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Geistliche Gedichte Andre haben andre Schwingen. Romanzen Aus schweren Traeumen. Textbooks Textbooks. Humanities and social sciences Textbooks. Informatics and computer science Textbooks. Natural and Exact sciences Textbooks. Public health service Textbooks. Education and Pedagogics Textbooks. Service sector Textbooks.

Technics and technologies. Military science Textbooks. Business psychology Accounting. Tax History of economics Marketing. Hans Mayers Studien zur Literatur des Die letzten Studien konfrontieren eine Literatur der amerikanischen Lebensform mit charakteristischen Werken der neueren sowjetischen Literatur. Arbeiten aus nahezu vierzig Jahren. Seller Inventory INF More information about this seller Contact this seller 1. Published by Suhrkamp Verlag KG More information about this seller Contact this seller 2.

Published by Suhrkamp Verlag About this Item: Suhrkamp Verlag, More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. Nach kurzem, abgebrochenem Studium begann er seine Existenz als freier Schriftsteller. Sein Werk wurde mit zahlreichen Preisen ausgezeichnet, u. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4.

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Immer Nicht immer. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Published by Insel Verlag About this Item: Insel Verlag, Sie strahlen Zuversicht aus, heitere Gelassenheit. Ein Buch zum Lesen, zum Betrachten und zum Verschenken. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Im Juli zog er nach Paris, wo er bis zum seinem Tod lebte. Im selben Jahr begegnete Celan Ingeborg Bachmann.

More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Einem solchen Tramp Steamer folgen wir bei seiner letzten Fahrt auf dem Orinoko. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Published by Insel Verlag Frankfurt About this Item: Insel Verlag Frankfurt, Gebraucht - Wie neu Schutzumschlag vorne unten ca. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Zwischendurch sitzt er in New York herum oder bewegt er sich durch seine Kindheit.

Includes notes on the piece and the editing F This edition includes scores with the Basso continuo realization, Basso continuo parts, flute parts, and a preface in English and German on the questions surrounding these pieces F Bach Suite in B minor Overture No. Schirmer, , SS, pages. This popular work by J. Bach was originally for strings, continuo, and solo flute. In seven movements: I. Overture, II. Rondeau, III. Sarabande, IV.

Polonaise, VI. Menuet, and VII. Upper intermedate level and perhaps a bit beyond in some of the faster movements F Bach Suite in B minor arranged for flute and piano by N. Moscow Muzyka, , pages. Rondeau Allegro, ma non troppo , III. Sarabande Andante , IV. Polonaise Moderato , VI. Menuet Allegretto , and VII. Badinerie Allegro. Upper intermedate level and perhaps a bit beyond in some of the faster movements WW International Music, , includes score and all parts. These three quartets for flutes and alto flute with a clarinet part as an alternative to the alto flute are from: Aria "Qui tollis peccata mundi" Gloria from the Mass in A major s.

All of these works originally had two flutes with voice and other instruments. They are at the upper intermediate level and each work is one and a half to two pages long F Includes a play-along CD of the accompaniment to the solo part. A very nicely prepared edition F Lauren Publications, SS, two individual parts 15 pages each. Reprinted from the Zimmermann edition. There are 15 pieces and some notes on ornamentation. Canzone for Flute and Piano by Samuel Barber. This work was transcribed by the composer from the second movement of his piano concerto, Op. The tempo is Moderato with a duration of about Ghostdancers, Threnody for Wounded Knee Op.

This piece is for a flute choir of 6 C flutes second flute doubling on optional ocarina , alto flute, bass flute and percussionist. The percussionist will need metal wind chimes, suspended cymbal, Native American drum or tom-tom , and sleigh bells. Early college level with some contemporary notation and extended articulation techniques they shouldn't be a problem for performers at this level. Includes notes on the inspiration for the piece and the composer F Alry, , SS, pages.

Three pieces I. Allegro giocoso, II. Rubato sostenuto accelerando, III. Valse [Presto] drawn from Fourteen Bagatelles Op. The arranger was fascinated with the many possibilities for recasting these pieces that feature bitonality, octaveless scales, incisive rhythms, and folk melodies in dissonant settings for other instrumental settings. This suite, inspired by Larry Trott's brilliant piccolo playing, is one result WW Includes performance parts for flute, bassoon, and piano which includes the other parts in the score. This trio was written between F Baerenreiter, , SS, pages.

International Opus, , SS, 14 pages. Three copies in score format. This is a challenging contemporary work. The second piece is for flute and voice and the third is for clarinet and voice first and last are for all. Duration about 12 minutes F Broude Brothers Ltd. Ernest Bloch was born in Switzerland and after lived primarily in the United States. His Jewish heritage influenced much of his music although it is less apparent in this piece, one of his last works In four movements: I.

Moderato, II. L istesso tempo, III. Allegro giocoso, and IV. A popular and frequently recorded part of the flute repertoire. Early college level. String orchestra parts are available as a rental F Grand Polonaise in D major Op. This piece begins with Introduzione Allegro maestoso followed by the Polonaise which concludes with a Presto.

There are many cadenza and cadenza like passages throughout both movements. A showpiece. Upper college level F Zimmermann, , SS, includes score and parts. Parts are relatively equal although the first part has the melody and some solos F Hal Leonard, This is a large scale work for the classical flutist and a jazz piano trio although it can be performed without the drums and bass. The piece is designed to highlight the difference in styles, even humorously at times. Includes performance parts for flute, piano, drums and bass.

Edition Kossack, , SS, pages. She wrote about twenty pieces of chamber music, including three sonatas flute, violin, and cello. This piece was written in and probably refers to the Swiss canton of Vaud. In one Allegro moderato movement, it changes keys and time signatures several times. Sonate for Flute and Piano by Mel Bonis. This piece was written in and dedicated to Louis Fleury.

College level with a duration about about 16 minutes F This piece was written in , near the end of Mel Bonis' life when she was too weak to hear her music performed. This short piece reflects the impressionistic style of much of her music the title means "A flute sighs" F Originally published in , this work is based on passages from Meyerbeer's opera L'Africaine which, in a change from the original concept, is set in India rather than Africa.

Polovetsian Dance No. High school level F Theodore Presser, , SS, pages. The Kol Nidrei begins the evening service at the start of Yom Kippur. In the 16th century, a Cantor in Germany composed a melody for this prayer which Bruch used as the basis for his Adagio on Hebrew Melodies for Violoncello and Orchestra. This edition includes performance suggestions from Sir James Galway. Early college level with a duration of about 7 minutes F Sonatina for Flute and Piano by Eldin Burton. Carl Fischer, , SS, pages. Eldin Burton was an American pianist who had ambitions as a composer, and took the first steps by enrolling on a composition course at the Juilliard School in New York.

Allegretto grazioso, II. Andantino Sognando, and III. Allegro giocoso quasi fandango. College level with a duration of 10 minutes according to the score G Parts are included for both C oboe or flute and B-flat instruments clarinet, soprano saxophone or possibly tenor saxophone. Charles Callahan has written harmonically interesting music yet the solo parts are relatively easy except for the key signatures which range up to six flats and five sharps F In three movements.

For advanced performers. See our web site for a detailed description WW Cramer Music, , SS, pages. Paul Carr born is an English composer whose early interested focused wind chamber music like this, but is now composing primarily for film and TV. The Three Bagatelles are I. Andante, and III.

Concertino Op. Cecile Chaminade was a pioneering French composer and pianist. She wrote mostly character pieces for piano, and salon songs, almost all of which were published. This flute concertino which was written for the Paris Conservatory Concours is her most popular piece today. It is sectional with many opportunities for the flutist to display virtuosity G This piece was originally for piano Op. Domenico Cimarosa was born near Naples but also lived and worked in St. Petersburg and Vienna. Most of his work was operas and liturgical works but these arrangements are from his Sonatas for Harpsichord which the arranger thinks are ideally suited for playing on a wind instrument with guitar accompaniment.

Duo for Flute and Piano by Aaron Copland. The Duo for Flute and Piano was composed on a commission from a group of pupils and friends of the late William Kincaid, for many years solo flutist of the Philadelphia Orchestra. It is in three movements: I. Flowing, II. Poetic, somewhat mournful, and III.

Lively, with bounce. College level with a duration of about 14 minutes V For soprano voice, flute, and clarinet. The words are from Richard Barnefield. This is a one-movement sectional piece. It features an interesting dialogue between the flute and clarinet which adds to the texture with independent material when playing with voice.

It is a very nice recital piece for college level and professional performers F Concerto Grosso Op. This is an arrangement of this famous concerto gross that can be played by a trio including a bass or alto flute or better by a seven part flute choir 2 C flutes, alto flute, and bass flute. Playable by good high school or adult groups and above.

Includes notes in German, English, and French F Schirmer, An instrumental version of a a cappella choral work. The string and flute parts are not difficult and can be played by good high school musicians. Includes score and parts F Debussy Three Pieces arranged for flute and piano by T. Muzyka Moscow, , SS, pages. These Debussy pieces have been arranged from his works for voice and piano. These are short pieces at the upper intermediate level F Progress Press, , SS, pages.

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For advanced performers F Lauren Publications, SS, pages. This is a reproduction of the Durand edition. This is a paraphrase of the original work. Typical Debussy with many tempo changes. Henle, , SS, 4 pages. Prepared from the first edition and includes a page of notes in French, English, and German F Peters, , SS, 4 pages. Sonate Op. Jules Demerssman was virtuoso flutist who was born in the Netherlands but won the first prize at the Paris Conservatory at the age of This work which was published in , is "given over entirely to melody and in which the composer dispenses with virtuoso superficiality and treats the two instruments as equals.

The four movements are 1. Andante, 2. Romance Andante quasi allegretto , 3. Scherzo Allegro , and 4. Sonata II Op. International Music Diffussion, , SS, pages. In three movements: 1. Allegro poco assai, 2. Largo, and 3. Andantino con variazione with 5 variations G Anton Diabelli was an Austrian music publisher, editor and composer. The six pieces are 1. Andante con moto, 2. Menuetto Moderato assia e cantabile , 3.

Marcia Allegro , 4.

Nanatsu no Taizai - Heimweh [German Fandub]

Original Thema und Variationen Andante grazioso , 5. Polonaise, and 6. Marcia Allegro. Several of these pieces should be playable by better high school wind players. Includes parts for flute violin , clarinet, guitar, and a score F Peer Music, SS, , includes parts and piano score. He was a faculty member at Julliard and trained many notable composers. In Three movements: 1. Allegro deciso e molto ritmico, II. Advanced college level with a duration of about 13 minutes G The part for C instruments is included in this edition.

The B-flat part can be downloaded from the publisher's website F Georges Enesco was a Romanian born composer, violinist, pianist, and conductor. This piece is dedicated to Paul Taffanel. The Cantabile section is marked Andante ma non troppo and has a very short cadenza near the end. Concertino in einem Satz Op. Heinrichshofen, , SS, pages.

Christian Ernst is German composer who has won many prizes for his work. The basis of this piece was an early uncompleted composition that the composer came back to in the late s. This six minute works has many tempo changes and is at the early college level F International Music Diffusion, , SS, 10 pages. Jean-Pierre Eustache is a French flutist and music educator who was the principal of the Paris Opera for many years. This is the familiar theme by Paganini rendered in 19 virtuoso variations G Characteristic Eastern European folk dances similar to much of Farkas's work.

At four pages, this is a relatively extended work for this genre. The tempo is Allegro moderato with brief accelerations and rubato moments F International Music, , SS, pages. This popular piece, which has been arranged for many instruments, was written for voice and piano in the s. Translated as After a Dream, it is at the easy high school level, but will be popular with many more advanced musicians F Fantasy Op. This piece has two movements, Andantino which the arranger argues is one of the most beautiful pieces in the repertoire and Allegro.

This piece was written in and has a duration of about 5 minutes. Probably college level although there are probably some excellent high school flutists who can play it F Zimmermann, , SS, 8 pages including notes. Jindrich Feld is a Czech composer who has been especially active in composing instrumental music. This virtuoso piece was inspired by. The flutist using some special techniques described in the notes plays all the parts hence the call for a "Magic Flute.

International Music Diffusion, , SS, 15 pages. Eight interesting pieces for solo flute with five marked "or piccolo. Piazzolla , Galop, Virvoltflute, and Tourbillon. The difficulty ranges from high school to college level F Zimmermann, , pages. This piece was written by German composer and organist Finkbeiner in but was not premiered until and was published in The work is described as an intense and intricate contrapuntal work, which lends the Sonate a feeling of constant flux, while still allowing the melodic themes and motives to continually shine through.

It is in two movements: I.

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Allegro and II. Arietta, a theme with four variations and a coda F Sicilienne for Flute and Piano by Philippe Gaubert. Heugel, , SS, pages. Upper intermediate level F This piece by German composer Genzmer was written in and recently published. The Sonate is in three movements: I. Allegro moderato, II.

Finale Vivace, marcato. Early college level F Five Impressions of a Holiday Op. Lauren Publications, SS, includes parts and piano score. This work has been reprinted from a Chester edition.

Eugene Goossens was an English conductor and composer. A substantial work with a duration of about 16 minutes. College level the cello part is probably a bit easier than the piano and flute parts F Editio Musica Budapest, , SS, pages. This piece has three movements: I. Allegro, II. Parlando rubato, and III. Edition Kunzelmann, The first three of six trios by Graf available in a modern edition for the first time. Includes separate parts for each performer and a score with the realized BC part. Each trio has two movements and are in the flute parts pages long.

Six Trios for 2 Flutes and Basso continuo Op. Grieg Lyric Pieces Op. Reprinted from the Peters edition. Originally for piano, there are 8 pieces: 1. Arietta, 2. Waltzer, 3. Elfentanz, 5. Volksweise, 6. Norwegisch, 7. Albumblat, and 8. Intermediate level F Six Sonatas Op. Heinrichshofen, , SS, 42 pages score format. Albertus Groneman was born in Germany but moved to the Netherlands when he was He was an organist as well as a composer. These sonatas, each of which has four movements, were composed in In accordance with the period, they contain style galant elements and make 11 us of typical expressions such as passing tones, sighs, augmented chords, chromatic embellishment, syncopation, and melody with appogiaturas.

The parts are equal and at the upper intermediate difficulty level F Three of the flute sonatas HWV are of doubtful authenticity and appear as an appendix. There are also several pages of notes in English and German on the issues surrounding these pieces G The three arias in these arrangements come from Handel's operas Alessandro and Radamisto and from his setting of John Milton's poem L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato.

Not too difficult, early college level at most F The three arias in these arrangements come from Handel's opera Giulio Cesare Julius Caesar of and are sung by Cleopatra. Not very difficult, early college level at most F Parts for the cello or viola da gamba and harpsichord are included F Parts for the cello or viola da gamba and harpsichord or piano are included F A very flexible piece by Swiss composer and flutist Hanselmann A short and striking intro is followed by module-like themes that constantly change from part to part.

Upper intermediate level and can also be played by two piccolos F Serenade Op. This work also has been published for flute, harp and string orchestra. In one continuous movement. Marked Andante con moto at the beginning and Appassionato and then Molto tranquillo near the end.

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College level with a duration of about 6 minutes G Haydn Six Divertimentos Hob. Henle, Haydn's six Divertimentos belong to a group of works that he sold to London publisher William Forster during the first half of the s. They are Haydn's first pieces of chamber music that expressly call for the flute.

This new edition is very well printed and contains an explanatory preface and comments on the editing. Proficient players at the high school level and up can enjoy these trios F Haydn Trios Hob. Henle, Haydn's trios for two flutes and cello were written in during his second trip to England. There are a total of eight movements of which seven in the hand of the composer have survived. This new edition is very well printed and contains an extended preface with the history of these works and comments on the editing.

These trios will be playable by adult recreational players as well as college students and many high school students. Haydn Londoner Trios Hob. IV: Nr. Includes score, parts, and a play-along CD with second and cello parts for both the flute and violin versions F Noetzel Edition, , SS 24 pages. This book is labeled for two flutes or recorders but it could be used by any treble clef instruments in the same key. Original music which captures the sounds that might be heard in a cosmopolitan city in Europe.

Includes 22 pieces in klezmer, blues, ragtime, latin and folk styles. Intermediate level in score format F Noetzel Edition, , SS, 32 pages. Similar to the first book, this one has 23 pieces and, as the page count indicates, they are somewhat longer F Noetzel Edition, , SS 52 pages. For three flutes or recorders. Includes 25 pieces in klezmer, blues, ragtime, latin and folk styles. Heinrichshofen, , 7 pages. Werner Heider is a German composer, conductor and pianist. Two contemporary pieces which appear to be unrelated. They do not use contemporary techniques except for flutter tonguing.

X Aphorismen has 10 short pieces and a duration of about Joloskarande has a duration of about 3 minutes. Philomele Editions, , SS, includes parts and score. Michael Henkel was a contemporary of Schubert who wrote chamber music in addition to his primary output of music for piano and organ. Both the flute and guitar parts are interesting and have been evaluated as British Grade 8 for the flutist and a Grade 6 or above for the guitarist F Sonata for Flute and Piano by Sean Hickey. Sean Hickey is an American composer who works in most genres of classical music and is also an arranger for jazz and pop music.

This piece was written in It is in three movements: I. Slowly, freely; II. Playfully; and III. Schott, , SS, 6 pages.

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This work was composed in The eight pieces are at the early college level F Sonate for Flute and Piano by Paul Hindemith. Schott, , SS, pages. This work was composed in It is in four movements although the Marsch is not numbered : I. Heiter bewegt, II. Sehr langsam, III. Sehr lebhaft. Six Duets Op Zimmermann, , PB, 83 pages. Hoffmeister was a Viennese who was a music publisher as well as a composer. These duets were first published around They are at the upper intermediate level, in score format, and this edition has been prepared with some attention to page turns.

It also includes notes on the composer and the editing F Kokopeli Solo Flute by Katherine Hoover. Papagena Press, , 2 pages. Kokopeli, the flute player, was a great mahu, or legendary hero of the Hopi, and of other Native Americans living in the Southwestern area of the United States. He is said to have led the migrations through the mountains and deserts, the sound of his flute echoing through the great canyons and cliffs. The composer has tried to capture some of this sense of spaciousness, and of the Hopi's deep kinship with this land. This piece has also been influenced by Native American flute songs and sounds F Presser, , SS, pages.

In five movements: I. The Drunken Friar, IV. Demon's Dance. An advanced work with a duration of 19 minutes. Orchestral parts are available as a rental F Edition Peters, , SS, includes parts and score. A college level work in 9 movements, much of it without barlines, and a duration of 19 minutes: 1 Apparition of the Eternal One, 2, Sunrise Birds, 3. Salutation of Dawn, 4. Tree of Birds, 5. Apparition of the a Celestial City, 6. Strange Birds, 7.