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We liked the idea of adding stealth to what is traditionally a fast-paced genre. We all love local multiplayer games and wanted to try adding another turn of the wheel to the standard game type. GC: So why did you go with sneaky ninjas armed with swords as opposed to smartly-dress spies armed with guns or hyperactive two-year-olds armed with sticky fingers? The characters started as ninjas, then became spies, then strange alien silhouettes, before coming full circle back to ninjas.

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We wanted to do something more interesting and unique, but in the end, we already felt as though we were giving players a potentially confusing subject, so we wanted to make level design and style as familiar as possible. Also, everyone likes ninjas. GC: At what point in this did you decide to go two-dimensional, and why did you think that would work best for this game?

Communicating with players and making the level design "fair" was very tricky. It felt as though 3D would be just another complication. Plus, 2D worked very well for the fighting mechanic we had in mind. Why do you think four is the sweet spot, as opposed to two or six or ? BPJ: This all came down to what we could achieve in the time and budget we had. Four feels like a natural amount as this is what players are used to in these games.

We need to have an even number to make the black and white split "fair," so in theory we could have made six or eight players possible. But this would've had lots of implications for the user interface and menus, so we had to draw a line somewhere.

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Next time. GC: While the game is predominantly black and white, there are splashes of red when someone gets cut down. BPJ: There were many influences on the game, and Sin City was definitely something we looked at, as it deals with contrasts very well. There's also a Samurai Jack episode that uses light and shadow effectively, and we watched that about a thousand times.

Though the jury is still out as to whether this improves on the concept or takes away from it.

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First, do "C. BPJ: "Deathmatch" is familiar: you set the kill count to whatever you want, and the first team to get there wins. In this version of the game, flags spawn randomly around the map. You need to sit on them, at which point the flag slowly fills with your teams' color. GC: Why did you decide to include those two as opposed to "Team Deathmatch" or "Domination" or something else? BPJ: We went with what felt like the most diversity in play. There were other modes we liked too, but time and money are our ultimate masters.

Carmen Mcrae Live in Tokyo, Japan, 1986.

BPJ: Single-player, or training mode, is also different than usual. The goal is to capture as many flags as you can before you die. Enemies spawn every ten seconds. You can kill them, but the speed that they respawn means that you are quickly overwhelmed.

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However , you are also served three challenges. And I always get caught. Its levels are sometimes long and winding, sometimes cramped and claustrophobic, but always organic and never seemingly created merely for the pleasure of others.

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How that happens is up to you though. The first time I played Dishonore d, I had no idea who Campbell was or what he looked like. Maybe I lobbed a grenade accidentally in his direction?

Or perhaps I cut him down while trying to escape the compound after robbing the contents of a safe in a basement office that actually had nothing to do with anything. Nowhere is this more apparent then when watching the people speedrun the game. The current world record for shortest time needed to beat the game is In a way though, it seems like a logical extension of the just how open and concise the rest of the game is.

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The key to speedrunning Dishonored is to manage the vials you have to restore your magic with the constant need to blink around the map to finish each level as quickly as possible. There are certain places on the map where taking a second to grab some extra resources will pay-off later by adding a few more blinks.

He only lays a finger on those he has to. While I rack my brain to remember my favorite games from and , or even last year, Dishonored sticks out like piece of silver after years of collecting dirt and grime: unpolished but still unmistakable. While other games tried to craft the perfect little rat maze, Dishonored was intent on creating a world could cope with the player no matter what.