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Whenever you see single-digit numbers, point them out.

This is especially helpful when you have several numbered items together. Facilitate activities that include numbers. Use a dry erase board or sidewalk chalk to draw a series of dots in a recognizable shape, such as a circle. Then number each dot, and have your child connect the dots, starting from the dot labeled "1.

Number Books for Preschoolers

Many helpful number-learning worksheets are available for free online. These include color-by-number activities, fill-in-the-number worksheets, and more. Make a counting book together. Start the book yourself by getting a blank notebook and writing "1" on the first page, and so on through "10". Then direct your child to draw the corresponding number of whatever items they want on each page, and encourage them to pick something different to draw or to use a different color on each page.

Teach number recognition. You can introduce numerical recognition to your child the same way you would teach letter recognition.

Learning to Count with Picture Books

Ask your child to identify numbers when they see them on TV, street signs, in books or puzzles, or at the grocery store. Have your child practice writing the numbers on paper. Help your child identify numbers in foam sets or puzzles. Method 3. Recognize that learning takes time.

It takes years to learn what numbers are and how to begin using them, even for in simple math like addition. For young children, it's important that you remain supportive, patient, and positive. Similarly, children are unlikely to recognize or identify written numerals, or to write them themselves, until they are four or five years old. Note the difference between reciting numbers and counting. However, this does not indicate that they fully understand what numbers mean.

Answer questions they ask, and keep building associations between certain amounts of items and the appropriate number. Don't worry about counting mistakes by young children. As your child begin to learn how to use numbers, it is inevitable that they will make basic mistakes. Keep in mind that the first step of the process is simply learning the correct names of numbers.

Children's Books about Counting and Numbers - Buggy and Buddy

For example, a young child may point to a group of objects and say a number that is not correct. This is actually a good sign, as it indicates that they are learning to label objects with numbers, which comes before the ability to count. If they continue happily saying random numbers, let them do so - they're simply playing, and building an association between the concept of certain numbers and amounts of things. Hold off on teaching young children numbers higher than Your child needs to fully comprehend the numbers 1 through 10 before learning to count higher numbers.

Usually, this will not occur until they are in school. In short, a child must be able to count up to 10 and back down again, count items, be able to recognize and state a number when shown the figure, and write the numbers 1 through 10 before learning higher numbers.

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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Free printable numbers. A Rainbow Salt Tray : A great and fun activity to practice writing numbers. Why would you need crayons, textas, pencils and paper to draw when you can have more fun with a Rainbow Salt Tray? Read more here. The Number Tracing Cards are a free printable that can be laminated to allow kids to draw on with a white board marker as it wipes away easily with a tissue. Kids can practice writing their numbers correctly and wipe it away and try again.

Read more……. The Number Stamps are low cost, require very little materials and are super easy to make!

Children’s Books about Counting and Numbers

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