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Also why blame the architects?

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I dont think it is fair. I hope the Ashby High Rise continues its plans and I am glad there is finally going to be a little bit of more life into the South Hampton neighborhood. I am flexible in my decision making processes. I propose that the 2.

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By adding the 2. The city paid 8 Million last year in the Inwood area of the new District C, to buy property because the residents did not want additional developments of low rent housing in their neighborhood. In my opinion we should not be giving incentives to anyone without strings attached ever. I believe there are kickbacks and bribes somewhere along the chain, in the proposed new Kroger project and the Wal-Mart Heights 6 Million project from last year.

Kroger already owns the land in the new proposed project and they should spend their own resources on drainage and all other infrastructure. We already supply them with ample lighting, streets, police, and fire protection. Randy, the recipient of the Washington Heights Agreement is a local developer, one of the small and medium size businesses that you believe fuel a disproportionate share of job growth.

Wal-Mart is only the highest-bidding tenant. Regardless of how that land was put to use, the infrastructure that the Agreement addresses would have been needed. You seem to propose that the City should purchase away the air rights at the Ashby site to limit density.

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I fail to see how that meets a civic purpose. New housing and jobs are eliminated under that proposal, and only a few wealthy individuals gain.

That is far more suspect a proposal, where corruption is concerned, than the Washington Heights Agreement. How about just be consistent about things and ban agreements and other public investment in private ventures like Houston Pavilions? And if highrises are undesirable in residential neighborhoods, then draft an ordinance to restrict their location. That should be clear and straightforward enough, and would maintain a level playing field for our local developers, with nobody getting special treatment.

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