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Uitgever: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. Samenvatting From the bloodbaths of WWII Southeastern Poland — torched towns and villages, to lush forests, Anna fights for survival in the wake of destruction left behind by warring Germany. After witnessing the horrific murders of most of her family by German death squads, Anna goes on the run, living a nomadic lifestyle, welcoming any shelter and friends she can find. Ultimately she joins a Jewish partisan group, where she ekes out an existence with those who have the same goals in mind- survive the war and get revenge. Amidst these trials and struggles with her own faith, Anna is once again able to laugh and discover first love, but will she ever be able to forgive herself?

The first in a series, here Anna briefly meets a man who will become her unlikely savior, and most forbidden love. Toon meer Toon minder. Reviews Schrijf een review. Bindwijze: Paperback. Verkoop door bol. In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje. Gratis verzending vanaf 20 euro 30 dagen bedenktijd en gratis retourneren Ophalen bij een bol. Anderen bekeken ook. Tania Crosse Hope at Holly Cottage 8, Deborah Reeder Daisies in the Rain 17, Melissa Goetz Mccaughan Legacy 13, Matt and others, if your apps were to allow the user to toggle whether layout is fixed or not, how would you expect it to work?

Is this something that you would toggle at the perspective level or at the individual view level? Are you suggesting being able to modify the fixed state at runtime, or simply being able to determine at launch time whether a perspective is fixed or not. If so, the proposed API for views and folders should suffice.

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On the other hand if you want the ability to toggle the fixed state of a perspective without restarting the Workbench we may be complicating the story and will need to introduce additional API. Currently, I do not have a use case for toggling the perspective's fixed state at runtime.

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I would imagine that an application defines a perspective as either always fixed or not. The only thing bothering me right now is that the concept of "perspectives" is forced onto the user even if there is only one perspective behind the scenes. Fixed views no close, resize, move 2. Hide the views toppanel where the name and the menu are. I don?

I agree that in some cases title part of view is not needed, but in other cases we need it to show view title and be able to maximize it. Maximization is second thing that I ask to make optional, I see that there was decision to remove it for fixed view. Please don't do this. Allow us to configure as much as possible, especially when we create views in perspective factory. Comment 13 Horst Naujoks EST views should not only be configurable to be fixed or not.

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Besides lockick the view, we also want the view to go away when it is not in use by the active editor. Comment 15 Matthew Hatem EST I would like to propose the modifications to support this feature request. The actual modifications will be attached to this bugzilla along with a test case plug-in. I tried to blend in most of the additional suggestions above and came to the following rules.

Fixed views can be moved, but cannot be closed. Fixed views may only be moved when the active perspective is not fixed. The fixed state of all views will persist.

No parts in a fixed perspective can be moved at any time during the life of the perspective. All initially created views in a fixed perspective are created as fixed, thus they cannot be closed. All views added to a fixed perspective either through a perspectiveExtension or page. The fixed state of the perspective and all views will persist.

I did not implement any toggle functions. I'm thinking the toggle feature can be handled by the PerspectiveFactory if and when "restorePerspective" becomes public API. Applications can listen for a preference change and restore the perspective with the updated fixed state with layout. Of course this only supports toggle at the perspective level.

I don't think toggling fixed state at the view level is important at this time. I did not implement the "unknown view" place holder yet. I'm thinking the unknown place holder is always be a folder since multiple unknowns are almost always expected. Anyone disagree? Comment 16 Matthew Hatem EST Created attachment [details] modifications to support this feature request This zip contains the modified files based off of HEAD along with diffs in a few formats and a patch. Comment 17 Matthew Hatem EST Created attachment [details] test case for the proposed modifications attachment this zip contains a test case plug-in for the proposed modifications.

I assume all the theme stuff is for some other change so I'll ignore it for now. It's a little confusing in some areas because the meaning of "fixed" is unclear. In some places it seems to mean "! Having methods like isClosable adds to the confusion. I was also confused a bit about the difference between the fixed flag on PageLayout, the one on Perspective and the one on ViewPane. I'm not sure passing page to PartTabFolder is a good idea for this reason. Are you envisioning that a view might be closable in one perspective but not in another perspective?

Of course it makes sense that a view might be open and unclosable in one perspective but not even open in another perspective, so maybe that's what you're trying to get at. How about editors? If you put the flags on PartPane or WorkbenchPart, wouldn't that be a better place, so views and editors could both be marked as unclosable?


Yes you can ignore that. I had some sync issues with CVS. I agree it may be confusing, however these are internal details. The public API and rules are clear.


Unclear right now. I believe I noted this as an issue in the code. Since both tests reflect the same thing the perspective's fixed state only one test is needed here. Logically though I think it makes sense to test for both, as the tests might not reflect the same thing in the future, ie. I know, that is not possible with the proposed mods. Having just one test would work for now.

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Other subclasses of LayoutPart have references to the page so I think it's reasonable. Up until now PartTabFolder just didn't need it.

Can you be more specific? View instances are shared across perspectives. A View alone cannot maintain it's fixed state, it must always query the active perspective. If you have a use case for editors not being closeable please specify it. I cannot imagine one. This integer would be either an enum of constants or a bitwise OR-ing of allowed actions. Also, the rights of a view could not exceed the global rights allowed by the perpective. Using an integer allows the addition of new capabilities in the future without new API.

Comment 21 Ed Burnette EST Use case for editors is the same as for views: for RCP applications, making the user interface simpler for unsophisticated workers by preventing them from accidentally closing something the application designer didn't want closed.