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It has dark green glossy foliage that turns yellow-orange to red in the fall. The Northwest Shade Tree Catalog and Schmidt Nursery claim that the ultimate canopy size for this tree, grown for 30 years in average urban soil, will be 35' tall and 25' wide.

The Pacific Sunset has an upright spreading rounded crown form with a finer branch structure than Norwegian Sunset. The crown on the Pacific Sunset is said to be slightly shorter, at 30' tall by 25' wide. Summer foliage color is very glossy dark green, with fall colors turning yellow-orange to red a little earlier than Norwegian Sunset. They both appear to be very drought tolerant, showing little if any stress in the late dry summer.

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Compared to most other maples, both the Norwegian and Pacific Sunset Maples exhibit a thicker, more leathery leaf. These trees also transplant relatively easily.

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