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This can be treated through medicines and may require surgery in severe cases.

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This breed can easily get eye infections and can have straining around their eyes especially when you get the puppies home. There is nothing to worry about this though. These are the red and brown stains that are visible on the corner of the eyes of your Spitz. This usually becomes lesser as the puppy grows up. This does not cause any infections in your pet though. Eye infections are caused because of various other reasons. German Spitzs are a very playful breed that is alert and intelligent. They are obedient and love to please their owners or family. This makes the training process a little easy.

The owner just has to be consistent and make good training programs and in a few months you can have the perfect trained dog in your house. Your Spitz can bark constantly at all times, so you will have to train her from an early age to not bark, this can be easily achieved by regular training. If you do not train them from the beginning on the same then be ready to face regular complaints from your neighbors. The high intelligence level of the Spitz helps them to excel in various obedience training programs.

They are very quick learners and want to participate in various games.

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The only roadblock to training your German Spitz puppy is that it can be stubborn at times but you would have to start the training early. Proper training will help you to inculcate good habits in your dog. It is not difficult to house train your Spitz puppy as well, you just have to remember to start early and crate training should be encouraged.

You have to keep in mind that a crate should be a safe place for your pet and he or she should never see it as punishment. Your German Spitz is a very adaptable breed and will be happy in an apartment as well as a house with a yard. The size of the breed makes them adaptable in different living environments. It loves to stay in a family and will not fare well when left in a yard alone.

You always have to remember that your Spitz thrives on human companionship and that may be the best way to ensure the growth of a well rounded dog.

Though the size is perfect for younger children, they can be better companions to elderly family members also. If you have young children in the family then you will have to train them to be around dogs. Spitzes are a very energetic breed but they will love to go out for a regular exercise or a run as well. They are pretty active indoors as well, so he or she will fare well in such small areas as well.

They enjoy their activities inside their house and are also happy with their long walks. This breed does well with other pets as well. They are alert and loyal and are good learners so you can train your little pooch to be the perfect pet with regular training.

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German Spitz will make a good watchdog as well, they will bark and inform you of any intruders coming to the house. The German Spitz is the perfect family dog, they love to be in the company of their human counterparts and will thrive when around people. Their even temperament makes them the perfect pets for the family. This is an intelligent breed and is easy to train. One of the prime reasons is their want to please their owners. They are a courageous lot and at times can suffer from the Small Dog Syndrome, which is when the dog feels that they are bigger than other dog and feels that they can challenge everyone around them.

They are not friendly with strangers so socialization is very important with this pet. German Spitzes enjoy and love to participate in various agility training such as chasing the ball. They are great with children and generally do not snap, though you have to remember one thing that the young children in the household have to be taught to behave around a dog as they might accidentally irritate or hurt him or her.

Your German Spitz puppies are like living toys, they are docile and love the company of humans. They come in various colors that makes them look more like a stuffed toy. These puppies do great with humans; in fact, they thrive in their company. If you cannot give time to your pet then this might not be the ideal breed for you. Spitzes are the perfect family pets, they love to be around children and do well with other pets as well.

Remember one thing at all times that young children may accidentally harm the small puppies because of their size. So, it is very important to teach them to handle pets. Your puppy will shed a lot till he is at least six months old as he will lose all the puppy hair and grow its adult hair. I just dont understand people wo buy a dog as a pet and then throw them out I think in this case they thought they were buying a dog and ended up with a wild animal - the original owner's fault for not doing their research and the breeder's fault for not educating them.

People make uninformed pet purchases all the time with wolfdogs, Bengal cats, and even tortoises. Which is how I got my Bengal and my tortoise. Clarification - I adopted them off of people who would have gotten rid of them.

11 Dangerously Fluffy German Shepherd Mixes

Seriously though, who buys a tortoise at a pet shop and doesn't think to check their lifespan first? Most likely, someone wanted the cachet of 'a wolf-dog' and didn't bother to do any research on either wolfor breed of dog crossed. It's the macho-ness of having the wolfin the dog that they can brag about, consequences be damned.

Look at the idiots who get a dog and think it can be kept in a pen in the back,so 'the house doesn't get messy'. Stupid people! If people want a wolf, but expect them to be like dogs, they should just get a Tamaskan Dog. It has a wolfy appearance, but its a mix of German Shepard, Husky, and a couple of other breeds. This clearly ain't a pet and this guy should be outside in the wilderness, where he belongs.

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Instead he's so focused on humans and wouldn't even be able to survive in the wild. If you think about it, it is nothing but sad. I am a big fan of wolves, but they belong in the open and not in someones house or garden. They have to domesticate everything they can. And if they don't know how to handle what they created, their solution is to kill it.

I can't think of an animal that would do such cruel things. Only humans can. Chances are he cannot - and probably never could - be out in the wilderness. He's still part dog which is why he wouldn't fit into the wild definitely not after growing up with humans , and he's still part wolf which is why it's hard for him to fit in with humans. With ANY dog in his DNA, the moment he got shot check out the wolf survival stats and they found dog DNA in him, every wolf would be targeted even quicker, because, 'as we all know,wolf-dog crosses are treacherous,and they'd target our livestock first'.

Which is total bullshit, BTW. Only animals raised badly in domesticated circumstances would consider livestock easy food. Wild animals know there are humans there, and they don't want to be around humans. This is the only place for him, or a home like the wildlife rehabber I once knew. She rescued 4 I know of. This is not a wolf, and he was bred and raised a pet and has no business being outside in the wilderness, where he definitely doesn't belong. He shouldn't exist, I agree with that, but as he does, this is the best care he can be given. Out in the wild,huh, where it can starve to death being domesticated and never having hunted in his life or shot by some asshole who either wants to cachet of 'killing a WOLF' or because the poor thing would have no fear of humans and would just stand there, waiting to be petted.

At his age,you simply cannot rehab him into the wild. The man who bred for him should have been shot. In every painful spot he has. The only place left for this poor animal is a sanctuary of some kind. I had friend who has a wolf dog hybrid. They are very hard to handle. The dog was very sweet, but you could never leave her alone. Shes now an ESA dog, and totally not capable of being one, but he had to make her one to take her everywhere. Her quality of life isnt what it should be for a breed like her.

I wish people would do more research when they get animals like this. Every wolfhound description I know emphasizes how you cannot leave them alone. You need to have several in an outdoor enclosure with an enormously high fence. He will also have an outer coat which is wiry, coarse, and feathered. The German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound will shed all year, but shedding can be controlled with weekly brushing.

But it will shed to a thinner coat during summers. Neither the Irish Wolfhound or Pointer parent dog requires regular bathing, but some owners will choose to wash their hybrids a few times a year or when they get really dirty. And as with all dogs, his teeth need to be brushed, ideally every week to prevent periodontal disease.

Male German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhounds can grow up to 26 to 32 inches in height and weigh 95 to lbs. Because of their power and size, the German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound should be watched closely when playing with children or around other pets. Although they can be quite submissive and people friendly, they have a strong prey instinct and should not be left alone with small animals. Avoid giving him people food. Also, feed a high-quality diet that is appropriate for his age. Some of the foods that you can include in his diet are baby carrots, cooked plain pumpkin, sweet potato fries without any spices, and cooked green beans.

You can also add some broccoli, cooked peas, or cooked squash.

German Spitz

He will also like apple slices, but just make sure to remove the seeds. He can be given berries and bananas. Cooked rice, pasta, egg whites are also good additions to his diet. Salmon is very good for German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhounds as well. The Irish Wolfhound parent dog is a medium energy dog, whereas the German Wirehaired Pointer is a relatively active breed.

Your hybrid will most likely be a moderately active dog, requiring around 40 to 60 minutes of exercise each day. Agility classes and obedience trials could be good activities to work both their minds and their bodies. Bring your German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound with you when you go on a hike or walk. The veterinarian may require your German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound to have x-rays, blood count, coagulation assay, or serum chemistry when needed.