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Will the Scottish Crown ever be rid of its problems? As one of Scotland's premier knights, James must obey and serve his king. But what if his heart leads him in other directions? After losing his love and his will to live, James throws himself into the service of Scotland and her king. But will James ever be free of the soldier's life?

The wolves seem to be circling his heels, with the pack being led by the infamous she-wolf, Isabella. As his life unravels, Edward tries to protect not only himself, but Hugh, while bringing revenge on the heads' of his enemies. This final book takes the heartbreak and tragedy from books one and two and delivers a haunting conclusion. Though the characters are older and wiser, they are all feeling the effect of their arduous battles. While I loved the maturity of all three narrators, I in particularly fell in love with James. Loyal to the end, he makes a perfect anti-hero.

Within the first few pages of this wonderful book, I was balling. The emotionally charged reunion will bring even the toughest of hearts to tears. Like the first two books, this book is wonderfully written, with descriptive prose and an eye for historical detail. The fever pitch action in book two slows, but the book is still fast paced. I loved not only the book, but the series. I plan on purchasing the last two books in the series in paperback so I can proudly display these books on my shelves!

Shelves: reads , british-monarchy , historical-fiction , england-plantagenet-angevin , cultural-scotland.

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They both have been through so much. Robert continues to rely on James Douglas, and soon King Robert marries his only daughter to Walter Stewart, fulfilling a long-ago promise he made to his father. England continues to attack Scotland, but Edward II does not have the cunning of his father, let alone the loyalty of his barons and soon the country is in great peril. King Robert wants to keep Scotland peaceful and serve his people, keeping them loyal to him by keeping his word, while Edward II wants revenge on anyone and everyone who has crossed them, including Royal nobles and relatives.

The two men could not have been more different, and it makes a great story, much of which is true. Nov 13, Carol rated it it was ok Shelves: first-reads. I would go more 2. I really like that it changes perspectives with the chapters so that the reader gets the full picture of what is going on, and this is a time period I normally enjoy reading. While I see the potential in the characters, I did not feel like I really attached to any of them. I started really liking Majorie, view spoiler [ but then she was quickly killed off.

I felt like some part I would go more 2. I felt like some parts could have gone more in-depth so that readers could have better bonded with some of the characters. It just seemed like more details could have been used in general to let the reader escape back to that time. I definitely would not say that I did not like the book, but at the same time I did not really like it either.

It just seemed like one depressing occurrence after another. With history, there is no way around that sometimes. If you like the time period and the history, you will probably enjoy it more than I did since Sasson does put a more creative spin on the story. Just do not expect to feel happy with the characters while reading it because they will not be for the most part.

Like that, the little sympathy I may have had for Edward II while reading book 2 of this trilogy, it evaporated instantly while reading The Honor Due a King. Edward II felt that he never got the respect and honor due a king. Robert the Bruce, on Poof! Robert the Bruce, on the other hand, earned that honor by inspiring his followers, people of Scotland toward a unified country free of English oppression and rule. It comes down to the difference in how both men lived and what they lived for, to gain that honor due a king. Sasson brought this period in Scotland's history to life in a way that I got very attached to certain characters and people.

There were many scenes that required huge amounts of kleenex. I'm still recovering. Excellent trilogy. Throughout this trilogy, the main characters have been Robert the Bruce, king of Scotland, James Douglas, his closest comrade in arms, and King Edward the 2nd of England. All three of these men are portrayed as heroes, but trageic and fallen men as well.

This book tells of their last few years, and how they all died in the end, one of disease, one of treachery and grief, and one in ba The Honor Due a King: A story of two kings and their ends This is the third book in the Robert the Bruce Trilogy. This book tells of their last few years, and how they all died in the end, one of disease, one of treachery and grief, and one in battle. I found all of these books entertaining and, as far as I can tell, accurate.

I recommend them all to anyone with an interest in Scottish or English history. May 23, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction. I simply could not put this book down!

Robert the Bruce Documentary - Biography of the life of Robert the Bruce King of Scots

Knowing what was going to happen in the end made it hard, but it was a super book! Telling if from 3 different characters' point-of-view must have been very difficult for the writer, but she did an excellent job.

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I even felt sorry for King Edward and how he was treated in the end, even though he did terrible things to the Scotland. I fully int I simply could not put this book down! I fully intend on reading all of Sasson's historical fiction novels in the near future! Oct 08, Ian R. The last of a trilogy So comes to an end the story of probably Scotland's greatest king.

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A story part truth, part fiction but one that shows the king with all his weaknesses as well ad strengths. The author successfully brings these well known characters in Scotland's past and allows us into their lives whilst giving a glimpse of what Scotland was like in the early years of her hard won independence.

Nov 21, tara rated it really liked it Shelves: four-and-a-half-stars , historical-fiction. Ah, 4. Very well written. Well-defined and vibrant writing — considering how murky historical fiction literature can be when dealing with so many characters, titles, countries, wars, and OMG…the tangled blood relations that are beyond what we would consider a complicated family tree these days. If it wasn't for another author, Sharon Penman, being the master storyteller of this genre, I would easily have rated it 5 stars.

This is the third and last book of the "The Bruce Trilogy. Jan 25, Jackie Stanton rated it really liked it Recommends it for: historical fiction fans. I was so sorry to finish this, the third of the Robert the Bruce series. It was as excellent as the previous two novels. Sasson exhibits great skill in making history come to life, from horrendously graphic battle scenes to the most tender love scenes. Her characters are rich and believable.

Jan 19, May rated it liked it. I enjoyed this trilogy well enough.

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The author's choice to switch back and forth between Robert the Bruce, James Campbell and Edward II was interesting and helped keep the Reader informed of what was going on personally and politically at the same time with each character. This was a comfortable read, perfect for an snowy afternoon, but not as well researched as some Sep 02, Marilyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , kindle , medieval-historical.

This is 3 is Sasson's trilogy about Robert the Bruce.

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  • It is excellent. I got so wrapped up in the characters. Unfortunately, I got confused and read this book before reading 2 in the trilogy. Lesson: when downloading a whole series to a Kindle, download 3 first, then 2, etc. That way, on the Home Page, they will be listed in their proper order, 1, 2, 3, etc. May 21, Brenda rated it it was amazing.

    I first thought Book 1 was the best, but this one topped it. I so enjoyed this and am glad I tried this author. I recommend reading all three. Although each one could be read on its own, the whole story unfolds in sequence. Apr 26, Steven rated it liked it. A nice wrapping up of the trilogy.

    Not quite as compelling for me as the first two books, but Sasson tied up all the loose ends. This is a more feminine book than the first two, focusing on the loves of James Douglas while the cockpit of kingdoms serves as a background rather than the main plot. Sasson does a wonderful job of building these fascinating people and you really feel as though you know them. This was such a great series I hate for it to end.

    This series combined with the two-part series on Isabella and Simon de Montfort make a wonderful 5 book package.. I cannot wait to read more from this author. Jul 12, Cacki rated it liked it. Dragged at the end Oct 11, Laura rated it it was amazing. My favorite of the trilogy, and also probably the most historically inaccurate, though not terribly so. I enjoyed this thrid book as much as I enjoyed the first two in this trilogy. The characters draw you in and keep you turning pages.

    Worth your time. Good historical fiction. The trilogy is a good read for historical fiction readers. Fourteen-year-old Emmett, who was severely beaten and whose body was later found in the Tallahatchie River, was visiting relatives from Chicago. The all-white jury found the defendants not guilty, and while they confessed to the murder in Look Magazine a few months later, they had already been tried and nothing could be done against them.

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    As a result, readers better understand the suffering and angst of segregation and Jim Crow laws that led to the s civil rights movement. Originally published in by F. Language, Literature, and Language Usage. The authors make many inferences in this book both with language use and through imagery. You may want to discuss the following uses of inference:.

    In graphic novels, images are used to relay messages with and without accompanying text, adding additional dimension to the story. Compare, contrast, and discuss with students how images can be used to relay complex messages. For example:. March: Book One is full of advanced vocabulary, simile, slang, idioms, and cultural folklore.

    It promotes critical thinking, introduces multiple national American Heroes, and is a coming of age story laden with issues of identity, justice and friendship.

    The Honor Due a King

    Furthermore, in graphic novel format, it provides verbal and visual story telling that addresses multi-modal teaching, and meets Common Core State Standards including:. This book and related discussions also cover the following themes identified by The National Council for the Social Studies :. She now incorporates them in her work, believing that the educational process must reflect the imagination and intellectual flexibility it hopes to nurture.

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