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The attempt fails, and Wade pulls the gun on them and assaults Tom. Maggie runs off during the melee, avoiding a shot by Wade. Gail then realizes that an armed robbery she had heard about was carried out by Wade and Terry, and their rafting trip is actually a way for them to get away.

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Having found out that they are criminals, the Hartmans are forced down the river at gunpoint before they set up camp for the night. During the night, Tom attempts to steal the gun from Terry while he sleeps but is heard and has to run into the bushes and to the river. Wade gives chase and believes he has shot Tom when he hears a loud splash into the water. A park ranger named Johnny Benjamin Bratt , who knows Gail, is whitewater canoeing down the river.

He bumps into them. Wade holds the gun to Gail's back, and they pretend everything is okay. Wade and Terry plan to escape by rafting a set of rapids named the Gauntlet, where rafting is no longer allowed because in recent years one person was killed and another was left paralyzed. Aware that Gail is one of only three people to have ever survived it, they force her to raft down it despite her repeated declarations that she can no longer navigate such big water, especially not with novices and Roarke.

Johnny returns, trying to warn them off going on the Gauntlet, which has been made illegal. Wade shoots Johnny and throws his body into the rapids. Unbeknownst to anyone Tom has been racing on foot along the canyon rim to get ahead of the raft, in a desperate attempt to save his family.

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After a harrowing ride in which Terry is nearly drowned, they manage to make it through the Gauntlet. Tom reappears, and manages to flip the raft. As he struggles with Terry, Gail is able to get the gun. Wade tells Gail there is no need to kill him, and that if she does, it will haunt her because she will never have a way to know if she truly had to. She, knowing Wade believes the gun has only one round, points it into the air to fire it, but it only clicks on an empty chamber, after which Wade orders Terry to kill Tom and Roarke, and Wade goes after Gail.

Gail opens the gun, sees the remaining cartridge, chambers the last round, and fatally wounds Wade, who is dragged off with the money by the current.

The film ends with the Hartmans and Terry, who has been arrested, being helicoptered out. They also began to seek permits from the forest service and permission from private landowners to film near the falls and nearby West Glacier. Other than Montana for locations, the studio then began to scout the areas in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming.

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Before filming began, the crew spent two weeks doing research and development on whitewater rafting. Principal photography began in late July Many of the film's whitewater scenes were filmed on the Kootenai River. Streep did several of her own stunts in the film, on the milder river sections. The major whitewater stunts were performed by expert professional river guide Kelley Kalafatich who was hired as Streep's stunt double for the movie.

There was a scare at the end of one day of filming when Hanson asked Streep to shoot one more scene, to which she objected because of her exhaustion. However, she decided to attempt it, and weak from fatigue, was swept off the raft into the river and was in danger of drowning; she did not drown because of her personal flotation device and the river rescue team.

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Afterwards she said to Hanson, "In the future, when I say I can't do something, I think you should believe me," to which he agreed. Production was completed in November. Many of the scenes were filmed in dangerous locations which required that specialized whitewater river professionals perform the river stunts and provide the needed safety for Streep and the other cast members.

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  • Streep also did some of her own stunts. The film was initially scored by Maurice Jarre , but after the producers threw his work out, Jerry Goldsmith was signed to rescore the project footage of the Goldsmith scoring sessions was used in the documentary Film Music Masters: Jerry Goldsmith , with extended footage of same as a DVD bonus.

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    Although Goldsmith took a different approach to Jarre, both composers incorporated the folk song " The Water Is Wide " into their scores; the Cowboy Junkies also recorded a version of the song for the end credits. RCA Victor released a soundtrack album on September 13, On January 19, , Intrada Records released a limited-edition album, with Goldsmith's score and alternates on disc one and Jarre's unused music on disc two.

    Tracks in bold also appear on the RCA album, mostly under different names. The film premiered on September 30, , in the United States. He also praised Hanson's directing, likening it to that like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle , stating that Hanson, "could manipulate characters and situations within the comfortable confines of a formula plot", and describing The River Wild as a "level of excitement designed to submerge implausibilities and minor gaffes , and a film which "braves the rapids while keeping the viewer afloat amidst its churning waters".

    Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times also said the best elements of the film were its cinematography, which he described as "great looking", and the performances of Bacon and Streep; he described the latter as "putting a lot of humor and intelligence into her character". Join us in our mission to get Back to the River. We believe in getting back to nature.

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    Back to basics. Back to where it all began, along the shores of the river that gives our towns and cities life. Take a look around, and see what the Missouri River can offer you. Get Involved with Back to the River. Contact Us. Back to the River, Inc.

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