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It is time to show him just how hard it is living with the ghost of their affair Even when she gets up at the crack of dawn to take photos of the view from the Eye, there turns out to be another passenger in the pod with her. On the last night of the sales convention, he decides to take charge.

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Insisting that Jennifer joins him for dinner, together they raid the mini bar in his hotel room. Inspiration strikes in the form of a post it note - she leaves a brazen message on his morning coffee pot. Visions of Marlon by Dineen Riordan Summer heat can do strange things to people. It can turn a hunky bricklayer into a vision of the young Marlon Brando, and the woman that watches him into a voyeur who fantasises about cheating on her puritan husband. Brando the builder approaches the house as the heat rises, challenging her to sacrifice her inhibitions and recreate movie scenes that would barely get past the censors.

Upside down with a tub of Yoghurt by Sally Quilford Charity is intent on corrupting her beautiful fiance Ben. Even if the setting is a weekend away in a cottage with his apparently religious and uptight family - including Uncle Jack the Reverend. Cocksucker by Lori Selke Her boyfriend is a shy boy.

On the Beach by Primula Bond A deserted sandy beach is the perfect spot for a little nude sunbathing. And a bit of sunbathing so easily turns into a bit of teasing. The Maid by Eva Hore What should Sheila do when she sees her husband fucking the maid on the satin sheets of the marital bed? Small Expectations by Phoebe Grafton Pick is the last of six sons and when it came to pricks he got the leftovers. His endowment is so pitiful that his beloved Stella Faversham rejects him out of hand. Pick seems destined for a lonely life, until the day that his old friend Mugwatch contacts him from his deathbed.

He has a special legacy to leave to Pick; one that promises to turn his sex life around. She manages to lure him away over a game of roulette, and over dinner she checks out his story — Peter is apparently a jeweller travelling in search of gemstones. They may be at a business meeting, but all he wants to do is dominate this gorgeous woman with the whisky eyes. Once in there, he makes it very clear how this relationship will work: he makes the rules.

All Elise has to do is play along. Collision by Alex de Kok Jack runs right into Jenny — literally. He knocks her off her feet right beside the taxi rank.

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She asks him in for coffee, and while he admires her decor the nude photo of her on the wall makes it hard for him to hide his admiration. She walks to work every day through the streets of New York. The next day she finds herself lingering in front of the low-level window, from where he has an excellent view right up her short skirt. If she goes back, will he be there? And will she dare to show him more? Gary reckons his friend Loretta might be just the woman to help him get over his shyness around women. On an overnight stay, Loretta shows him her specially decorated bedroom.

She takes him in hand and teaches him the fastest way to forget his ex wife. Newly widowed, Miss Canning arrives at Harestone Manor with a grave sense of foreboding.

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There were no portraits of her around the house for Angelique to judge. She had a fleeting thought about how it would feel for him to touch her, to rest his hand on her cheek. She pushed that thought away. She drew breath. You must be mistaken. And I was in the middle of a lesson with Serge and Charles.

I must return to them. We were learning about the Americas. They will spoil their work if I am gone from them for too long.


They can be disobedient, at times. But she felt the only way to gain respect, and keep her place, was to be honest with him. The boys tell me you allow them to talk during mealtimes. Still soft, it had an edge to it, something she was unable to grasp. Was her punishment to be dismissal?

Of what we have seen on our rambles, for example. How we translate our observations to paper the next day. It is all productive, I assure you. Her eyes widened. The boys had spoken to her of the punishment he meted out to them, on occasion. Across their hands. A grown woman in his employment. How would she face his sons with marks across her hands? How would she ever make them obey her again? She flushed. You were made fully aware of them when you accepted the post. And my rules must not be broken. I do not accept disobedience from my sons, or from my servants.

Over here, please. And she stayed silent. But I believe your family is in great financial need. I believe it would not sit well with them if you were to be summarily dismissed and returned to them, penniless and without references, would it? I know your father well. He is a proud man.

Father was proud. He had once been a wealthy man, but had lost much money in an ill-fated adventure in the West Indies. Once he had moved in the same circles as Monsieur Leveque, but no more. He would be most displeased if Angelique were to return home so soon. He had entreated her to work hard.

He lifted the crop and whipped it against his desk.

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Angelique could see grooves there, where it had been whipped before. For the benefit of his sons, or other governesses? She could not afford to lose her position, so she walked over to him, remaining upright and proud as she did so. He would understand she was not going to submit to a lashing willingly. He would know of her displeasure. He paid her wages, but he did not own her. She stood before him now, her face defiant. He breathed deeply, heavily.

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He flexed the crop, and stroked it against the palm of his hand. She waited for him to ask her to hold her hands out before her for him to hit them. She closed her eyes. If the pain became too intense she would make her thoughts wander. But that did not happen. She shivered. This was unexpected. But not unpleasant. In fact, she felt a tiny frisson of what she could only describe as excitement.


He plucked at a ringlet that fell to one side of her ear with his left hand, and tugged slightly. The sensation was strange, a mixture of pain and sweetness. And clever. I can see that you understand me better than the others.