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S. D. Tooley

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Give as a Gift Send this book as a Gift! Book Rating. Remove From Cart. Written By: S. Tooley Narrated By: Beth Richmond. Publisher: Books in Motion Date: August Duration: 10 hours 6 minutes. Similar Titles.

Destiny Kills by S. Tooley has successfully been added to your shopping cart. This was a fatal mistake. Now Jimmy Taggart is sitting on death row.

When The Dead Speak

Details of that night are still hazy in his mind but the evidence was conclusive. No one believed in his innocence then. Only one person believes in it now. Former homicide detective, Sam Casey, finds it hard to stay away from crime scenes, especially those where victims have died violently, and where the killers are still unknown.

Centuries-old skeletal remains of Native Americans along with artifacts are discovered during the construction of a downtown office building. Sam has a difficult time deciphering her visions of two moons and the sound of gravel crunching until she realizes the two moons are headlights. It offered liquor, gambling, topless dancing, anything the heart desired. It was an age of self-indulgence that began a decline in But two weeks before the wrecking ball was to destroy one of the remaining landmark hotels, the police make a grisly discovery.

Not all of Chasen Heights' secrets were destroyed when Sin Strip was closed down. The fifth book in the award-winning Sam Casey series, combines mystery with an element of paranormal. One week before her wedding a young woman strips, takes the time to fold her clothes, then calmly walks into Lake Michigan.

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When Sam Casey is asked to look into the death of a young mother who left her infant in a high chair, walked down the street and jumped off the overpass, Sam finds a strange similarity-they each received a phone call just prior to committing suicide. Both calls were from disposable phones and both calls lasted four seconds.

Destiny Nightstalker No Land Beyond 31 Kill Game - New PvP Series!

Were these really suicides or something more sinister? Six-year-old Nemo is a member of the Concrete Community, the homeless who scrape out a life on the streets and in the shelters. Street savvy beyond his years, he relies on instincts to stay safe and cunning to find food and clothes. But curiosity gets the best of him when he finds a tunnel in the sub-basement of an abandoned building.

Sam Winchester

His mother warns him to stay away. It could be dangerous, and he might get lost. The tunnel runs for blocks and is a great place to explore. The friend has no memory of the previous 24 hours, doesn't know how he ended up in a sleazy motel, nor does he recognize the dead woman lying next to him. The lowcountry is known for its history of wars, Indians, hidden treasure, voodoo, root curses, and century old secrets.

Just the perfect place for Sam's talents! Sam Casey 8 books in series. When The Dead Speak Summary. Book 1.