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Michelle is currently working towards her teaching certification in secondary mathematics. Before leaving the corporate world to raise her children, Michelle specialized in large system software development at IBM, GE and Verizon. She has served as a substitute teacher and a lead teacher in a classroom setting. Currently, she is primarily focused on raising her two daughters and is involved in their schools. She specializes in tutoring students in pre-K to grade 6. She is certified in elementary education.

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Stacey also enjoys leading a cheerleading squad, supporting her PTOA and spending the summers in Ocean City with her daughters. She tutors all levels of biology and specializes in coaching students in the organizational skills they need to succeed. She uses her experience to mentor and guide both high school and college students.

Although science is her focus she is fluent in Spanish and enjoys helping students improve their language and communication skills. Leanne is currently pursuing PhD in Biochemistry. She has taught special needs students a classroom setting, tutored high school and college students and is currently an adjunct professor at Drexel University.

He has been tutoring high school and college students for the past ten years. He holds a CFA and is a portfolio manager. This knowledge and experience, coupled with that gained from his successful entrepreneurial ventures allows him a vast pool of resources from which to draw when tutoring business and economic courses. Alex is an accomplished cellist and shares his passion for music by teaching cello during the summer months.

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She has tutored students in an array of math and science courses over the past seven years. Morgan enjoys working with students of all ages, from elementary level through college. An AP Scholar with a perfect SAT score, he has both the knowledge and the skills to push his students to their fullest potential. He truly enjoys sharing his mastery of standardized testing and language with his students and is dedicated to their success. Adam is an avid surfer who also enjoys reading and film. She currently teaches at The Philadelphia School and has over a decade of success stories in tutoring.


Abby has a plethora of other talents and interests. She enjoys coaching softball and basketball, is an accomplished mosaic artist and a published author. He is currently working toward his PhD at Drexel University. He balances the demands of his studies with playing the trumpet, singing and practicing aikido. In addition to tutoring, he currently serves as a secondary math specialist, supporting students at Agnes Irwin, EA and Jack Barrack Academy.

He also has five years of experience in the classroom at Roxborough High School. Before becoming a professional educator, Joe worked in software development, publishing and construction. Joe spends his days raising his twin toddlers and also enjoys coaching and playing chess as well as skateboarding. Her vibrant personality and passion for history allow her to develop strong connections with her students, whether they are in middle school or in college. Lena enjoys traveling and appreciates the historical insights it provides. She also stays active running and hiking.

She believes that teaching revolves around stimulating curiosity and facilitating discovery and welcomes an opportunity to share her passion for learning. Hayley enjoys theater and the arts and is a competitive distance runner. She coaches cross country and track at Haverford College and plans to run a marathon in the near future. He is passionate about math and the sciences and about helping his students gain true understanding.

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He enjoys running and video games of all genres. In fact, over her fifteen year career, she has taught students in every grade division: elementary, middle and high. She has taught in classroom and small group settings and particularly enjoys tutoring because she really gets to know her students through interaction.

She is currently working toward her ESL certification. Brochure Contact Home. Join Our Email List Email:. Deirdre Zangwill , M. Kristy I enjoy watching students progress and gain confidence and passion for learning! Joanna I have always loved mathematics.

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  • I hope to share my enthusiasm, encourage curiosity, foster a positive attitude toward mathematics, and most of all to help my students succeed in their educational careers. Michele Confidence creates curiosity! Margaret All the names, dates, and developments are just building blocks, our job is to see and understand the bigger narrative. History is a story. Kathy Learning can be fun, even for struggling students. Once these students begin to have some success, learning may just become a whole new world of exciting possibilities for them.

    Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Each High School Tutor book makes it easy to learn difficult subjects. The High School Tutor for U. History and Government covers every American history and government topic taught in classrooms today including Pre-Colonization to modern America, the branches of the federal government, Supreme Court decisions, and more. In easy-to-follow, student-friendly language, students are tutored intelligently about U.

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    History and Government more fully - Indexed for easy topic searches. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review.

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    Andrea C. Tutors History. Trusted with over 6 million hours of lessons since Success stories Real stories from real people Since , Wyzant has provided a way for people to learn any subject in a way that works for them. Sandra P. William is a wonderful European History tutor. He is very knowledgeable andthorough on how to analyze sources in history. The lessons are very helpful, he explains the content very well.

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    My daughter finds history interesting andenjoyable now! Shirley N. His history knowledge is fantastic. My daughter likes the subject of History much more with his amazing guide. He is very experienced. Joshua B. Great guy all around. Helped with my outline for my History paper.