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Major retrospective catalogue on modernist artist Ernesto de Fiori who immigrated to Brazil in Perhaps the most unknown among the great Brazilian painters and sculptors, Italian-German Ernesto de Fiori was already a prestigious artist in Europe when he exiled himself in Brazil in , fleeing from Nazi-fascism.

Later revised by the so-called "generation 80", De Fiori's work today includes the most important public and private collections in Brazil. The more than images selected by curator Ivo Mesquita for this book show De Fiori's "Brazilian period" and his influence on the national arts, both in painting and in sculpture.

No Price list. Place of auction: Paris. Impressionist and modern paintings, drawings and sculpture. Price list included. Place of auction: London. Two copies. Albert Clinton Landsberg Mrs. Abrahams V. Phillips Ivan E. Phillips Mr. Edwin Hokin Mrs. Cover title. Includes bibliographical references p. Monicolini, Gianluca Panzetta, Alfonso. Suardo family letters received, Bergamo, Organized in 3 series: I.

Curación Tacto Bases Medicina Energética by Hover Kramer Dorothea Dale Cyndi

Letters from Gaetano Manfredini, ; II. Letters from Luigi Napoleone Gradi, Letters from artists to members of the Suardo family Series I. Manfredini writes to Count Clemente Suardo, discussing details of price and execution relating to his work on sculptured portrait busts, the prices and qualities of available marble, the work of his father Luigi a medalist , and travel to Vienna 22 items Series II. Roggero writes in great detail to Count Alessio Suardo about his sculpture work in progress and honors received, including references to the Count's patronage 7 items Series III.

Primarily note cards and postcards to Count Alessio Suardo regarding his patronage, business of the Milan art academy, art criticism, exhibitions, and Gradi's genre paintings in progress with references to his teacher Francesco Hayez 40 items. Bassani, photographer Italian, active s - s J. Jullien, photographer Swiss, active s - s P. Jacquier, photographer Italian, active s - s Unknown, photographer.

The exhibition is a general review of the work of Willliam Kentridge b. Johannesburg, since the end of the s until now. It highlights the way in which it the various media and disciplines in his work are informed and polluted, an artistic process marked by a continuous fluidity, founded in transformation and movement. Best known for his animated films based on the charcoal drawings, Kentridge also the author of engravings, book illustrations, collages, sculptures, and works within the performing arts.

Conceived in close collaboration with the artist and designed especially for this venue, the exhibition "William Kentridge: Fortune" emphasizes the unique artistic process of the artist, as well as the interrelation of media that he uses. The exhibition comprises a selection of works with a total of about works - including 38 drawings, 27 movies, engravings and 35 sculptures created between and Contains ephemeral material. Library's copy is part of the Leonardo Borgese Collection. Wexner Center for the Arts, host institution. A three-year itinerant anthological exhibition presenting sixty-three paintings and six sculptures by the late artist Oswaldo Vigas b.

Venezuela, This catalogue includes art pieces not featured in the exhibitions, along with personal texts, there are numerous quotes from the artist's interviews and talks alongside his works. Vigas, Oswaldo. Brasil, Beleza? The exhibition offers a colorful insight into the vast land of Brazil through a selection of historical, contemporary and newly commissioned works by more than 25 Brazilian artists, many whom have never exhibited before in The Netherlands. Departing from a number of important historical works, the exhibition presents a network of interdependent topical themes such as consumerism, value circulation, trade routes, and also how these abstract notions influence the individual's experience within a natural and urban environment.

Mexico through texts and photographs of her sculptures; of her creative process of construction, as well as the textures and materials that the artist uses with technical expertise. Issued in slipcase. Includes bibliographical references pages -[]. Fruits, vegetables, rocks, brushes, wood, bronze and concrete among others materials are used in a unique way. Erika Verzutti Verzutti, Erika.

Each chapter contains a presentation by the artist, a selection of some of their works and questions, among other content. Gino Soggetti papers, ca. Organized in three series: Series I. Letters from F. Marinetti; Series II. General letters received; Series III. Futurist writings assembled by Angelo Rognoni and Soggetti. Series I. Marinetti, ca. In handwritten letters, some written from military hospitals where he was recovering, Marinetti discusses criticisms of Futurism in the press, announces Futurist exhibitions and conferences in various Italian cities, praises Soggetti's work, and comments on one of his own, Tamburo di fuoco.

One letter is from Tato with Marinetti's comments written on it.

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General letters received, folders , 26 items. Includes handwritten letters and postcards to Soggetti, and occasionally to his colleague Angelo Rognoni, from Balla, Ferrante, Tato, Mazza, Pratella, Settimelli, Farfa, Dessy, and others, some regarding the journal La Folgore futurista, others regarding the publication elsewhere of Soggetti's work. Futurist writings, ca.

Updated Review of Published NFP Studies

Some of them were published in the febbraio issue copy available in the Research Library. Many of these writings may have been submitted in , since authors refer to themselves as "Futurists at the front. There are five writings by Soggetti folder 5 and four by Rognoni folder 4. Rognoni, in a letter to Soggetti, reminisces about the Futurist evening when they thought up the title of their journal. In conducting the curatorship, the renowned American critic Robert Storr, with the support of Paulo Miyada, curator of the Tomie Ohtake Institute, opted to privilege individually powerful works, with their own power, regardless of possible dialogues that they can establish with other works and productions.

For the exhibition, which will occupy all the exhibition spaces of the Tomie Ohtake Institute, the curator selected about three hundred pieces - painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and video - from more than one hundred Brazilian artists, among more than two thousand national and international works belonging to the private collection. According to him, it is an ensemble that, in addition to its monumentality, features iconic works from the production of many artists. The exhibition, therefore, provides a refined look at the contemporary Brazilian artistic panorama and its previous moment, when focusing on the production of the s until today.

Nowhere is this pluralism richer, more heterogeneous and more fruitful than in the Americas; in no place in the Americas there is greater artistic effervescence of all kinds than in Brazil. Includes bibliographical references and index. Storr, Robert, organizer Miyada, Paulo, organizer. As one of the major game consoles around, the Sony Playstation 4 is Sony's return to their roots.

Rather than make an entertainment system as they did for the Playstation 3, the Playstation 4 beefs up the hardware, streamlines the interface and not-so-sur When the Sony Playstation 3 came out many saw it as Sony's attempt at gaining more buyers. The design and interface were all geared more for the masses instead of the gamers, most of whom usually buy the game console in the first place. However, for the m At E3 , six months ago, it looked like Sony already had this console war won and done with.

Thanks to Microsoft's baffling decision to commit seppuku with the Xbox One by announcing a high launch price, restrictive always online DRM policies, a block on l Is a game console without games still a game console? There's lots to like about the Playstation 4: it's low-profile, runs quietly, and has a familiar but much improved controller.

But right now, it just doesn't feel all that next-generation. The Playstati Thanks to Microsoft's baffling decision to commit seppuku with the Xbox One by announcing a high launch price, restrictive 'always online' DRM policies, a block o There's lots to like about the PlayStation 4: it's low-profile, runs quietly, and has a familiar but much improved controller. The PlayStati Update: If you're looking to buy a PS4 in anticipation of Playstation VR launching later this year then you might want to wait a little while.

According to one chief technical officer CTO working in the industry, Sony's upcoming headset might be "terrib The system is cleanly designed, functional and a downright joy to putter around its interface.

Everything is speedy and responsive right from minute one, and the interface is full of clever design choices that speed things up. Games begin to install the s Again, we could drill home the point about there not being enough console-exclusive games, but there are larger problems to address here. Sony has made it clear that it's branch out or die. To add a new feature every six months or pack it up and call it q It's fast, nicely built and has a streamlined philosophy that puts games front and center.

And let's not forget the price tag. Sony took to the stage at its 7 September event to announce not only the PlayStation 4 Pro , but also a new, slim PlayStation 4 designed to replace the launch console. But what are the differences between these two consoles?

With the slim PS4 set to launc Sony's PS4 Pro looks to offer an enhanced gaming experience with higher framerates, increased resolution and higher quality t So, what should you do if you can' It's a tough choice as the PS4 and Switch are very different, and the decision will depend on your personal preferences: mobile vs home, graphics vs portability, and most importantly, the kinds of games you play. The Switch is more expensive than the PS So, what should you do if you can't decide between buying the PS We're nearly two years into the life of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ; the PS4 surged ahead on sales to begin with, but the Xbox One has seen a turnaround in the way it's seen and, potentially, its fortunes.

No other console generation has seen two riva We hate to say it, but there is no right choice. The PS4 has raw horsepower on its side, but the Xbox One wins out on entertainment features. Things could easily and quickly change on that front, however. In terms of betting on future potential, we'd put The Nintendo Switch has available to buy in the UK for almost a year, fighting for attention in a market dominated by consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. It boasts a unique portable design, but with a trade-in on graphical power. So, what should you do i The Switch is slightly more expensive than We're over two years into the life of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ; the PS4 surged ahead on sales to begin with, but the Xbox One has seen a turnaround in the way it's seen and, potentially, its fortunes.

No other console generation has seen two rivals How often do you get a chance in your life where you got to make something that is very out of your league? If you're gonna ask me, my answer would be once every blue moon and I think I was too busy last night that I didn't get the chance to look up at th For a girl who has a heart for gaming, I'm totally recommending this console to every guy friend I have and mayb buy myself my own. Sony has really pushed their edge with this gaming console. It's not only great in one thing but in so many ways that you wo Although the PS4 Pro gets most of the attention these days, with its 4K visuals, the slimmer, standard PlayStation 4 is a great starting point for anyone who wants to get into console gaming and doesn't have a large budget.

It is, by far, the most widely There's little doubt that when viewed on its own terms, with little comparison to rivals or the PS4 Pro, this PlayStation 4 is an excellent games console. It's not pretty but it is capable. And considering Sony currently reigns supreme as the king of cons Before you even get down to the hardware, controllers and operating systems, it's worth talking about the games — because they're really what matter what on a console. Previous console generations have often been defined by their big exclusive franchises Simply based on the number of category wins, the Xbox One is rivalling or even beating the PS4.

It has recently grown into being the multimedia hub that Microsoft always promised, ideal for those who want to switch quickly between, or multitask, all the d Een Playstation 4, een nieuwe generatie en vanwege mijn interesse ook maar een review. De reden van aanschaf heb ik in mijn blogpost al eens duidelijk gemaakt en het komt erop neer dat ik de ervaringen die ik op de voorgaande Sony consoles heb beleefd wou De hype is gerechtigd en de console zal een mooie tijd tegemoet komen Voorgeschiedenis Begin kreeg ik een bijbaantje in een supermarkt bij mij in de buurt waar ik het geld dat ik verdiende vooral gebruikte voor mijn vrije tijd en om bij mijn vriendin Sinds het begin heb ik een PS4 vanwege de grote aankondigingen en de hype.

Voor het eerst is er een product dat qua gaming de hype waarmaakt. De controller is enorm fijn om te gebruiken en de PS4 zelf is enorm snel, vloeiend en doet gewoon wat het moet David en Rutger speelden met de PS4: sneller, mooier, betere controller. Maar ook minpunten. Wachten op de Xbox One? In de doos vind je diverse accessoires: een hdmi-kabel, een headset, 1 controller, een usb-kabel en de voedingskabel. Als je maar af en toe gamet, dan is de prijs voor deze console in combinatie met het PS Plus-abonnement vrij hoog.

De populairste PS4-games vindt je ook op de PlayStation 3 , en de multimediamogelijkheden van dit apparaat vind je oo Eigenaars van Sony's PlayStation 4 kunnen in de komende maanden en jaren regelmatig updates downloaden die nieuwe functies toevoegen. Toch valt er ook nu al voldoende te bespreken Inleiding: de vierde PlayStation-consoleToen Sony de PlayStation 4 op 20 februari officieel aankondigde, was de komst van een vierde spelcomputer in de PlayStation-reeks allang geen verrassing meer.

Met de aankondiging maakte Sony Computer Entertainm Het is bijna zover: de nieuwe generatie spelcomputers ligt in de winkel. In Nederland beginnen we met de PlayStation 4, terwijl de Xbox One pas in verkrijgbaar zal zijn. Moeten we als een malle die nieuwe console in huis halen? GamenLaten we beginnen Tot zover even enkele 'highlights' van de PS4. Inmiddels heb ik het apparaat een week thuis en ik ben helemaal klaar met de oude generatie spelcomputers.

Vooral het delen van video's en de mogelijkheid om te livestreamen, zijn wat mij betreft cruciaal. Lees ook onze review van de eerste PS4-games In eerste instantie is de Playstation 4 een rasechte spelcomputer. Sony heeft sinds de E3-presentatie van dit jaar keihard zijn best gedaan te benadrukken dat deze console echt 'for the players' is Krachtig, Stil, Geweldige controller Nog weinig games En uiteindelijk rekenen we met zijn allen de console vooral af op de games die ervoor beschikbaar zijn. De Playstation 4 heeft op het moment met Killzone Shadow Fall een degelijke shooter, met Resogun een parel voor de fijnproever, en met verschillende De nieuwe en verrassend compacte console van Sony ligt vrijdag 29 november in de Nederlandse winkels.

De strakke lijnen, het glimmende vlak op de verder matte console en vooral de schuine voorkant zijn het meest opvallend. Middels een sneetje licht kan d Uiteindelijk wordt een console vaak afgerekend op de games die beschikbaar zijn. De PS4 heeft momenteel met Killzone een degelijke shooter en met Resogun een parel voor de fijnproever.

Lang hebben we erop moeten wachten, maar eindelijk is het moment bijna daar; de next-gen consoles worden gelanceerd. Microsoft heeft zoals je bekend zal zijn b De console is gebouwd met het oog op de toekomst. Er is goed geluisterd naar zowel de feedback van gamers als ontwik B ij de introductie van de nieuwe PlayStation 4 spelcomputer op Gamescom werd er gesproken over 'een wedergeboorte van de game wereld'. De Sony PS4 is volgens haar ontwikkelaars het meest krachtige gameplatform ooit. De verbluffende graphics leveren PS4 ou Xbox One? Si la Xbox On Enfin, presque.

En attendant, nous vous proposons de consulter nos impressions. La PS4 est une bonne console, dans la pure veine de la PS3. Le prochain Battl En revanche, si Wer auf der Suche nach einer starken Spielkonsole mit bombastischer Grafikleistung ist, kommt an der neuen Play- Station 4 kaum vorbei — absolutes Hi Rund sieben Jahre nach dem Launch der Playstation 3 steht heute ab dem Die Launch-Titel sollten unserer A Knapp ein Jahr lang dauert es jedoch, bis die Konsole auch hierzulan Leistung, Dualshock-Controller, Wechsel der Festplatte Diese sind jedoch oft Im Gegensatz zu Microsoft, das sich bei der Xbox O Wie bei fast jedem Start einer neuen Nach knapp sieben Jahren Wartezeit ist die Playstation 4 endlich da!

Bei grafisch aufwendigen Spielen etwas laut, Tonverzerrungen, Bei grafisch aufwendigen Spielen etwas laut, Tonverzerrungen Die Playstation 4 ist nicht nur schick, sie bringt auch Spiele scharf und mit nahezu originalgetreuen Farben auf den Schirm. Und der Plan scheint zu funktionieren, wie die ersten Teststunden mit der PlayStatio Die PlayStation 4 zeigt sich im Hands-on als leistungsstarke und vergleichsweise leise Spielekonsole.

Dass sie noch am Anfang ihres Modellzy Dass sie noch am Anfang ihres Modellz Davon sind die Forendiskussionen bei der PS4 interessanterweise bislang verschont geblieben: Viele Sony-Fans verteidigen diese Technologien und finden sie jetzt auf einmal sogar sehr prakti Welche Unterschiede fallen auf, wenn man Xbox One und Playstation 4 direkt nebeneinander benutzt? Mittlerweile konkurrieren eine Vielzahl an spieletauglichen Das Ergebnis ist zumindest erstaunlich Bei dieser Spielkonsole steht ganz klar wieder Spielspass im Vordergrund. Mit der Playstation 4 gelin Die Konsole besticht mit einer kompakten Bauweise, was beachtlich ist, denn das Netzteil wurde direkt im Innern verbaut.

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Dank der gebotenen Rec Sonys Spielekonsole PlayStation 4 ist mittlerweile 2,5 Jahre auf dem Markt und erfreut sich nach wie vor enormer Beliebtheit. Che cosa deve essere una console? Immaginiamo, lungo la strada che ha portato al concepimento della PlayStation 4, che la prima tappa debba essere stata questa.

Una stanza, in qualche luogo del Giappone, dove le menti pensanti di Sony si sono poste Devo ammetterlo, mi trovo alquanto a disagio nel dover recensire questa nuova console di casa Sony. Sono passati oltre sei anni dalla messa in vendita della PlayStation 3 e in quegli anni non ero a scrivere dietro un computer. Quindi diciamo che recensir Purtroppo il voto scende un pochettino per colpa della dotazione, non certo da next-gen Le intenzioni della nuova console Sony sono chiarissime: i videogame prima di tuttoPrezzo euroVoto 8.

Interfaccia agile e bella. La chat di gruppo crossgame. Il multiplayer online, gratis su PS3, ora si paga. Scalda parecchio. Le esclusive del lancio non sono niente di spettacolare Eccellente dotazione tecnica, gamepad Duashock 4 migliorato rispetto al predecessore, installazioni e caricamenti veloci, interfaccia agile, semplice e veloce Lo scorso weekend, come quasi ogni anno, ho compiuto il mio pellegrinaggio al Lucca Comics and Games che quest'anno aveva un ospite di eccezione: la PlayStation 4, padrona assoluta del padiglione dedicato ai videogiochi con uno stand enorme e unica attrat Quale acquistare al lancio?

Abbiamo provato in anteprima le due console e le abbiamo messe a confronto, punto per punto. Bene che vada, ti ritrov Xbox One e PlayStation 4 si sono evolute significativamente rispetto al loro debutto verso la fine del Cuando salier Buen precio, Gran rendimiento En generla es una buena consola La PlayStation Camera no viene incluida El poder de la c Ninguna ha sido rupturista con la anterior, ninguna quiso cortar del todo l Dentro de esta lucha encarnizada entre estos dos gigantes encontramos las prime At PlayStation 4 er en fantastisk spilmaskine, kommer ikke som nogen overraskelse.

Man kan ikke tilslutte nogen som helst egne medier, ikke engang cd'er. Det er helt tydeligt, at Sony har besluttet sig for, at PS4 er til spil. Ikke andet. Kedelige launchtitler, En noget kedelig og uoverskuelig menu Det er lang tid i denne branche. Galleri: Se hvad der er i en PS4 box. Nye funktioner som livestreaming, optagelser af video, samt bedre mulighed for at interagere med vennerne passer fint ind i tidens sociale medietrend.

Vi kaldte den elendig og gav den tre stjerner. Spotify er godt integreret som musikafspiller. Lidt flere apps end Xbox. Mangler stadig mange lokale tjenester til film-streaming. Controlleren er ikke helt intuitiv at bruge som fjernbetjening til medier Sony og PlayStation er tilbage med en ny konsol. Vi runder testen af her og samler tankerne om den nye PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PS4 is slightly over a year old and Sony has taken the lead in this console generation Race. The PS4 has brought in new features apps, games and more to audience for more than 10 million consoles. The PS4 was designed from the ground up to ensure that A half-year past launch, the PlayStation 4 still feels like an overachiever.

The system runs better and is improving faster than its predecessor. Everything is relative, though. The PS4 is still a year-one console and has familiar year-one issues. It's n A new tablet. A new laptop that doubles as a blender -- and it has And Dramatic improvement over PS3 gamepad, Clickable touchpad, The best triggers on any gamepad Terrible battery life, Analog stick coating isn't grippy enough After a marathon week with the PlayStation 4, we feel confident in saying it will be worth your hard-earned money when it goes on sale tomorrow.

Woe to tech reviewers everywhere, who now find themselves scurrying around and through every inch, port, and submenu of their gaming consoles here in the holiday season instead of sitting down, pouring a nice cup of hot chocolate, and enjoying th Streamlined UI, Excellent controller, Streaming-service apps such as Netflix don't require PlayStation Network subscription to use, Handy guest mode for playing with friends It's still early days in terms of game selection, but the PS4 debuts as a commanding console with a better, streamlined UI that fronts solid hardware.

A much-improved controller and well-executed sharing and social features make it a winner However, Microsoft has since rescinded most, if not all these controversial policies. This combined with the fact that neither the PS4 nor the Xbox One are backwards compatible and won't play PS3 or Xbox games makes knowing which console is best a tri For this review, I was also able to procure a second controller, the camera, and several different PlayStation 4 games physical disc and downloaded. The camera opens up the The Playroom mini-game set from the main menu. Console DesignIn the horizontal po Listing the PS4 as a "games console that puts gamers first", Sony didn't reinvent the wheel for its latest gaming machine.

Instead, the Japanese gaming titan has chosen to evolve and soup up its games console's internal components Great graphics, comfortable controller, stylish and compact design, sharing features Voice command feature is fiddly, launch lineup isn't stellar New game consoles don't come every day, but this year the PS4 arrived with a collection of games, upgraded graphics, a new DualShock 4 controller and several PlayStation 4 features that set it apart from the PS3 and the Xbox One.

The PS4 or PlayStation 4 a Ladies and gentlemen, the next generation of video game consoles is here! The Xbox and PlayStation 3 had their long moments in the sun, but it's time for us to move forward, with both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released into the loving and awaitin The PlayStation 4 comes in a surprisingly small box, especially when compared to the Xbox One. In fact, it looks more like the box you might find a laptop in, not a high-end video game console. That's not a bad thing though, as there is nothing wrong with Seven years have passed since the PlayStation 3 came out.

That is a long time in this industry. Think about it, so much has happened in the meantime, but the PlayStation 3 has remained relevant for the entire period. Still, the PlayStation 4 has been awai Crippled media functionality, Power consumption, Few great games, Some user interface issues There is so much potential that we feel confident that the PlayStation 4 will be a success As we said in the beginning, seven years have passed since the PlayStation 3 came out.

It will probably stay around for a few more years, but PlayStation 4 is he The PlayStation 4 is here. A new age of console gaming from Sony is upon us, and the initial buzz for the first of this holiday's new console releases has been overwhelmingly positive. Sony's message this generation is clear: the PlayStation 4 is here to command gaming in the living room. The company does away with any large amount of distractions in all-encompassing entertainment coverage and heads straight and true for the living room When this review is first published, the PlayStation 4 will have just launched — less than a week ago, as it were.

It's generally understood that a gaming console such as this has potential that can be unlocked in full many years after launch. The PS3 is Earlier this morning Microsoft lifted the embargo on press reviews of the Xbox One. I've been playing with final hardware and near final software for a few days now and I wanted to share some thoughts. This is by no means one of our usual thorough review The PlayStation 4 marks a turning point for Sony.

It's a humble gaming machine designed to integrate into your living room, a far cry from the pomp and circumstance with which the company debuted its predecessor, the PlayStation 3. That's a good thing, sin New DualShock 4 controller feels great in the hand, Prescient inclusion of excellent system-level sharing functions, Remote Sharing is neat—if you stay close to the console Meager, unappealing game library, System interface remains cluttered and unintuitive, Controller has terrible battery life and a seemingly pointless lightbar Sony's latest console is a powerful, intelligently designed gaming machine without a game to recommend it.

It's poised to perform well in the years to come, but it's an underwhelming proposition at launch If the PlayStation 4 is any indication of the quality of the next generation of gaming, then it was worth the wait after all. We love the modern abstract design of the slanted box.

Part One in: Gómez Pereira's <i>Antoniana Margarita</i> (2 vols)

Stylis, compact desig, Improved controlle, Redesigned user interface easy to us, Faster game install, Beautiful graphics Exclusive launch title lineup somewhat wea, Online multiplayer behind a paywall Sony is ready to play and is playing to win. That being said, with the Remember daydreaming about a system that would let you buy and download games online, and then let you share your experiences socially?

There was a day when the concept seemed so far off, but now that system is finally here. We've been talking about Sony' If there's one thing that's apparent from using the PS4 for a couple of weeks, it's that Sony has been listening. It shows that It has been a long time coming, but the PlayStation 4 has finally arrived. You're probably wondering what is the experience like on the PS4? Should this be a must on your holiday gift list? Read on for our thoughts on this highly anticipated next gen cons Support for up to 16 users, web browser and apps are free, parental controls, second screen experience for PS Vita, healthy launch title lineup cool Indie titles, store lets you try games before you buy, Playroom experience is downright adorable, improved Voice control doesn't always work on the first try, camera is needed for voice chat with friends and voice navigation of the system, hardcore gamers will run out of hard drive space pretty fast, no sharing gameplay videos to YouTube, and the user interfac It has been 7 years since the PS3 was released, and the PS4 is a massive upgrade over its predecessor.

On some titles, like Killzone Shadow Fall, the gaming experience is practically life-like and offers a vision of what is to come. However, the PS4's If you listen closely, you can hear it: the eye of the console storm. We are between technologies and the big hardware makers know it. It's a move from an optical-disk-based, high-heat standalone device. To paraphrase William Gibson: the future is here, i Seven years is a technological eternity.

At launch, the PlayStation 3 was big, heavy, and expensive — it t Fantastic controller, Handsome console, Simple, game-focused interface Not enough great games yet, Occasional worrisome performance problems, Interface doesn't scale well for power users The PlayStation 4 is a next-generation console to satisfy gamers' appetites for new content, but do its supporting features break new ground for game consoles?

El tiempo entre costuras (The Time in Between)

We explore this question in the second portion of our PlayStation 4 review. Part one of Mashable Beautiful new console, The best controller Sony has ever made, Easy-to-use sharing features will push gaming forward Underwhelming first-party launch games, Cluttered menus, Some entertainment and online features are not worth your time It's been seven years since Sony unveiled the PlayStation 3 to the world, but the day has finally come for Sony's next-gen gaming console: the PlayStation 4.

We've had our hands on the PS4 for a little while, so we've been able to test it and share our ow If the recent console cycle is anything to go by, the PlayStation 4 will be a major part of living rooms for at least seven years.

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  8. We've been playing around with the Sony's next-gen console for the better part of a week now, including nearly two full days Beautiful, unique case design, Relatively quiet operating noise, Lighting, smoke effects, and character models look great, DualShock 4 controller is one of the best we've ever used, Stream game audio to any headset through the controller, What's New secti Relatively high power consumption, Leap in graphics doesn't provide the "wow factor" of previous generational jumps, Controller only gets about 7 hours of battery life, Flat system interface gets cluttered and hard to use, Limited editing and upload optio Remote PlayA quick demo of Remote Play at work, straight from my bedroom.

    It's a surprisingly well How good is the PlayStation 4? Ask me in five years. Ask me after Naughty Dog's next couple of games, after I figure out whether God of War is headed in the right direction, after I learn whether it has become unfathomable to play a console game without l After seven years of waiting, we have finally experienced next-generation gaming. Sony's PlayStation 4 gives us hope for more powerful, jaw-dropping video games, and leaves a lot to the imagination for the future. The Japanese electronics giant has been ta The PS4 and Xbox One are just getting started in a battle to be the game console of choice for the next five to ten years, and many shoppers are considering buying a PS4 or an Xbox One for the first time.

    While the Xbox arguably won the last console co Quite a few other promises were made to us last generation, only to be broken eventually:So with each new announcement, it's fun to look at each one trying to pick out fantasy from reality. The problem this year is that both Sony and Microsoft announced th Two new gaming consoles.

    Both very powerful. Both very ambitious. Both about to meet head to head Two weeks ago we reviewed the PlayStation 4. Last week we reviewed But how is it as a media streamer? I took a look at Sony's latest to ch Offers most major apps, Excellent picture and sound quality, No additional subscriptions required to access streaming services, Netflix Max helps find recommendations geared to your taste Excellent for gaming and on the whole, but not the best choice for streaming alone The Xbox kicked off the 7th generation of consoles 8 long years ago.

    Since we've seen the rise of social games, smartphone technology, mobile gaming, tablets, and even free-to-play gaming. All of these have been called at one time or another the There's not much more you can ask for in a console launch. As someone who's sat through the PS2 launch, with a million titles but none of them worth playing, and the PS3 launch with hardly any titles and nothing worth playing, the PS4 is head and shoulder Engadget is re-reviewing the current generation of game consoles, each of which has benefited from major firmware updates, price drops and an improved selection of games.

    We've already revisited the Xbox One , and now it's the PlayStation 4's turn. Navigating the UI feels fast and intuitive, Tons of great exclusive games, Compact size makes the console surprisingly portable Gamepad battery life is still short, WiFi speeds can be frustratingly slow, System storage interface can be problematic and inaccurate The PlayStation 4 has always focused on doing one thing incredibly well: playing video games.

    Two and a half years after hitting store shelves, a few unforeseeable issues have cropped up, but the PS4 is still the best console experience money can buy Yes, it's not all that difficult to pick up a DualShock 4 and control your console, but there's something to be said for a dedicated remote to h It's no The last years have seen an incredible growth in gaming console popularity. Now this happens for a number of reasons Bad battery life O TechTudo traz o review completo daquele que promete ser mais que um videogame, e sim uma verdadeira central de entreteniment As pessoas se aglo Sim, o PlayStation 4 veio para mudar a forma de como jogamos videogame.

    Agora falta o quase Muito se falou e escreveu sobre a nova co A empresa tem a consola preparada. Den nya handkontrollen. Inget annat. Detta eftersom det mesta som hade gjort PS3 till en bra mediespelare hade plockats bort. Komu w Na pewno jest to krok w dobrym kierunku, szczeg TV, funkcja Remote Play Minus Man kan ikke koble til noen egne medier, ikke engang CD-plater.

    Dessuten kan man ikke koble seg opp til medier i nettverket. Ikke noe annet. Man kan ikke spille av CD-plater, plugge i egne lagringsenheter eller koble til noen medieenheter over nettverket. Det eneste som finnes er den egne butikken for m Det meste som hadde gjort PS3 til en bra mediespiller, var tatt bort. Spotify pent integrert som musikkspiller overalt.

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    5. Noen flere apper enn Xbox. Oyun konsolu mu PC mi? İlk 24 saatte 1 milyon, 2 hafta sonunda da 2. Peki konsol n The slim PS4 with a healthier eating option right next to its chunkier predecessor. Everyone wants to be slimmer, even the PlayStation 4 PS4. The newly released version of Sony's game console features a thinner and lighter body.

      It weighs in at 2. We managed to get our hands on a review unit of the PS4, and after spending some quality time with the console, I am convinced that the future of console gaming lies within this marvellous little machine. Thanks to Microsoft's baffling decision to commit seppuku with the Xbox One by announcing a high launch price, restrictive always online DRM policies, a block on Weak launch titles, Short battery life on Dualshock 4, Restricted to 2. Whenever a word like 'next-generation' is used to describe something, there's a natural expectation that that product will be significantly better than what came before it.

      In the case of next-generation consoles, that means better games. On paper at leas Join us as we examine Sony's next-gen PlayStation 4 and review the console's capabilities: is it the perfect low-budget game system to be celebrated for years to come, or is it an unfinished and rushed product sorely lacking in performance?