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Edit Cast Cast overview: Fred Keating The Man Samantha James Edit Storyline Anticipating their flights at the terminal, two strangers enter into conversation about their relationships with the airport. Edit Details Country: Canada. Language: English. Production Co: B. Color: Color.

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Add the first question. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. With IFAD's support, the cooperative was able to finish building a climate-resilient drying facility, which allows them to supply maize to large buyers in the national market. The project is also investing in helping farmers increase milk production. IFAD is helping to address the gap in the effective management of milk collection and transport services to avoid wastage.

This is especially important because in Kirehe, droughts are expected to become more frequent with climate change. Alfred Nsengimana is a smallholder farmer in Kirehe district. He has less than 0. The project has financed a milk collection centre where Nsengimana sells his milk daily, close to the point of production. This reduces the amount of milk spoiled. Ezechiel Munyabihogo is a farmer and member of the Rusumo livestock cooperative. He is responsible for logging the daily milk production quantities in the register.

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Farmers in this valley cultivate rice in irrigated fields. In any case, Mali, shaped like a top-heavy hourglass, is today divided at the narrow middle.

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Isaac, at the wheel of our aging Land Cruiser, hummed and smacked his lips through a mouthful of mango. I think the tune was "Amazing Grace," but he lost the melody in the chewing. He carried plastic bags of peanuts and dates in his pockets and put mangoes on the dashboard. He told stories about guiding tourists across the Dogon cliff country and about people he met in the international aid business, like the American Peace Corps volunteers in a Dogon village who obsessed about building a hot tub out of clay.

Once, working a rural health project, he was stranded in a village cut off by monsoon rains during a cholera outbreak. Here and across Mali, soldiers have always kept a low profile, in my experience. Mali, even under the army dictatorship that endured nearly three decades until , has never embraced military culture like other African countries.

Most are farmers putting in the time for a paycheck. That army, stressed by the growing Tuareg rebellion in the north, took back control this year in a March coup, ending 21 years of democracy. In the streets of Bandiagara and Bamako, soldiers generally keep to themselves, though there is evidence that the army command structure is in decay.

In October, on a remote road near the border with Mauritania, Malian soldiers shot to death 16 unarmed Muslim clerics traveling from Mauritania to Bamako for a conference. The attack was apparently unprovoked. But in May, Bandiagara looked like a military camp, expecting an invasion at any moment. Isaac drove slowly across the town square, where an armored vehicle with a cannon and crew of soldiers occupied the concrete center island protected by sandbags.

As we turned down another road, Isaac slowed the car and fixed his eyes on a large gun mounted in the back of a parked pickup truck. A soldier was standing behind the gun at the ready. Our soldiers will retake the north. On Nov. The plan awaits U. Security Council approval, which means action against the jihadists is a real possibility.

The U. The French have committed aid similar to what they with help from Britain and the United States gave the rebels who killed Libyan strongman Muammar al-Qaddafi last year: arms and intelligence support, including surveillance drones. This is the situation Mali, including Bandiagara, face today. But he kept changing the subject. Events in the north echoed what unfolded in this region in the early 19th century with the short-lived rise of jihadi Islam.

My sister wants my parents to live with her.

From the looks of things in Bandiagara, however, that calm might be a long time coming. Soldiers stood guard behind sandbags all about town. Government agencies and aid organizations had removed identifying plaques, hoping to escape notice of rebel looters, and many offices were shuttered.

The people of Bandiagara, like most of Mali, are Muslims of a tolerant persuasion. Mali is a Sunni Muslim country, known for its Sufi traditions guided by the Quran while recognizing mystical worship that gives individuals room to define their spiritual pathway by personal experience and revelation, including through music and poetry. In Timbuktu and other northern Malian towns, many Sufi saints are enshrined in mausoleums.

In this atmosphere, since the fall of the Toucouleur Empire, the Dogon have thrived. Today they number about half a million. But the Islamists who now control northern Mali are Salafists, who live by a strict reading of the Quran and the life of the Prophet Mohammed. They discourage icons and music because such things distract worshippers from devotion to God. In April, the jihadists began destroying the Sufi mosques and mausoleums of Timbuktu and the city of Gao.

Even worse, however, is the jihadi program of public amputations for thieves and executions, by stoning, of unmarried couples who bear children out of wedlock. Public flogging awaits anyone caught consuming alcohol. Bandiagara has a few bars normally marked by neat placards advertising Heineken, Castel Beer, and Coca-Cola, but the signs were now gone.

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The hotels had closed. Tourism on the Bandiagara plateau had taken off in recent years. But now schools, too, had shut down. Shops were open, but without signs or any hint of the sale of alcohol or sweet drinks.

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