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Normally, the information that I get about interactions between people and their dogs is retrospective. Individuals tell me about their relations and experiences with their dogs after the fact, however just recently I got to see one such set of events occurring in real time. Specifically this involves Paul Heroux and his dog and his dog Mura. I got to see his remarkable journey with his dog unroll because of his daily postings which included pictures and videos on his Facebook account.

Attleboro once had so many jewelry manufacturers that it advertised itself as "The Jewelry Capital of the World. Ten years ago Heroux purchased an eight-week-old dog that her breeder describes as a Japanese Wolf dog.

A dying dog gets to experience a

She was incredibly cute as a puppy and quickly became an integral part of his life. Mura accompanied him virtually everywhere, and when he began his campaign for mayor she became his virtual running mate. He told his Facebook readers that "my girl has been part of my political life since the beginning.

So many of you know her already. From collecting signatures at Stop and Shop to knocking on doors in , visiting schools and senior homes, walking in parades and her coming to work with me at City Hall from time to time.

This September Heroux noticed Mura with her back hunched, and she was visibly in pain. The veterinarian discovered that her spleen had ruptured and she was bleeding internally. She wasn't expected to live through the night, but she miraculously did. It was during her recovery period that Heroux learned that the source of her problems was hemangiosarcoma — an aggressive terminal blood cancer.

He explained to his Facebook followers that "Her vet told me she has one to three months without treatment. Just before he learned of Mura's medical condition, Heroux was slated to take a trip to the Middle East. This was the first vacation that he had planned in around three years. However when he was faced with the realization of what was happening to Mura he decided to cancel the vacation and to instead use the time he had scheduled for a road trip. Over the two weeks that this trip would last Heroux would publish a daily series of pictures and descriptive Facebook posts so that it was easy to follow their progress.

It was there that they found themselves surrounded by a herd of Buffalo. In Montana they sighted elk. According to Heroux, both of these encounters with large animals thrilled the dog. Once they reached British Columbia they took a ferry ride to Vancouver Island where Mura got to meet her breeder and cavort for a while with other dogs of her lineage. From there Heroux drove south to visit his alma mater, the University of Southern California.

When he returned home he noted that "[We] watched the sunset in Santa Monica. I didn't take a picture of that because it was just too precious. On their way back to Attleboro the pair also stopped at the Oklahoma City Memorial and then on to the St. Louis arch before they finally returned home after 12 days. Heroux noted that "She thinks that 8, miles is a new 'Wanna go for a ride standard. Those who have known and loved dogs will recognize that the importance of their journey together has little to do with the miles that passed under the wheels of their car, but rather has to do with the time and experiences that they shared together.

Eric's Heroes: At years old, a Port Angeles woman takes the ride of her life | KOMO

Just let her think she is the little princess — that she is going for the best ride of her life. Dogs love to go for a ride. Riders map their own course and change horses—semiwild equines provided by local herders—about every 25 miles.

The riders rely on the hospitality of locals to feed and house them in portable round tents, or yurts, known as gers. To prepare for the journey, Pierce spoke to past participants, researched clothing and gear, and ramped up her fitness training. About six days a week she did an early-morning cardio workout followed by a 5-mile hike or run at Sugarloaf Mountain.

In anticipation of long hours of riding, Agard worked with Pierce on different ways to sit on the horse. At the start of the derby on Aug. Some riders traveled alone; others went in groups. The woman Pierce planned to ride with was injured on the second day and dropped out, so she joined a group of five men for the rest of the event. And I got lucky. Riding started at a.

Jockey’s Bridle Breaks And She Goes For The Ride Of her Life

Pierce passed all of her vet checks. Riders trekked across flat open land, mountains, hills and sand dunes, with marmot holes posing a constant hazard. They often had to mime or hand the locals prewritten notes in Mongolian to explain their situation. A vegetarian for 10 years, Pierce was ravenous after riding and says she ate almost anything that was put in front of her, including meat pies and mutton with noodles.

See a Problem?

She was limited to 11 pounds of gear, including one change of clothes, a sleeping bag, a knife, a first-aid kit and peanut butter snacks. On the fifth day, Pierce hurt her back when her horse stumbled on a hole. Many had followed her online each day; the tracker she wore for safety provided updates on her progress. Back in Rockville, Pierce says it took time to unwind. She has her eye on another endurance race—this time in Patagonia. November-December The Ride of Her Life.