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The Epiphone Guitars were less expensive and sometimes a bit more intricate compared to the Identical Gibson model. I have a Domino bass guitar, single pick up ,neck position and oddly not in their catalogue online. Anyone one know if this was American made early model ,as there is no other markings than Domino on headstock. Chunky little neck, medium scale bass. Clearly a remake of a Martin D with very nice bracing, ebony fretboard, high end tuners and sitka spruce I believe top and rosewood side and back.

Anyone have any information on this maker? Please get in touch. Appreciate your site. Please let me know. I have a black Hayman Would really like any info about it. Do you know what year it would be and how many were made. I have a Hondo Deluxe Markll in wonderful condition sound wonderful to I think ithas Dimarzio pickups on it and it has Gover tuners well made it has the GIBSON headstock on it and the end of the frets are covered with the binding it is dark cherry can anyone tell me what there worth thanks.

I also have a black beauty z that has gold plated keys bridge ,everything and pearl inlays ect, and even the case it was bought in. Could you give me a off the top value , has Japan written on the back of the neck plate written on it. I you want I can send pictures if you email me at davesbizz aol. Thanks Dave. Hi, I purchased a older S G style 6 string guitar from a garage sale and am having a hard time trying to find out who made it. I do have a few clues though.

There are a couple stickers on the back of the headstock which give me the 7 digit serial number and where it was supposedly made which was Korea. Then on the front of the headstock there is a mother of pearl inlay of a butterfly. Can anyone tell me where or who this guitar came from or what company might have? This guitar has four knobs on it for volume and tone as well as two slide switches.

It also has a tremolo which is missing the bar. I have 2 of those Tempo guitars. They are real surf monsters. Thanks for sharing. Really nice guitar. Loz Netto plays a black LP style guitar that looks and sounds terrific in the youtube video at the end of this post.

At minutes you can see the headstock inlay but no name. Thing is try as I may I cannot get any info on this guitar. Bought it new in from the local Gibson guitar dealer in San Clemente California.

He was a new distributor of them. I am selling it. I have the original but worn case.

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It plays very well still. Has a few nicks from playing in my high school band 45 years ago. I have a yamaha electric guitar,that a friend of mine had made for himself. I believe it is a one of a kind. It is a beautiful guitar and sounds wonderful. My friend died several years ago,and willed it to me.

Thank you Jim granheim. Lyle copy today….. No one was sued, no companies were shut down or bought out over this…. It was no big deal. Certain sellers on certain websites seem to use this term as a way to justify the values of items being sold. So buyers beware of such terms.

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Example: Lyle brand of guitars are considered very rare. However it does not increase their value. In response to Jeff Burgess — June 22, Hohn guitar.

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The studio was on eighth avenue across from the Hudson Bay. I would ride the bus at night to get to and from class. I was 14 years old. The instructors name was Robert Hohn. He contracted a Japanese guitar builder to produce these guitars. Red, Blue and Green. I have the green version.

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Read more Mixolydian Scale Guitar. Read more Exotic Guitar Scales. Learn how to play the enigmatic scale on guitar. Notation, tab and fretboard diagram is provided. Read more Enigmatic Scale. There are several Western interpretations of Japanese scales. They are all pentatonic i. Each of them produces a slightly different sound, but all are instantly recognisable as being Japanese in origin. Read more Japanese Scales. More From smartin Kyle Vanderburg.

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