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These novels, among others, were inspired by the exploits of real-life detective Jack Whicher. Peter Hutchings defines the giallo , an Italian subgenre of psychological thrillers, as violent murder mysteries that focus on style and spectacle over rationality. Flint of The New York Times , detractors of Alfred Hitchcock accused him of "relying on slick tricks, illogical story lines and wild coincidences".

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Top 10 Psychological Thrillers

Scarecrow Press. Movies and the Modern Psyche. Greenwood Publishing Group. Daily Telegraph. Retrieved How to Write a Damn Good Thriller. Macmillan Publishers. USA Today. If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach. The Nashua Telegraph. Both, and a Thriller". Nearly a year after a botched job, a hitman takes a new assignment with the promise of a big payoff for three killings.

What starts off as an easy task soon unravels, sending the killer into the heart of darkness. It starts out as a realistic hitman drama with a very dark sense of humor, but then toward the end it turns into a paganistic psychological horror thriller. A disturbing and atypical horror movie. Do not expect the usual. A Phoenix secretary embezzles forty thousand dollars from her employer's client, goes on the run, and checks into a remote motel run by a young man under the domination of his mother. Hitchcock delivers a wonderful mix of psychotic and suspenseful writing with some of the most memorable iconic scenes in the history of Cinema.

Not Rated min Drama, Thriller. Votes: 23, The ultimate good guy, played by Gregory Peck, terrorized by one of the most insidious villains imaginable, played by Robert Mitchum. A cult classic. A young American and his English wife come to rural England and face increasingly vicious local harassment. Votes: 52, Straw Dogs Tags: Crime - Mystery - Thriller - Psychological Thriller This brilliant psychological thriller is more of a horror film, where all the monsters are human.

Peckinpah's controversial cult classic, is a thought provoking, morally intense, realistically and psychologically violent film. A violent police detective investigates a brutal murder, in which a manipulative and seductive novelist could be involved. The film holds true to a lot of the film noir motif and characters, including the femme fatale, hard bitten cop, cheesy dialogue, along with other similar qualities.

A married couple is terrorized by a series of surveillance videotapes left on their front porch. The movie eventually takes the mold of a psychological study of a man tormented by guilt. This is masterful, sophisticated filmmaking by Michael Haneke. It original, elliptical, oblique and quite, quite brilliant.

by Gillian Flynn

Not Rated 94 min Drama, Horror. A widowed mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

An effective combination of psychological trauma, unacknowledgeable fears, and an actual monster makes this film one to remember. A superbly acted psychological thriller. Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander, a young computer hacker. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Tangs: Drama - Mystery - Thriller - Psychological Thriller A captivating and dark psychological thriller, David Fincher's take on the Swedish-originated film is mesmerizing and exactly what you want from a mystery movie of its caliber.

This film is really stylish, and it has an elegant touch, that makes it beautiful. R 97 min Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi. Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet's power problems. Moon Tags: Science Fiction - Dystopian Fiction - Drama - Psychological Drama - Mystery - Minimalism Moon is an elegant feel for old-school science-fiction, a psychodrama with a complex futuristic scenario into what is essentially a one-person drama.

The top 50 modern foreign language thrillers

It is a dark space thriller very simple and wonderful. Mourning his dead child, a haunted Vietnam War veteran attempts to uncover his past while suffering from a severe case of dissociation. To do so, he must decipher reality and life from his own dreams, delusions, and perceptions of death. Jacob's Ladder Tangs: Drama - Mystery - War - Thriller - Psychological Thriller - Horror - Psychological Horror - Metaphysical Thriller - Surrealism - Cult Jacob's Ladder is an ambitiously surrealistic psycho-horror mind trip which paints a startlingly visceral picture of its protagonist's mental journey via many bizarre and unsightly hallucinations.

A fine film that still stands up well.

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Not Rated min Crime, Horror, Mystery. A frustrated detective deals with the case of several gruesome murders committed by people who have no recollection of what they've done. Here, evil is uncommonly presented, not as a tangible outside force to be battled by the good, but rather as a virus spreading disease uncontrollably. R 99 min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Twin boys move to a new home with their mother after she has face changing cosmetic surgery, but under her bandages is someone the children don't recognize. There are no scares or adrenaline highs, just an ever-intensifying, almost unbearable sense of something being wrong, a deep, subconsciously felt threat from somewhere.

Unique, memorable and powerful. R min Drama, Thriller. A married man's one-night stand comes back to haunt him when that lover begins to stalk him and his family. Fatal Attraction Tangs: Drama - Mystery - Romance - Thriller - Psychological Horror - Psychological Thriller - Erotic Thriller - Psychosexual Thriller - Cult Fatal Attraction is a simple but effective film that manages to achieve finding a fine balance between the erotic drama of the affair and the psychological thrills of its repercussions, and it gives us a really atmospheric sense of what the characters are experiencing.

It is one of the most influential psychosexual thrillers.

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A young couple moves in to an apartment only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and occurrences. When the wife becomes mysteriously pregnant, paranoia over the safety of her unborn child begins to control her life. Roman Polanski constructed a smart, at times hallucinatory, paranoid, and psychologically terrifying psyco-horror film. The horror is in the eye of the beholder and in the contrast between what people seem to be and what they really are. This material is perfectly matched to Fincher's sensibilities as a director.

Zodiac is probably the best film to date to handle this subject. The anxiety and paranoia are deeply felt, the sequences involving the murders are gut-wrenching, and the intentionally unsatisfying anticlimax is perfectly handled. A good crime-mystery thriller. With extremely unique style of story telling, good acting, and mind bends, Christopher Nolan delivers a neo-noir psychological thriller that demands multiple viewings. It will leave you thinking "What just happened?

Effective and chilling. Rex and Saskia, a young couple in love, are on vacation. They stop at a busy service station and Saskia is abducted. After three years and no sign of Saskia, Rex begins receiving letters from the abductor. Votes: 30, The Vanishing Spoorloos Tangs: Drama - Mystery - Thriller - Psychological Thriller - Art-House Vanishing is a disturbing psychological piece which happens to have an interesting structure where it descends into the mind of a serial killer effectively.

It is a cold, very realistic and sadistic film. Not Rated min Drama, Horror, Thriller. A sex-repulsed woman who disapproves of her sister's boyfriend sinks into depression and has horrific visions of rape and violence. Votes: 43, In Repulsion, you walk the tightrope to sexual and claustrophobic madness with a violent schizophrenic. A masterclass of tension and slow-burning terror.

Purif, young peasant of the South Italy, is considered from the people a possessed one and a witch. All of the village is hostile to its activity magical and sorceress. The first in the series, Murder Undeniable , was published on December 10, In her life away from the computer in the corner of her kitchen, Anita is a Sheffield Wednesday supporter, who swears blue blood runs in her veins.

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Feisty Drawn to the young woman she saved, Kat finds herself embroiled in a baffling mystery. But neither the police, nor Leon, nor the criminals want Kat and Beth looking into their affairs and the sleuths quickly find themselves out of their depth… Can Kat and Beth solve the mystery and walk away unscathed?