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In fact, the evidence pointed in the exact opposite direction, suggesting that the masked opposition youth had torched the trucks themselves.

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Colombian writer Humberto Ortiz produced footage from a pro-opposition channel showing what appears to be the exact moment when a guarimbero sets the aid on fire with a molotov cocktail:. Telesur reporter Madelein Garcia published photographs showing a guarimbero with a gas canister next to one of the burning trucks:. Drone footage also published by Garcia shows how far away the trucks were from Venezuelan national guardsmen when they caught fire, and demonstrates that they were clearly on the Colombian side of the border:.

Even Bloomberg News, which has run a relentless stream of pro-opposition reports, published video showing guarimberos on the bridge making molotov cocktails, which could easily set a truck cabin or its cargo alight:. MORE: As a group of Venezuelans, most of them young, attempt to access the Venezuelan side of the border, a group is seen preparing molotov cocktails tictocnews pic.

Meanwhile, the International Red Cross issued a statement condemning Venezuelan opposition activists disguising themselves as Red Cross workers — a blatant breach of humanitarian protocol.

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A screenshot from pro-opposition NTN24 coverage shows a fake Red Cross worker near one of the burning trucks:. Not sure if the Venezuelan opposition activists disguised as Red Cross workers actually mean well pic. But as darkness fell on February 23, Guaido found himself at a stormy press conference with other right-wing, US-aligned Latin American leaders.

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By his side was Colombian President Ivan Duque, who repeated the evidence-free allegation that Venezuelan security forces had burned the aid trucks. Frank Dear is the new partner to Detective Cranford, and has his own secrets connected to the same evil people, who are in positions of great power throughout the city of New York.

Jean, a hometown friend of Honey's, finds love while house sitting in the Pocono Mountains, where she brings Honey back to recover serious injuries from a hit and run accident.

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You will enjoy familiar characters and fall in love with new ones that this story brings to you. Read more Read less.

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  • Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features:. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 3 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Another Deception was so spellbinding, it was hard to put down.

    A very good sequel to Wings of Deception. It would make a very good movie! Format: Kindle Edition.

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    This book is so exciting, I'm waiting for the next one to come out. Pamela Carron has a great imagination. Of course there were lots of neophytes eager to learn more about hacking and how to call places for free.

    Most of them had been in the "does trace? Soon they had gained enough respect for each other and decided to meet. Harry turned out to be HAC, a cyberpunk to the "T". In numerous conversations between the two, AP had mentioned the sweetness of telephone company computers and how interesting their intricate structures were.

    Burning Aid: An Interventionist Deception on Colombia-Venezuela Bridge?

    HAC was a hardcore systems hacker himself, but he had also been partners with someone who came across and had an impressive knack for some telco computers. He went by the name Scorpion and he also lived in the NYC area. Soon the three were partaking in all sorts of mischievous pranks and under the guise of numerous handles ie. It was in the midst of all this fun that they agreed to form an underground group called MOD approx.

    June About one month later, Acid had been on Altos revisiting a chat that was once, but never again, the heart of a lot of good hacker convos since early '84 or so when he came across someone asking for Unix gurus. His handle was The Wing, and he ran a Unix system from his home in Pennsylvania. Scorpion was always a Unix guru while Acid had only come across it in college two years back. Relaying the information to Scorpion on yet another good addition to the group, they decided to recruit him into MOD.

    The fun, it seemed, had just started He hadn't known much about telephone systems, but one thing he knew was how to make Unixes do nifty things.

    Of course, he and Scorpion had undertaken the task of taking on some worthwhile projects and providing the group with some healthy side-benefits which cannot be mentioned or commented on at this particular moment in time. At this point, the group consisted of the 4 original founders flounders?? Around this time, Magazine had 2 boards in operation. OSUNY had gone down for some strange reason a short time earlier.

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    It was on The Toll Center Red Knight's bbs that AP had first met the next member of the group and coincidentally Red Knight which is the most recent member to the group. He called himself "Supernigger" and had much the same ideology as the rest of the group. It was following his group's original "knock down those who think they know everything" attitude that MOD also adopted the same mentality. Hours of enjoyment and fun for the whole family and kids of all ages Another hacker and telco computer specialist also seemed to be very prominent and knowledgeable then as well.

    He wasn't liked very much because he seemed to have a rather large ego, which I may add, makes it okay to have when you know so much as he did.