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These Western hunts will require a different type of planning and conditioning routine than your usual daily activity, for most of us at least. With just a little over a month until the season opens here are four last minute training tips, at home workout suggestions, and recovery tips to help you be prepared for your trip west.

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Below are 5 recommended exercises to instill good balance, muscle control, and precision in your movement — vital qualities in a good hunter. Similar to your cardio vascular preparation, we recommend that you stay consistent and include these movements 3 — 5 times per week. Will you be deep in the backcountry or will you be hunting closer to a camp near a road? A clothing layering system is also key for a western hunt to keep you comfortable in a variety of weather conditions and you may need to purchase additional camping items such as a small tent or a cook stove.

Cutting and Prepping Elk In The Field with Randy Newberg, Hunter (Part 1 of 3)

Now is also a good time to evaluate your killing equipment. The broadheads that you use for whitetails may not be adequate or legal for larger game such as elk. Kill two birds with one stone by planning a weekend camping trip with the family and hit the trails with your pack, boots, and other backcountry gear. Still not motivated? Going for extended hikes will not only improve your endurance, it will allow you to test and break-in important gear prior to your hunt. Have you ever shot your bow with a heavy pack on? How about those steep angle, up and downhill, through-the-trees trick shots?

Have you ever tried to settle your pin after running a yard sprint?

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So what is best? I prefer arrow weights in the range of to grains of finished weight in order to achieve higher momentum and kinetic energy.

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A lighter arrow will have more speed, but less downrange energy. With just the right bow and arrow setup, success will be easier to achieve once the shot is made. I have found that a heavier weight arrow will be better in the long run than extra speed. Speed can be hard to contain, and when you add thick skinned animals to the equation you will be glad you have a heavier setup that is built to do the job. Heavier arrows will also maintain more energy downrange which increases their ability to pass through an animal for a better blood trail.

Heavier shafts also drift less in the wind.

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Conclusion Sometimes you may only get one chance at your dream animal. Make it count and have patience. It is almost impossible to not have your heart pound out of your chest when a nice bull elk comes screaming in.

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  • Just try to focus as best you can and remember how you prepared yourself for this moment. Tuning, practice, and pure aspiration are what define the person that succeeds on their first trip out west. Like every aspect of life, proper preparation equates to success and sometimes a little bit of luck goes a long ways. This is my first bowhunting out west. Thank You.

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