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Teach Others: Teaching helps guide your team forward.

A List Of 8 Core Values I Live By

Being able to explain something clearly also forces you to become an expert and have a deep understanding of the subject. Constant learning begets constant results. Be Accountable: You should be just as accountable as your team. Lead by example. Being accountable keeps tension out of the system and allows the business move forward at a peak speed—something necessary in the current, quickly-changing business environment.

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Take Measurements: To achieve your goals, you need to know where you are and where you want to go. Be Positive: A quality of emotionally intelligent leaders is being motivated, even in the face of opposition. The positivity that this motivation has is contagious: it not only helps you keep up the momentum but it also inspires your team forward. Love: Love starts with the desire to make someone happy and true love brings joy and freedom to that person. There is no greater kindness. Love can create a higher purpose and meaning for you and your team. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.

But the greatest of these is love. And yet, we collectively underestimate the importance of values. We think our values have everything to do with how we are perceived. Values have a great impact on our inner world.

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They define us. They form the foundation of our character.

Core Values are a Labor of Love: How Your Business Can Create Them | Perfect Search Media

And since you have to live with yourself, your values should be one of the most important things in your life. There are great risks involved with living without values. You risk become a faceless human that becomes indistinguishable from every single other faceless person that has ever lived. And before you know it, you adopt the values of other people. I recommend you to do the same. Once you know who you are in life, you stop trying to be who you are not. That gives you tranquility. The list is long enough to live a rich, strong, and fearless life. Inspiration is okay—but copying is not.

How to Live and Love From Your Core Values

Look inside yourself. Find the values that already exist inside of you—and strengthen them.

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John C. Maxwell, the author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership , said it best:. Pick your values. Stick to them. And watch as your character is formed. When you join my weekly newsletter, I will send you two free eBooks. One on building better habits and another one on doubling your productivity.

Join below:. Here are my values: Authenticity —Be the same person at every occasion in life.

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Stay your true self. Truthfulness —Tell the truth. Especially when it comes to your own life. Never went to college?

Own it. Joyfulness —Life is short. Do things that bring you joy. Enjoy the small things. Music, other people, working out, walking, laying down, reading, and so forth.