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Which is why our trees have grown to full size and full strength down the decades. The estate was planted to provide oil for our family, whose professional concerns and ambitions never extended to tending the land. We are proud that we have always focused on maximizing the purity and quality of our oil rather than the quantity we produce.


We leave our trees be, so they only produce a sizeable crop every second year, just as nature intended. For all these reasons, Andelea Estate olive oil far surpasses the requirements of its category.

The Andelea Estate is entirely planted with Koroneiki trees, an olive with local roots in Messinia which is considered the absolute star among the five hundred plus varieties that thrive in Greek soil. The small Koroneiki olive produces oil with low acidity and an excitingly fruity taste.

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However, even though the Koroneiki variety has been cultivated in Greece for over a thousand years, only recently have scientific studies begun to verify the curative qualities of its oil, which folk remedies have turned to since time immemorial for its wide-ranging anti-inflammatory effects. Modern science has also shown that the oil produced from Koroneiki olives reflect the microclimate and terroir of the region in which it was produced more intensely and clearly than other varieties.

Pythagorean home amidst olive grove offers views & protection

Because our olive grove is on a hillside and our olives grow on a slope, the rain water drains away easily and rapidly, so our trees enjoy the sort of relatively dry terrain the Koroneiki variety is said to prefer. Moreover, because Man makes no attempt to circumscribe Nature in our grove, the Andelea Estate is also a natural botanical garden in which the local self-sowing flora thrive.

The estate is home to the sight and smells of the wild flowers that bloom there in every season. Stroll through the grove, and you will see wild asparagus, for instance, enjoying the natural conditions alongside our olive trees. At the Andelea Estate, our olives are harvested and pressed with the utmost respect for the simplicity of the time-honoured methods.

But while our techniques remain profoundly traditional in their essence, the pressing stage also benefits from the precision afforded by the latest cutting-edge equipment.

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Nav Menu 2. In southeastern Sicily, a small, family-owned olive grove brings forth the most prized extra virgin olive oil in all of Italy. Every fall, the first green olives of the year are carefully hand-harvested and cold-pressed within just a few hours to produce this ultra premium extra virgin olive oil. The passion and devotion to the research for absolute quality led to the first historic batch of Tonda Iblea extra virgin olive oil with its very own D.

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