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Gypsy Gaetano Translated. It's "a," - as the Italians say to nominate a big step - waiting for the runners on this Saturday June 1st. This before last meeting of the giro between feltre and croce d ' Aune - Monte Avena is promising. Three Runners in 2 minutes and 16 seconds, three contenders to the final victory, five passes to cross including the arrival at the top.

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The Ultimate Opportunity for carapaz and nibali to outrun roglic before the final chrono of Verona. A breathless end in perspective as the apotheosis of the giro This year, Laurent Fignon, the new talent of the renaut team revealed at the turn the previous year, has been fighting for days against an Italian coalition that clearly promotes Francesco Moser, holder of the pink jersey.

We are five days away from the arrival. The 18th stage, "Veramente a,", with the pass of the stelvio 2. The direction of the race, however, decides otherwise. Against any wait, last minute, the stage is modified and the passage of the stelvio is removed due to a snow The French clan rightly shouts to the scandal. As much as fignon gets in addition to a penalty in time for illegal refueling while moser crosses the collars literally pushed by his tifosi.

In this case, fignon puts the cover in the 20th stage between Val Gardena and arabba that he wins in solitaire after 50 kms of escape. He takes over the pink jersey and now ahead of Moser by 1 minute and 21 seconds. There are two days of racing: a stage for road-Sprinter and an individual 42 kms counter-watch. Everything to be played on the ultimate day in Verona! To be continued On This Ascension Holiday, it is a long descent waiting for the giro's runners to join Santa Maria di sala in veneto, just a few kilometers from Venezia, at the sea level.

The last steps have delivered, as often at the giro, a quality show. Carapaz, in pink, it's really serious for the final victory. Nibali, lo squallo di messina, did not say his last word and wait for the Saturday stage impatiently. Roglic, on the edge of the break, knows that he must survive Saturday to hope to spill the steam on Sunday in Verona. Finally, young ciccone and Peters, ensuring the show today, will be especially for the future. One thing is now certain, Saturday, the masks will definitely fall.

The Organizer of the time, Vincenzo Torriani, has an idea in mind. He wants to organize an individual timepiece arriving in the heart of Venice, in Piazza San Marco, where the car and bike have been banned since always. Two huge challenges are coming to him. A Technique First: how to cross the numerous bridges and the gran canale to bikes? The Second: Ban to violate this holy place by there the great barnum of the race. In order to do so, torriani has installed four wooden bridges over the bridges to be crossed. It also builds a bridge of meters long above the gran canale by aligning boats.

Next, it reduces the arrival infrastructure to the strict minimum, banning all the advertising claims facing the doge's palace. Such a step would be inconceivable today as long as the risk taking of torriani is huge. Artificial Bridges, along the lagoon on a narrow trail, tight bend to access the arrival in front of the campanile.

And yet, from memory of runners, this counter-the-watch remains unique. The Winner Francesco Moser travels the 12 kilometers in 16 minutes and 11 seconds. There is still the only runner in history to triumph in the very heart of Venice, in the shadow of the 98,6 meters of the campanile San Marco. A Giro , in the annals of Belgian sport since he dedicates the last victory in date of a black-Yellow-Red Runner: Johan de muynck! Le premier campionissimo du cyclisme italien se nomme Costante Girardengo, v Continue Reading.

To say that Italians are sports fanatics is an understatement. The Italian tifoso is a passionate. To talk about his cycling idols, he uses the superlative "Issimo" that strengthens the common name. Then Alfredo Binda, first runner to win 5 Giro in the 30's, which is worth it to inherit the supreme title.

Bartali is also named campionissimo but he is very quickly dispossessed of the appellation by the one who embodies today again in the eyes of all the campionissimo par excellence: Fausto Coppi! Merckx also inherits the title in the evening of his victory in sanremo in There are no other campionissimi since then. Yet, the tifosi have kept another one of their forever in their hearts. We are in , in the col du martirolo, this one even that the runners are preparing to cross today.

Miguel Indurain, at the top of his art, dominates the races by step. Yet it is yevgeny berzin, in the lead of the general, who seems to be the best placed to make king miguel wobble. Already winner of the day before in merano, the young Marco Pantani, then a partner of Claudio Chiappucci at Carrera-jeans, speeds up in the martirolo until he asphyxiate everyone. Pantani leads to victory, his second in a row in the dolomites.

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  4. It is that day that the legend of Marco Pantani is born! His career is decolle. In 95, it is required in two stages of the tour including the one of alpe d ' Huez. A serious fall in Milano-Torino in 96 then moved it for almost a year. Back, "Elefantino" passes under the colors mercatone-Bianchi where it unleashes all the passions by its blows of shine in the mountain. Pantani becomes "il pirata". Pantani performs the double giro-tour in the madness you imagine. In , he race won at the giro but the avant-Eve of the arrival, the cleaver falls.

    A Postif control excludes it from the race. This is the beginning of a long descent to the underworld. Drugs, alcohol, come-back, relapse The kid of cesenatico was not prepared for glory. In a cycling in the heart of the storm the case case, the epo period, etc , it loses foot and dark in depression and loneliness. On February 14, , he was found dead in the room of his hotel in rimini. Marco Pantani is only 34 years old.

    Overdose of cocaine according to the coroner. The Mystery of the circumstances of its disappearance continues to soar. Marco Pantani is a bright flayed, a martyr, an icon. Its tomb and the museum dedicated to it in cesenatico are today real places of pilgrimage. The devotion of the tifosi is not a vain word. This is how the legend of the pirate is perpetuated. A domani, cari amici Gitan Gaetano. The Giro gets in rest mode today after three beautiful mountain steps. Yesterday's day around the beautiful lago di como will have been particularly rich and beautiful.

    The fight for the final victory is now fierce between carapaz - first ecuadorian in pink -, Nibali, - lo squallo di messina is far from dead - and roglic - who keeps the advantage in the chronos. Without forgetting, Yates, able to play the troubles party. Who says rest day at the giro says rest day for gaetano. See you tomorrow for a dream step between lovere and ponte di legno passing through the mythical col of the martirolo. Where they shine and are so many champions. Where Legends are born, including a young runner from cesenatico See you tomorrow dear friends Gypsy Gaetano Translated.

    Rendez-vous sur Eurosport ;- Gitan Gaetano. The City of como, at the south tip of the beautiful lake that bears its name, is closely linked to cycling. At the giro di lombardy first of which she welcomed both the departure and the arrival in the last decades. Many of them are also foreign professional runners who have settled in the search for an ideal training ground.

    Not to mention the bike from all over the world who like to chain lake of guard, Lake Como, the fearsome muro di sormano and the famous col of the Madonna del ghisallo at a range of Bellagio Rifle, the village "Jet-Set" on the edge of the Lake. At the ghisallo today, the most pious runners will have to take a respectful look at the left where the famous chapel of cyclists is throne. A mandatory stop for any lover of the little queen. A Blessed Torch by the Pope is then worn from Rome to the chapel.

    NELSON-Recherche ANNEES

    The last two torchbearers are gino bartali and fausto coppi. Many relics have been submitted by the most famous cyclists or their loved ones. We can admire the bicycles of bartali, beauti, coppi, merckx, gimondi, Motta, Moser and again the unfortunate fabio casartelli, died at the tour de France in Many Jerseys of runners, multitudes of photos and distinctions adorn also his walls. In front of the chapel, the statues of binda, bartali and coppi embody the Italian Cycling Trinity.

    Right next to the chapel is a cycling museum inaugurated on October 14, by fiorenzo beauti on the occasion of the tour of lombardy. Despite this close relationship to the bike, the last passage of the giro to como unfortunately dates from This year, it is the lombard sprinter of the gewiss-Bianchi, Paolo Rosola, who is required, winning one of his twelve success of steps on the giro. Thirty years before him, in , he is a certain rik van steenbergen, champion of the world in title, who won in como.

    Who will succeed today on the 17 pm? See you on Eurosport ;- Gypsy Gaetano Translated. Courmayeur, city of arrival of the 14th stage of the giro. No, you're not wrong, despite the very French sound, courmayeur is located well on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, in the val d ' Aosta. At the evening of the Torino - St Vincent Stage, the french anquetil always sits in the lead of the 42th edition of the tour d ' Italia with 3'36 " in advance.

    The race looks beautiful and well bent. The next step, the eve of the arrival in Milano, disputed between aosta and courmayeur and long of kms, will yet upset the ranking.

    Les 7 Samouraïs / Les 7 Mercenaires (Akira Kurosawa) - Part 1/4 - Total Remake

    The Luxembourgish Charly Gaul - already winner of the giro in 56 and the tour in 58 under the jersey faema-Guerra - is going to attack in the piccolo san bernardo. Master Jacques can't follow the unbridled pace of the one we call " the winged climber " or " the angel of the mountain ". Gaul takes the pink with a comfortable advance of 6'12 ". Controversial character, popular after bike fans, badly-loves of his colleagues to whom they speak little - if not a very restricted group including ernzer, Anglade, bahamontes or hassenforder -, portrayed as taciturn and egocentric, capable of better In the great tours as worst in the classics, Charly Gaul finishes his life as a hermit in Luxembourg.

    His exploits on the giro in 56 and 59 remain to this unique day in the history of the race! La Vieille Boucle Lustinoise shared an event. Kermesse de Lustin The Giro between tomorrow in a new phase with the mountain that stands slowly but surely on the road of the runners. And in what way! It is indeed a mythical stage waiting for the platoon. Just 70 years after the feat of fausto coppi, the organizers of the th giro decided to pay tribute to the campionissimo by inviting the platoon to join pinerolo from cuneo, at the end of kms of race.

    In , the cuneo-Pinerolo stage - qualified as "the most beautiful stage of the giro of all time" - is kms long and has 5 passes to the program Madeleine, vars, izoard, monginevro and sestriere. It is a fausto coppi in state of grace that is required at the end of a kms escape. His second, bartali grants him almost 12 minutes, the third martini ends at 19 minutes.

    The last competitors end up in the dark.

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    The Campionissimo has pushed back all the limits, realizing a feat out of standard. The handover of power between Gino Bartali and fausto coppi is approved, definitely. La Vieille Boucle Lustinoise updated their status. I could have told you about the first time ravenna welcomes the giro in or the power of power to Modena in I prefer to dwell on the Edition, passing by Modena.

    On 4 June , at the end of the 15th stage Firenze-Modena, it is the emperor of herentals, Rik Van Loy, champion of the world in title, who is required. The event that shakes the giro is yet any other. Since the day before, French Jacques Anquetil has been dispossess from the pink tunic by the modest arnaldo pambianco, from the small fides training. The coup de Trafalgar of pambianco takes place during the 14th stage between Ancona and firenze, in the descent of the paso del muraglione precisely.

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