trip back to England gives Lianna the opportunity to make things right with Rhys, but now he is the one resisting. His pride has been hurt and he doesn't want to risk being hurt again.

Forbidden (Company of Rogues, #4) by Jo Beverley

Rhys also has some trust issues stemming from some things that happened when he was a child. When Lianna's behavior towards him changes so drastically, he doesn't know whether to believe it or if she is trying to manipulate him. I loved seeing the difference in her attitude and seeing her make her own mark on her new home. I liked the progress she made toward repairing her relationship with Rhys, especially with what happened in the cellar and how it brought them closer together.

When a crisis in Scotland sends Rhys riding to the rescue, Lianna must decide whether to follow her heart or her husband's orders. The conclusion was intense, with some very surprising and satisfying twists. If it wasn't for the sweet ending, this would've been 2 stars for me. That payoff was great, and I can tell it really meant a lot to the characters. What almost ruined it for me were the questionable ethics , and the pacing was all over the place.

Alas, there was a lot more to go, and it just dragged. One of my least favorite romance novel plots is when the hero and heroine aren't honest with each other. There was so much "she did this because she though If it wasn't for the sweet ending, this would've been 2 stars for me.

There was so much "she did this because she thought he wanted that" and "he did that because he misheard her" that I almost threw my kindle across the room. Instead of being cryptic all the time, if they just said what was bothering them, the entire book would've ended a lot sooner. I was also disappointed in Willingham's heroine. Slaves, who ordinarily were not entitled to wear the pilleus , wore it as well, so that everyone was "pilleated" without distinction.

A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess

The participation of freeborn Roman women is implied by sources that name gifts for women, but their presence at banquets may have depended on the custom of their time; from the late Republic onward, women mingled socially with men more freely than they had in earlier times. Female entertainers were certainly present at some otherwise all-male gatherings. Gambling and dice-playing, normally prohibited or at least frowned upon, were permitted for all, even slaves. Coins and nuts were the stakes. On the Calendar of Philocalus , the Saturnalia is represented by a man wearing a fur-trimmed coat next to a table with dice, and a caption reading: "Now you have license, slave, to game with your master.

Seneca looked forward to the holiday, if somewhat tentatively, in a letter to a friend:. Loose reins are given to public dissipation; everywhere you may hear the sound of great preparations, as if there were some real difference between the days devoted to Saturn and those for transacting business. Some Romans found it all a bit much.

Pliny describes a secluded suite of rooms in his Laurentine villa , which he used as a retreat: " This way I don't hamper the games of my people and they don't hinder my work or studies. The Sigillaria on 19 December was a day of gift-giving. Some emperors were noted for their devoted observance of the Sigillaria. In a practice that might be compared to modern greeting cards , verses sometimes accompanied the gifts.

Martial has a collection of poems written as if to be attached to gifts. Gift-giving was not confined to the day of the Sigillaria. In some households, guests and family members received gifts after the feast in which slaves had shared. Imperial sources refer to a Saturnalicius princeps "Ruler of the Saturnalia" , who ruled as master of ceremonies for the proceedings.

He was appointed by lot, and has been compared to the medieval Lord of Misrule at the Feast of Fools. His capricious commands, such as "Sing naked! The future emperor Nero is recorded as playing the role in his youth. Since this figure does not appear in accounts from the Republican period , the princeps of the Saturnalia may have developed as a satiric response to the new era of rule by a princeps , the title assumed by the first emperor Augustus to avoid the hated connotations of the word "king" rex.

Art and literature under Augustus celebrated his reign as a new Golden Age, but the Saturnalia makes a mockery of a world in which law is determined by one man and the traditional social and political networks are reduced to the power of the emperor over his subjects. The phrase io Saturnalia was the characteristic shout or salutation of the festival, originally commencing after the public banquet on the single day of 17 December. It was a strongly emotive ritual exclamation or invocation, used for instance in announcing triumph or celebrating Bacchus , but also to punctuate a joke.

As an observance of state religion, Saturnalia was supposed to have been held ante diem xvi Kalendas Ianuarias , sixteen days before the Kalends of January, on the oldest Roman religious calendar , [73] which the Romans believed to have been established by the legendary founder Romulus and his successor Numa Pompilius.

The Lost Forbidden Teachings of Jesus

It was a dies festus , a legal holiday when no public business could be conducted. It was felt, however, that the original day had thus been moved by two days, and so Saturnalia was celebrated under Augustus as a three-day official holiday encompassing both dates. By the late Republic , the private festivities of Saturnalia had expanded to seven days, [76] [38] but during the Imperial period contracted variously to three to five days. The date 17 December was the first day of the astrological sign Capricorn , the house of Saturn, the planet named for the god. The Saturnalia reflects the contradictory nature of the deity Saturn himself: "There are joyful and utopian aspects of careless well-being side by side with disquieting elements of threat and danger.

As a deity of agricultural bounty, Saturn embodied prosperity and wealth in general. The name of his consort Ops meant "wealth, resources". Her festival, Opalia , was celebrated on 19 December. The Temple of Saturn housed the state treasury aerarium Saturni and was the administrative headquarters of the quaestors , the public officials whose duties included oversight of the mint.

It was among the oldest cult sites in Rome, and had been the location of "a very ancient" altar ara even before the building of the first temple in BC. The Romans regarded Saturn as the original and autochthonous ruler of the Capitolium , [84] and the first king of Latium or even the whole of Italy. Roman mythology of the Golden Age of Saturn's reign differed from the Greek tradition. He arrived in Italy "dethroned and fugitive", [88] but brought agriculture and civilization and became a king. As the Augustan poet Virgil described it:.

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Under his reign were the golden ages men tell of: in such perfect peace he ruled the nations. The third century Neoplatonic philosopher Porphyry took an allegorical view of the Saturnalia.

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He saw the festival's theme of liberation and dissolution as representing the "freeing of souls into immortality"—an interpretation that Mithraists may also have followed, since they included many slaves and freedmen. The Mishna and Talmud Avodah Zara 8a describe a pagan festival called Saturna which occurs for eight days before the winter solstice. It is followed for eight days after the solstice with a festival called Kalenda culminating with the Kalends of January. The Talmud ascribes the origins of this festival to Adam , who saw that the days were getting shorter and thought it was punishment for his sin.

He was afraid that the world was returning to the chaos and emptiness that existed before creation. He sat and fasted for eight days. Once he saw that the days were getting longer again he realized that this was the natural cycle of the world, so made eight days of celebration. The Talmud states that this festival was later turned into a pagan festival. Unlike several Roman religious festivals which were particular to cult sites in the city, the prolonged seasonal celebration of Saturnalia at home could be held anywhere in the Empire.

The actual date of Jesus 's birth is unknown, [98] [99] but, in the fourth century AD, Pope Julius I — formalized that it should be celebrated on 25 December, [] [] around the same time as the Saturnalia celebrations. As a result of the close proximity of dates, many Christians in western Europe continued to celebrate traditional Saturnalia customs in association with Christmas and the surrounding holidays.

During the late medieval period and early Renaissance , many towns in England elected a " Lord of Misrule " at Christmas time to preside over the Feast of Fools. Nonetheless, in the middle of the nineteenth century, some of the old ceremonies, such as gift-giving, were revived in English-speaking countries as part of a widespread "Christmas revival". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Saturnalia disambiguation. Saturnalia by Antoine Callet , showing his interpretation of what the Saturnalia might have looked like. See also: Religion in ancient Rome.

For at this festival, in houses that keep to proper religious usage, they first of all honor the slaves with a dinner prepared as if for the master; and only afterwards is the table set again for the head of the household. So, then, the chief slave came in to announce the time of dinner and to summon the masters to the table.

Main article: Sigillaria ancient Rome. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill. On Greek Religion. Retrieved The Classical Tradition. RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics. Gainesville, Florida: University Press of Florida. See Versnel , pp. Wiedemann , Emperors and Gladiators Routledge, , , p. For another Roman ritual that may represent human sacrifice, see Argei.