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Examples of voodoo in a Sentence Noun found a voodoo who was willing to put a hex on the man who had jilted her. First Known Use of voodoo Noun , in the meaning defined at sense 1 Adjective , in the meaning defined at sense 1 Verb , in the meaning defined above. Learn More about voodoo. Resources for voodoo Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Time Traveler for voodoo The first known use of voodoo was in See more words from the same year. Comments on voodoo What made you want to look up voodoo?

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Stephen King 's The Dead Zone. Film TV series Episodes. Johnny Smith Peter Hurkos. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles lacking sources from September All articles lacking sources. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Robert Lieberman. John Smith wakes up after six years in a coma. He then finds that he can sense the past and future of the objects and people that he touches.

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His ex-fiancee is married to the local sheriff, and he has a six-year-old son who knows nothing about him. Johnny has a vision of one of his nurses being strangled to death outside her home. He and Bruce, his physical therapist, manage to save her, but he rapes and strangles another women instead. Johnny goes back to the school he taught at before his coma, and is hired as a hockey coach. He has a vision about his star players malformed heart, and takes him out of the game and saves his life.

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The townspeople are unaware of the medical problem, and believe he cost the team their shot at a championship, costing John his job. Michael Robison. John helps an old man find a lost love from the WWII era. He relives the man's friend's affair with the woman, before reuniting them. Johnny is called in for jury duty, and uses his abilities to save the man from an unjust conviction.

A homage to Twelve Angry Men. James Contner. Johnny sees visions in his house about his mother, making it seem Rev. Purdy has murdered her. It turns out the reverend has covered up John's mother's suicide; she killed herself because John was in a coma. John is exposed to a large dose of ketamine while trying to save a run-away's life.

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  8. He must deal with drug laced visions as a drug dealing rival of the girl's boyfriend tries to kill her. Johnny is trapped in a vision where he is married to Sarah and they have two children. It turns out the vision shows him how his life would have been had he had not suffered the six-year-long coma that activated his abilities, and at the same time, is warning him of an explosion at the local mall.

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    Sarah enters a bank, and the bank's electrician proceeds to rob the bank. Johnny enters and must find the correct resolution, where each action seemingly leads to a bad ending. Johnny has a vision of a ritual sacrifice while visiting Hobb's Landing. He is tried as a witch , and the townspeople attempt to burn him at the stake. He is saved when it turns out one of the daughters is still alive and the killer is their mentally disturbed mother.

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    Michael Taylor. This leads to awkward lovemaking where everyone Johnny knows is in the bedroom with them. Meanwhile Dana's abusive ex lover attempts to kill her, and Johnny and Walt must stop him. Rachel Talalay. Johnny investigates a meteor and becomes trapped in a cave overnight. He communicates with a Native American hundreds of years in the past, and helps him save his tribe from the meteor. Greg Stillson is running for the United States Congress , and Johnny realizes his awakening from the coma has something to do with the politician.

    Johnny meets him through the Faith Heritage Foundation and experiences an apocalyptic vision when he shakes Stillson's hand. Johnny continues to investigate Stillson's connection with the coming apocalypse. Meanwhile, he and Walt investigate the kidnapping of the child of a tech executive.

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    The kidnapper is testing Johnny's abilities. James Head. A group of teenagers become stuck in an abandoned mine. Walt and Johnny rescue them, but Walt is seriously injured and taken away in an ambulance. Walt is in a coma, and when Johnny touches him he is able to join Walt in his mind. He must convince Walt that he wants to live, and keep him away from the light. Walt's love for Sarah is the key. Johnny is watching a commercial for a beauty aid when he receives a vision of it causing numerous birth defects in the future. He must help two scientists fall in love in order to prove the product's dangerousness.

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    Johnny receives a blood transfusion and starts experiencing the lives of six blood donors, including a homeless man. Johnny must figure out which one is about to be killed and stop it. Armand Mastroianni. Johnny shakes the hand of Stillsons's congressional opponent and learns he was involved in atrocities in Vietnam. Johnny wrestles with taking down Stillson and doing the right thing. In the end, Stillson's opponent confesses of his own accord.

    Johnny is kidnapped by three women making a documentary. They are investigating the murder of a family twenty years prior. One of the women turns out to have a secret connection to the incident, and Johnny must stop her before she can cover it up. Mike Rohl. Johnny is on a flight with Rev. Purdy when he has a vision of the plane going down.

    The pilots think he's crazy, and Johnny must convince them to listen to him to save the plane. Johnny helps a former spy, whom the government wants to make disappear. Johnny becomes involved with the mob, when he warns a mob boss of his impending death. He becomes interested in the boss's girl because of her connection to Stillson, and then helps her escape the mob's clutches. An old high school friend of Johnny's visits. She's been told that two years ago she was chased by a greedy thug who believed she knew the location to a cursed pirate treasure hidden deep in the sultry bayous of Louisiana.

    During the process of escaping, Elizabeth's lover and assassin for hire, Juan Carlos, drowned trying to save her. Though she now lives in a government arranged marriage in the small town of Barataria Bay, Elizabeth is struggling to remember the past, remember the danger, and most of all remember Juan Carlos, the dead Latino dreamboat who dragged her into the mess in the first place.

    When Elizabeth's idyllic new life is interrupted by a ghostly visit from a still sexy Juan, she finds herself once again plunged into unwanted intrigue.

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    With his help, her memory of the past begins to come back, along with her memories of their hot nights of passion.