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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 22, C rated it liked it. A story of love and family This is a story of two people who are Leary of love and forever. With a wild group of foster children providing interesting stories the learn to become a real family. Every character in the book is fully developed which makes the story even better.

Of the two books contained in this duology I liked this one the best. I'll get into my issues with the second one few they are but first I want to talk about this one. Ann is the woman who takes in strays of all kinds. Her house is filled with kids who adopted or fostered because she can't help but fall in love with all of them. She's completely unconventional and likes to live life to the beat of her own drum.

This causes some problems with the hero, Hank.

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Hank is one of those beer and TV kind Of the two books contained in this duology I liked this one the best. Hank is one of those beer and TV kinds of guys.

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He's addicted to sugar and stuff that is bad for him but he can't help himself. Of course he ends up staying with Ann, at the recommendation of a friend, because he's in town for a construction job. Once in the house he finds himself falling for Ann and the kids. This story has one of those cases of insta-love with the hero but also it involves a bit of "You are interesting and I want to sex you up so let's get married. People may argue and say Hank didn't do that but it felt that way to me.

Hank became the pursuer and man was he pushy! He just decided they were perfect for each other and refused to take 'no' for an answer. While I had issues with the insta-love thing I still liked this one better than the second. Destinada a ti Excelente y interesante de principio a fin.

Just read for second time and enjoyed it again! Great book with so much family love -- ups, downs and ups again! Marriage requires commitment and even more so when there are children involved. Nov 27, Dora rated it liked it. Due to some unfortunate events, I had an hour to kill before an appointment and this is the book I selected off the grocery store shelves. The book did fine to fill that time.

May 09, Cherry-Ann rated it really liked it. Loved it.

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Beautiful book and well-written. Linda rated it liked it Jun 01, Kim rated it liked it Mar 01, Elizabeth rated it liked it Jan 04, Misha Lawson rated it it was amazing Jun 29, Zelna Chorro rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Barbara Conley rated it liked it Feb 11, Jeanne Dembenski rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Veronica rated it liked it Jan 25, Jane Boring rated it it was ok Feb 22, Billie Jones rated it liked it Mar 19, Sarah anne younger rated it it was amazing Apr 14, Susan Nackman rated it liked it Feb 10, Marg rated it liked it Oct 27, M W rated it really liked it Nov 13, Pamela rated it it was amazing Jan 29, LauraTen rated it it was amazing May 31, Lisa Smith rated it really liked it Sep 10, He was crazier.

He was also desperate, he reminded himself with stark realism. It was early January in the Florida Keys, the worst possible time to be starting a construction job. Condos, houses and hotels were filled to overflowing with tourists. Those accommodations that were still available cost an arm and a leg. The company could have written off the expense, of course, but the few places still sitting empty weren't available long-term.

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They'd already been booked for scattered weeks of the season. Even so, he'd looked at every one of them, hoping to find something that would do even short-term. Most consisted of nothing more than a tiny room and a shower. They were all too cramped by far for his big frame. He would have felt claustrophobic after a single night. He'd actually stepped into the shower stall in one and come close to being wedged in. The remaining alternative, to commute from Miami, while not impossible, would have driven him nuts inside of a week.

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Traffic this time of the year required the patience of a saint. Hank recognized his limitations. He was no saint. Just the prospect of being locked bumper to bumper with a bunch of sight-seeing tourists made the muscles in the back of his neck knot.

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Then Ann had offered, via Liz, to let him have a room in her spacious home at no charge. She'd even volunteered to throw in meals, if he'd pick up his share of the groceries. He couldn't imagine what sort of blackmail Liz had held over her to convince her to invite him. He'd never before known a woman who wore bright yellow socks and blue tennis shoes with a green skirt and hot-pink T-shirt. Not even to the movies, much less to a wedding rehearsal. He shuddered at the memory. He should have known right then what this house would look like.

Liz had given him one of her serene smiles and said blithely, "Oh, you know how Ann is. He didn't even want to.

Yet the fact remained, here he was, a couple of suitcases in the back of the truck along with three bags of groceries he'd picked up at the supermarket. Actually it was two bags of food and one of beer and sodas. After a hot day on the job, nothing was better than lying peacefully in a hammock sipping an ice-cold can of beer.

The soda was for breakfast. The carbonation and caffeine got his blood circulating. The sugar content of the jelly doughnuts he ate along with it gave him energy. He could have used both right now. With one last fortifying breath, he turned on the ignition and drove into a driveway with ruts so deep they jarred his teeth.

He pulled the truck around to the side of the house. He'd climbed out and was in the process of trying to adjust all three bags of groceries in his arms when he was slammed broadside by something that hit him about knee-high. The bags went flying. Hank grabbed for the beer the way a dying man reaches for a lifeline. He knew in his gut he was going to need that beer, probably before the night was out. She had a thumb poked in her mouth and a frayed blanket dangling from her other hand.

He only barely resisted the urge to moan. He had forgotten about the kids. More likely, he'd conveniently blocked them right out of his mind. Hank really hated kids. They made him nervous. They aroused all sorts of odd feelings of inadequacy. They were noisy, demanding and messy. They asked endless, unanswerable questions. They caused nothing but worry for their parents, aside from turning perfectly enjoyable lifestyles upside down and inside out. Girls were even more of a mystery to him than boys.

At least he'd been a boy once himself. Still, he had to admit there was something appealing about this little girl. With her silver-blond hair curling in a wispy halo, she looked placid and innocent, as if she'd had absolutely nothing to do with virtually upending a man six times her size. He'd figured that was another twelve to fourteen years away. He stared at the child in front of him. Beyond hello, what else did you say to a three-year-old, especially one who still had a thumb tucked in her mouth and showed no inclination to communicate? To his horror, tears welled up in the wide, blue eyes and the child took off at a run, dragging her thumb from her mouth long enough to let out a wail that would have wakened the dead.

Hank was just considering getting straight back into the pickup and bolting to the most expensive, tiniest condo he could find when a screen door slammed. The woman who'd loomed in his memory rounded a corner of the house at a run, her ankle-length purple skirt flapping, a butcher knife clutched threateningly in her raised hand. She skidded to a stop at the sight of him and slowly lowered the knife. Her furious expression calmed slightly. There was nothing at all calm about his own reaction to the sight of her.

His heart lurched with an astonishing thump. He dismissed the sensation at once as delayed panic. He'd rarely been confronted at the door by knife-wielding women. Surely that explained the surge of adrenaline that had his blood pumping fast and hard through his veins. Somehow all those uneven features he'd recalled had been rearranged into a face that was interesting, rather than plain, especially now with her color high. The tall, gaunt body, still dressed in an utterly absurd combination of colors and styles, seemed, for some peculiar reason, more appealing than he'd remembered.

Her hair, still cropped short, suddenly seemed to suit her face with its feathery softness. It emphasized her eyes and those thick, sooty lashes. Damned good. Even with a knife in her hand. He'd obviously lost his mind. It gave her something to do to cover the nervous, fluttery feeling that had suddenly assailed her without warning. Nabbing a box of jelly doughnuts, she regarded them disapprovingly, then stuffed them in the bag along with assorted snack foods that she absolutely refused to have within a five-mile radius of the kids except on special occasions.

She would deal with Hank Riley's dietary habits later, after she'd reconciled her memory of the obnoxious, arrogant man with the disconcertingly appealing sight of him.

Tea and Destiny

Lettuce was good. The choke hold this bearded giant of a man seemed to have over her senses was not. She swallowed hard. I asked where her mommy was and she let out a war cry that would have straightened the hair on Hitler's head. He was regarding her oddly. Something about Melissa's mother and Hitler? She wasn't sure what the Nazi connection was, but she understood precisely what had happened when Hank had mentioned the child's mother.

She came in crying about some man. It was lying at her feet. In this day and age, I don't suppose a woman can be too careful," he said, reaching down to pick it up. No less than a pit of vipers. How had she forgotten that he had this strange effect on her? All she'd recalled after the wedding had been his infuriating habit of contradicting every opinion she held.

A neighbor found Melissa all alone the next day. They say children adjust pretty easily, but Melissa hasn't. She still wakes up in the middle of the night crying for her mother.