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Engineer on telephone at the compress air control panel. Workmen leaving the airlock before coming up from underground. Pan showing construction site on the Dartford side and across the other side of the Thames. We always welcome comments and more information about our films.

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All posts are reactively checked. Libellous and abusive comments are forbidden. Please Register or Log in to add a comment. Tunnelling Under The Thames Add to WorkSpace. License this Film. Film ID: Comments 0 We always welcome comments and more information about our films. The naval fort design was the latest of several that Maunsell had devised in response to Admiralty inquiries. Early ideas had considered forts in the English Channel able to take on enemy vessels. Rough Sands fort was built to protect the ports of Felixstowe , Harwich and the town of Ipswich from aerial and sea attack.

Fort Roughs or the "Rough Towers" was "the first of originally four naval forts designed by G. Maunsell to protect the Thames Estuary. Fort Roughs" on 8 February [5]. After an eventful journey it was grounded under the supervision of Maunsell at on 11 February [6]. With "almost men" having earlier embarked at Tilbury docks, the fort entered into service immediately [7].

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However, after disagreements, Roy Bates seized the tower as his own. O'Rahilly attempted to storm the fort in , but Roy Bates defended the fort with guns and petrol bombs and continued to occupy it. He and his son were arrested and charged, but the court threw out the case as it did not have jurisdiction over international affairs: Roughs Tower lay beyond the territorial waters of Britain. Bates took this as de facto recognition of his country and seven years later issued a constitution, flag, and national anthem, among other things, for the Principality of Sealand founded on 2 September The fort was decommissioned on 14 June though maintained until when it was abandoned.

Unlike some of the other forts, Sunk Head was clearly well outside territorial waters, and when the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act came into effect in August the Government was anxious to ensure that it would not be taken over again by an offshore broadcaster. The Fort was weakened by acetylene cutting torches and 3, pounds of explosives were set.

On 21 August Sunk Head was blown up, leaving 20 feet of the leg stumps remaining. Tongue Sands Fort was situated approximately The S.

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The German E-Boat's captain was unsure of where the attack was coming from and manoeuvred to avoid being hit, ramming another E-Boat in the process. The captain scuttled his badly damaged vessel. The Tongue Sands Fort was decommissioned on 14 February and reduced to care and maintenance until when it was abandoned. On 5 December the Fort shook violently and sections began falling into the sea.

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The caretaker crew put out a distress call and were rescued by HMS Uplifter. Divers later established that the foundations were solid, but in a later storm the fort took on a 15 degree list. Knock John fort is situated approximately It was decommissioned on 14 June and evacuated on 25 June The platform was maintained until May when it was abandoned. It is thought that underscouring is the cause of this.

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  • Maunsell also designed forts for anti-aircraft defence. These were larger installations comprising seven interconnected steel platforms. Four towers carried QF 3. Three forts were placed in Liverpool Bay : [14] [15]. Each of these AA forts carried four QF 3. Nore fort was the only fort built in Britain's Territorial waters when built while the others were in international waters until the Three-mile limit was extended to 12 miles.

    On the day they opened, my great uncle Harry, the local councillor, was the first to take a dip.

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    I think he was thrown in. The shipboard commentary naturally steers clear of the sinking of the tugboat Applegarth in the Sixties with the loss of all hands. Another uncle, Leslie, was the skipper. But it's been 40 years.

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    I wrote to the church authorities. I went back to Liverpool for the first time after sending my letter. In the porch of St Nick's, the homeless men parted obligingly. In the book, there was no reference to Leslie under his own name. But I was pleased to find it under "A": "In memory of the men of the Applegarth.