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His works are at home in cinemas as much as in museums. Die Begegnung der beiden ist eher pragmatisch als romantisch. Und doch entsteht zwischen ihnen ein langer, langer Moment voller Magie. Celeste is wheelchair-bound and a virgin, Jeremiah sells sex to men. The encounter of the two is more pragmatic than romantic. And still, a long moment filled with magic arises. As an actress, Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre made her first performance in front of a camera at the age of ten. Since then, she has worked with numerous directors. What does ones skin colour do to ones self-esteem?

Under what conditions can a woman feel beautiful? She studied at the Royal College of Art in London. Sniffing glue makes the lives of a group of homeless people in Kathmandu just about bearable. But how can one know in such a state of intoxication if dollar bills flying through the air are real or just a hallucination? Bibhusan Basnet is a Nepalese singer and songwriter, actor and screenwriter. Pooja Gurung started her career in Nepali television, where she produced a TV show and could be seen in various films.

While the inhabitants of a Catalan fishing village talk in a relaxed voice about what the wind can do to people, the action on the screen gets increasingly out of control. Und, ach ja: Ausserhalb von diesem Mockumentary existiert er nicht. Cast: Nicole Y. Kaatsch, J. Stoic self-entertainment as an escape from too much closeness and mutual weariness? But what does she actually see? An experimental film about perspectives and hope. Sie ist noch immer auf der Suche nach einer Antwort. She needs to find the answer for herself. Pimpaka Towira studied film at Thammasat University; since , she has made a number of experimental short films and achieved international acclaim.

In , she finished her first featurelength film, combining experimental elements with a narrative story. Since she has been working as producer, film writer, film artist and film lecturer as well as being invited various times as a jury member to film festivals and being programme director of the Bangkok Film Festival.

David M. Lorenz lives and works in Berlin. Schwarz's projects mainly emerge out of self-involved set-ups, in which he blends fact and fiction into humorous narratives that can find their respective formal shape in performance, installations and short film, and have been shown at exhibitions and film festivals internationally. Five testimonies of an apocalyptic and surreal event. Seto lives and works in Paris and Tokyo. Saddened by the death of animals in the winter landscape, and simultaneously fascinated by their morbid beauty, she brings them back to life through photography.

His films have been shown at several international festivals. Mike Hoolboom is a Canadian artist working in film and video. He has made over fifty films and videos, though most have been withdrawn from circulation, approximately a dozen remain on view. His works have appeared in over four hundred festivals, garnering thirty prizes and two lifetime achievement awards. Es ist drei Uhr morgens. Das Unterfangen erweist sich als schwieriger denn gedacht. It's 3 a. A boy and a girl are wandering in the city. They are looking for a hospital to cure the girl, but it is much harder than they thought.

He started his career as an assistant director and worked on ten feature films and more than 30 short films. His short films have been screened at numerous film festivals around the world. In , he participated at the Berlinale Talent Campus. Er ist anders als die anderen, er ist halb Fisch, halb Mensch. Sein Vater will ihn zum Fischer ausbilden.

Und am Ende ringt er mit sich selber. Fish Boy is a teenager, son of a fisherman, facing the challenges of growing up. His problems are especially severe, as he is different from all others: he is half boy, half fish. In , he signed up for the parallel study of scriptwriting at the same school. Das dritte Objekt erschien sofort erkenntlich, verwandelte sich aber in etwas komplett anderes. Two of these were so steeped in history that their original forms and functions were almost completely obscured. The third object seemed instantly recognisable, but turned out to be something else entirely.

John Smith has made over forty film and video works that have been shown in galleries, cinemas and on television around the world and awarded major prizes at many international film festivals.

In the vastness of the Himalayas, a young nomad's curiosity lies beyond the horizon. Their collaborations include short films, art installations, music videos, experimental theatre works, interactive web projects, and commercials. Subverting dramaturgical conventions in his Plot Point Trilogy, Provost masterfully presents the man in the street as a film protagonist.

The new feeling of freedom of a young generation of Chinese urban musicians, for whom music is more important than the adherence to social norms, clashes with the world of her father. He is convinced that she is wasting her time making music. After finding out that her band has been invited to perform in the United States and after falling in love, she knows that nothing will be the same again. She holds a degree in English and Film from Columbia University.

She worked from to as a producer at So Uncool Films in Beijing and is a co-founder of Pangbianr, a promotional and creative platform for underground music and film in China. If you were to create something big, the biggest thing in the world, what would that be? This is the story of the biggest plastic statue of the Pope in the world being built in Poland. She is also a writer of both screenplays and literature. They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin talk. A humorous film about the small absurdities in life. He studied Advertising at Alicante University.

He has made music videos and short films. His two short films have been sreened at Festivals, e. Wir versuchen uns mit Beten, Glauben und Devotheit zu bereichern. Ebenso glauben wir an Anomalien, wie unerkennbaren und unkontrollierbaren Monstern. Aber was bringt uns der Glaube? But can such beliefs advance us? Chris is an observer and philosopher who has always had a few things to say about life from his vantage point in South Memphis.

This film floats through this young man's landscape, revealing the lives that have shaped his world. Alain Spearman is a filmmaker and a photojournalist. In , Spearman studied filmmaking under Werner Herzog. Eine Decke liegt ausgebreitet im Nichts. Mann und Frau streifen ihre Schuhe ab.

Sie zeichnet ein Rechteck auf den Boden, die beiden betreten es. Sie falten Tangram, trinken Tee, verstecken sich und spielen Blinde Kuh. A blanket is spread out in nowhere. A man and a woman take off their shoes. She draws a rectangle on the floor, they both step onto it. They fold Tangrams, drink tea, play hide and seek and blindfold. The stereotype situations are simultaneously unique little love games with a great intimacy. She is currently studying fine art at the Korea National University of Arts. Dieser Film fragmentiert die urbane japanische Welt und kreiert neue Wahrnehmung auf der visuellen, wie auf der musikalischen Ebene.

BoD-Leseprobe: Wild Hunt and Furious Host

Die erschaffenen Raster erscheinen als Gesamtes wie eine Stadtkarte. This film fragments the urban Japanese world and creates new perceptions on the visual and musical level. The created grids appear in totality like a city map. Suzuki Noriyuki was born in Fukushima in Der Diamantenhandel ist mittlerweile abgeklungen.

Port Nolloth, a small town on the west coast of South Africa. Diamond trading has faded. The owner of a large estate, a diamond diver and a taxi driver talk about their lives. An atmospheric film about the causes and consequences of the diamond rush. Juli Dieser Kurzfilm ist die Aufnahme jenes Moments. The filmmaker is visiting friends, two independent human rights activists. This short film is the recording of this event. Our two heroes experience strange encounters and vapourous revelations as they feverishly await the hypothetical arrival of this mysterious stranger.

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Zhu Rikun was born in Guangdong province in In he founded Fanhall Films for film production, distribution and festival organisation. The suspect in this sequence fits the following description: a black man wearing a pinkish shirt and yellow pants. William E. I Runtime 85' Wed According to Hindu beliefs, the human body is composed of five sacred elements; earth, fire, air, water and ether.

Following the thread of these five elements, the film immerses us in the paradoxical Indian society and tells us about the shift of spiritual beliefs towards consumerist values. After working as a performer for more than ten years, Pao Paixao has been developing his personal work. In , he was selected to the Berlinale Talent Campus. Balke, P. Feusi, F. Ein melancholischer und intelligenter Abgesang auf unsere Zeit und unsere Generation.

A melancholy and intelligent swan song for our generation. She films and writes to create organisations of real and imaginary elements. Her work questions the narrow and ambiguous connection between reality and fiction. Und noch gibt es ihn: den letzten analogen Passfoto-Automaten der Schweiz, vom Erfinder und seinen Mitarbeitern liebevoll gehegt und gepflegt. Eine Hommage.

The black-and-white film strips influenced entire generations. And it still exists: the last analogue passport photo machine in Switzerland, lovingly maintained by its inventor and his employees. A tribute. Juliette lives in a small country town. Her hopes of a perfect date are shattered and make way for a violent break up.

What happens if you take the most absurd terms invented for commercials literally? Jonas Meier born trained as a decorator before he learned his trade as a director at the Lucerne University of Applied Arts in the department of Film and Video. Since , he has worked as a freelance director for various production companies in the fields of commercials and image films. He is the cofounder of the production company zweihund GmbH. His music videos have among other things been awarded multiple jury and audience awards at the Solothurn Film Festival.

The video uses the language of film to influence our interpretation of images and stories. The visitors of the London Natural History Museum are recorded and turned into actors. The museum is transformed into a stage and everyday life into a thriller, carried by the voice of Alfred Hitchcock. Their projects, mainly video based, are often a deconstruction of what we see as cinematic codes within our visual culture.

They work and live in Geneva and in London. Mein Grossvater erfindet eine Geschichte und bittet mich, einen Film daraus zu machen. Die Storyline: Eine Biene hat genug von Verschmutzung, Pestiziden und anderen giftigen Substanzen und beschliesst, ihren Stock zu verlassen und einen angenehmeren Lebensort zu suchen.

My grandfather is telling me a story that he invented, and asks me to make a film out of it. Because of pollution, pesticides, and other toxic substances, a bee decides to leave her hive, looking for a more comfortable place for her to live in. During this time, he made several short films, which were screened at several festivals. Eine Stippvisite im krisengebeutelten Las Vegas, das gezeichnet ist von leeren Landschaften, verwaisten Baustellen, Vorstadtruinen und Obdachlosen. Las Vegas has been one the worst hit cities in the US following the financial crisis.

The film explores landscapes of void, of suspended building sites, present-day suburban ruins, tunnels occupied by homeless people. It is like a crossing of the city along its margins. Far from the Strip, we encounter a few characters on the edge of the abyss, who share their observations on our disenchanted world. Laurence Bonvin is a documentary photographer and artist whose work deals with landscape, architecture, public space, informality, urban transformations and peripheries at large.

She has extensively exhibited her work in Switzerland and internationally since His main research interests are mankind after man, the city after public space, architecture after pleasure, the Umwelt of data. Er flaniert noch ein letztes Mal durch die Strassen von Paris, als sein Blick den einer jungen Frau kreuzt. Er ist augenblicklich verzaubert. Er beschliesst, ihr zu folgen After spending 6 month in Paris, a young man must go back to his home town. Wandering around one last time in the streets of his host city, he crosses the eyes of a young woman. He is immediately seduced and starts to follow her When he was younger, he played in some films for television and cinema.

Alfonso ist Showhypnotiseur; ruppig und mit allen Wassern gewaschen. Alfonso is a stage hypnotist, gruff and shrewd. He will once again show off his skills at a local talent show. The winner will get the heart of the lower middle class, as well as a generous prize money. When the show routine gets out of control, the only safe way out seems to be a stylish retreat. Born in the Canton of Zurich. An apprenticeship as a graphic designer is followed by a university entrance exam. From to he studied filmmaking at the Zurich University of the Arts. It's the meeting point of those who didn't emigrate.

No work, no money, but a lot of humour and friendship. Everyday life in central Serbia and maybe soon all over Europe? She works as a filmmaker in directing, camera, editing, music videos and teaches filmmaking. Erinnerungen aus einem Leben, gekonnt kombiniert aus Found-Footage-Sequenzen. Alles begann auf einer Couch Memories of a life, skilfully combined from found footage. Broken down into chapters, the film reveals family secrets bit by bit and makes them form a seemingly autobiographic story between fiction and documentary. It all began on a couch Im Unzusammenhang zieht die Welt vorbei.

In incoherency, the world passes by. Nils Hedinger, born 27 years ago and raised in the Canton of Berne, studies animation in Lucerne. Since then he has worked as an independent filmmaker and realises his own projects. Elisabeths Ehemann hat sich das Leben genommen. Sein Wunsch war es, zusammen mit ihr noch einmal nach Montauk zu reisen, wo ihre Liebe begonnen hat.

Elisabeth's husband has committed suicide. His last wish was to travel to Montauk where the couple met years ago. So Elisabeth embarks on a last journey to the US together with the ashes of her late husband. A journey synonymous with anger, acceptance and reconciliation. Born in Berne. Works as a director, including commercials, in Switzerland and the USA. When his moped one day disappears, nobody in his environment seems to understand the significance of this catastrophe. Then, one day, Paul finds the thief, Karim, a young apprentice mechanic.

Tristan Aymon and David Maye realised several short fictions and documentaries. The bus drives through the human characteristics of our worlds. On a cinematically experimental journey through the Russian winter, we meet the actor Aleksandr Bashirov, the poet Mstislav Biserov and the physicist Nikolai Budnev.

They talk about their relationship to Vodka and about the thin line that separates transcendental inspiration from disconsolate visions. He lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. The alternating talking mouths of the vocal machine vent all their frustrations and complain about their dictatorial master, until they almost loose their breath — but beware, here comes Mr Singing Teacher. Since , he has studied media art at the Zurich University of the Arts. In an idyllic and isolated world, three preadolescents live childhood as though it were endless. A poetic and sensorial world of dreams and nightmares, identity formation and changing bodies — an ephemeral stage that eventually must come to an end.

Ausgenommen davon sind die Vorstellungen ab New Cinema is an open-end strand on Mondays at The main focus of New Cinema is on cinematographic films with human-interest topics both in documentary and fiction films. The films in the strand are acquired through co-productions main producer Finnish , prebuys and acquisitions. Internationale Biennale in Venedig. Dreihaus Foundation Preis. Jennifer Reeder is a filmmaker and visual artist from Ohio. She constructs very personal narratives about landscapes, coincidence and trauma.

Dreihaus Foundation Award. She is a recent Efroymson Family Fund Fellow. In seinen Werken konstruiert er poetische Abbildungen des gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Kontexts, in dem er sich befindet. Er lebt und arbeitet in Havanna, Kuba. His artistic output includes performance, video, installation and architectural intervention. Reflection, interactivity with the audience and physical as well as psychological perceptions are the cornerstones of his opus. In his works, he constructs poetic images of the social and cultural context he finds himself in.

Humberto lives and works in Havana, Cuba. With others, he recently founded IndieCork, an Irish festival of independent cinema. He founded the Kino Arthouse Cinema in and ran it for 13 years. He has served on many short film juries and, in , organised an International Short Film Symposium in Cork. Er studierte Regie und begann bereits in dieser Zeit mit dem Festival del film Locarno zusammenzuarbeiten. Alessandro Marcionni was born in Lugano, Switzerland, in After his Law studies, he radically decided to change directions and began studying cinema, ending up with a diploma as a film director.

Meanwhile, he began his cooperation with the Festival del film Locarno. In , together with other Swiss filmmakers, he founded the Swiss-Italian cell of Kino, a movement that was born in Canada in and has produced more than short films on a low-budget basis over the past eight years. Die Zuschauer bestimmen den Publikumspreis.

The spectators determine the winner of the Audience Prize. Die Preisverleihung, moderiert von Matthias Schoch, findet am Sonntag, November , um Im Anschluss an die Preisverleihung werden die Siegerfilme und die Publikumslieblinge gezeigt. Sponsored by Sulzer-Stiftung Winterthur.

Audience Prize CHF 10 for the film with the most audience votes. The awards ceremony, moderated by Matthias Schoch, will take place on Sunday, 10 November at Following the ceremony, we will show all winning films and the audience favourites. Klassische narrative Muster wurden aufgebrochen, Antihelden anstatt Helden wurden gefeiert und der freie Geist der 68er-Generation lag in der Luft.

Auffallend war die freie Darstellung von Sex und Gewalt, was in Holly-. Die Avantgarde produzierte im Windschatten dieser Welle weiter, so wie sie es schon immer getan hat. Das Interesse der Bewegung am Alltag und an den Menschen, die am Rand der Gesellschaft leben, hat durchaus auch einen sozialpolitischen Hintergrund. Die jungen amerikanischen Filmemacher sind vielseitig und flexibel. John Canciani. Independent Cinema USA Since the dawn of cinema history, American films have played a leading role in the development of the global film and cinema industries.

Harry Davis founded the first Nickelodeon, a stationary cinema, in Pittsburgh in After just one year, more than 2, Nickelodeons had sprung up all over the United States — the key ingredient for the success of cinemas and film production in the United States had been established. In the s, Hollywood developed into the centre of the film industry, and the studio system came into being with the Majors that are still known today: Metro-GoldwynMayer, Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia.

But this was soon followed by an urge to establish the film medium as an independent art form in a countermovement to Hollywood's entertainment machine. The surrealists were important pioneers in this field: soon, the Avant-garde movement — which had been around even before Hollywood — established itself, and thereby gave birth to the independent cinema of the United States. Even though these films were a part of the studio system, it was no longer the producers but the directors who held the reins, and they acted in the spirit of independent cinema by looking for new financing opportunities, negotiating with unions, choosing new avenues of distribution and exhibition, and standing up to censorship and predefined, risk-free ideas.

Classic narrative patterns were disrupted, anti-heroes became the new heroes, and the free spirit of the 68 generation could be felt. One of the most striking aspects was the free depiction of sex and violence, which had previously been an absolute taboo topic in Hollywood after all, the Hays Code, which established guidelines for the morally justifiable depiction of sex and violence in. American films, was only abolished completely in American society was suddenly questioned in a critical light.

The Avant-garde kept producing works in the wake of this wave, like it had always done. No-budget productions and exploitation films by directors such as John Waters or George A. Romero and independent producers such as Roger Corman American International Pictures satisfied the audience's desire for sensation, sex and violence.

With their unpredictable success at the box offices, the two films by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg showed the studios new ways to make enormous amounts of money. The movement's interest in everyday life and in the people living on the margins of society definitely has a socio-political background. They are all a cinema of protest, a cinema of outcry.

Young directors were celebrated at festivals all over the world, and found their way to the big cinema theatres. Festivals such as Sundance co-founded by Robert Redford , South by Southwest Austin, Texas and Ann Arbor have supported this scene over the years, and are still seen as the talent factories of American cinema.

The young American filmmakers are versatile and flexible. They skilfully switch between features and short films, make commercials or music videos, and write for TV series. Indie filmmakers are no longer dependent on having big studios supporting them in order to finance their productions — filmmaking has become easier in line with technology becoming cheaper.

Independent Cinema USA: Stuck in Suburbia With the economic boom of the post-war era, housing estates sprung up on the peripheries of large cities. The middle class wanted privately owned homes, independence and, above all, a touch of luxury, and the suburbs offered these opportunities. A decisive factor for the growth of the suburb was the mobility of society and, especially in America, the pride of the nation: the obligatory automobile.

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In some metropolitan areas, these settlements also emerged for racial reasons: the white middle class wanted to distance itself from the black working population, a good example being Detroit. What suburbia means for each individual person can therefore hardly be reduced to a common denominator. What once had a positive connotation, is today pervaded by negative aspects that are the result of social decay, such as growing poverty, unemployment and degeneration. What once stood for economic upturn is now crumbling, and the young generation is moving back to the centres as a result.

What remains is merely a patina. This programme does not deal with the structures, but with the feelings and atmospheres of today's suburbia — and with what's left of it. It is defined by the remains of Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged New Orleans in New Orleans nach dem Sturm. New Orleans after the storm. MacArthur and his cousin Natt, two lost men on the edge of adulthood, eke out an existence. Cam Archer explores his ordinary, suburban neighbourhood in search of hidden truths and new narratives, while actress Jena Malone narrates in the first person.

John Magary grew up in Dallas, Texas. He holds a B. His shorts were featured at various festivals and won numerous prizes. Seine Eltern verkaufen das Haus, in dem er aufgewachsen ist. A man wakes up with a weird feeling. His parents are selling his childhood home. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Productions, Paris, France, lovestreams agnesb.

The crazy-sinister story about two young girls and an old man in an American suburb. The costumes come from the winter collection by the designer duo Proenza Schouler, who have commissioned this short film. It was the second commissioned work that the label ordered from the young Indie director. Writer and director Korine is one of the most controversial filmmakers of the present. Ein Abend mit einer Familie, die kurz davor steht, auseinanderzubrechen.

This short narrative chronicles an evening with a family on the verge of dissolution. A darkly humorous story about slow jams, bad magic and coming closer. She constructs very personal narratives about landscapes, coincidences and trauma. It shows a young skateboarding couple and their conversation about their mutual affection. Director Mike Mills calls the video a turning point in his career.

He gained a name for himself as an artist and designer and has made numerous music videos, commercials and short films. His work has been shown at international galleries. Anders macht es das Independent Cinema.


Etwa Menschen, die keine Krankenversicherung haben, keine Steuergeschenke bekommen, deren Kinder in den Krieg ziehen und auf deren Schultern der amerikanische Traum schwer lastet Johnston geht es mitten in Texas um Habgier und Rache. Independent Cinema USA: In the Middle of Nowhere Even many Americans have only seen the so-called Flyover States from a distance of 30, feet: located between the densely populated coastal regions, they are mostly flown over, but never visited.

It often visits the outposts of nowhere: small towns, trailer parks and shabby motels, all of which have experienced better times, just like its inhabitants. This programme is about people with real problems — they are the 99 per cent of the population alluded to by Occupy Wall Street. People who have no health insurance, don't enjoy tax breaks, whose children go to war, and on whose shoulders the American dream is nothing but a heavy burden Brent Stewart lets us discover the modern world together with two young Mennonite women.

Johnston, looks at greed and revenge in the middle of Texas. In einer Kleinstadt bricht eine giftige Form von Schimmel aus.

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  • Night of the Purple Moon (The Toucan Trilogy, Book 1).

This is the story of a mysterious outbreak of poisonous mould in a small town, and one boy's attempt to understand his mother's death, his grandmother's obsession with their discarded recliner, and the roots of this shortlived, strange, and inexplicable plague. Zwei mennonitische Schwestern stranden eines Nachts in einer fremden Stadt und versuchen, sich in der modernen Welt zurechtzufinden. Two Mennonite sisters are stranded in an unfamiliar city at night trying to make sense of the modern world, leaving the body of their dead grandmother behind in their abandoned truck-bed.

It was during this time that he first met Harmony Korine, with whom he struck up a working relationship. From the rugged Cross Timbers of Texas comes a searing portrait of greed and vengeance. James M. Johnston is a producer and filmmaker from Fort Worth, Texas. Spike Jonze had to film professional bull riders for a commercial at the national rodeo in Houston. He befriended two suburban teenagers who aspired to be real cowboys.

This documentary chronicles an afternoon in their lives. Jonze worked as a filmmaker in the skateboard-industry and as writer, photographer and editor for various magazines. He shot commercials and a series of famous music videos. Und sie trifft dabei vielleicht auf etwas, das viel unheilvoller ist.

In two days, 17 year old Charlotte will leave her small town in Georgia and begin life in a new place. But tonight, on the last night of summer, in encounters with people familiar and not, she will be forced to face up to the repressed traumas of that sweltering season and, perhaps, something far more sinister.

Immer wieder die Bilder, immer wieder die Kommentatoren, immer wieder die Ratlosigkeit. Amerika war getroffen. Mitten ins Herz. The unthinkable happens, and the world looks on: the TV footage that shows the iconic buildings collapse still manages to set our teeth on edge. Again and again, we see the pictures; again and again we hear the commentaries; again and again we experience helplessness.

America was heartstruck. Terms such as axis of evil, al Qaeda, Guantanamo, Ground Zero, collateral damage, new world order, Osama Bin Laden, Patriot Act, support your troops or water boarding had suddenly entered into everyday language. But maybe the moment has come to have the courage to take a reflected look back. The films in this programme look at the events from both the inside and the outside. It shows how striking this one day was, and to what extent the associated events have etched themselves into our collective memory. But most are quiet and deeply personal.

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Bill Brown has been making first person experimental documentaries since the mid 90s. Glaube und Angst. Sich ducken und verstecken. Eine Reaktion auf die Ereignisse vom September Faith and fear. Duck and cover. One response to the events of September 11th, He is the recipient of a Guggenheim and a Rockefeller Fellowship. His films have received many awards and have screened throughout the world. Lenka Clayton's concept was a simple one: take the 4 words from George W.

Lenka Clayton is a conceptual artist whose work exaggerates and reorganizes the accepted rules of everyday life, extending the familiar into the realms of the poetic and absurd. She and writer Michael Crowe are currently writing a hand-written letter to every household in the world. Drawn entirely with pastels on a slate chalkboard, the materials used to create the animation become a metaphor for the impermanence of life. Dustin Grella is an animator and documentary filmmaker whose work attempts to extract glimpses of colourful insight from the seemingly mundane.

It observes the aftermath of this tragic moment and the tensions that are tearing at the fabric of American society. A native Oregonian, Thomas Haley has lived in Paris since the early 70s. He has currently decided to dedicate himself to documentary projects. Tiziana Pelusi. This programme focuses on socially critical and political documentaries, avant-garde underground works, concept films and performance videos, which all deal with American society, its minorities and its living environments.

How do American filmmakers and video artists view their reference groups? How do norms, traditions and pop culture influence their works? How does American society create its own space, and how do communities share this space among themselves to construct recognisable social identities?

When is one's living environment a protection zone, and when is it a gilded cage? And what happened during the Occupy protest movement on New York's public grounds? The programme makes an apolitical start with a work by Kenneth Anger, the forefather of Pop Art and the last survivor of early American avant-garde cinema. This is followed by two films on the subject of Black Community, which reveal the social exclusion that takes place as a result of the retreat into racially separated neighbourhoods — and beauty contests.

In today's American cinema, very few productions can be seen as direct political statements — let alone as agitprop — except maybe when it comes to identity-building. Using found footage and pop songs from the early s, Anger portrays a gang of young bikers and their leader. They lovingly repair their bikes, strike lewd poses, desecrate a church and enjoy themselves at motorbike races. At eleven, he started making films.

Already then his works had the fast pace of editing, which would later have a seminal influence on his music videos and commercials. The private sphere is the exclusion of the public sphere, a protection zone, which can also be a prison. In her most famous video work, Rosler combines allusions to the kitchen, TV and the classroom: she uses kitchen utensils to go through the alphabet and teaches us a lesson in feminism.

Her work deals with the separation of the public and private sphere, exploring issues from everyday life and the media to architecture and the built environment. Corey D. Made in collaboration with Dr. Walker, this is a film about a neighbourhood in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Er erforscht die Darstellung von kulturellen und sozialen Werten und kommentiert das breite Spektrum an Bildern und Texten, die den politischen Diskurs in den USA formen. The film results from a year's research on the writings of Eleanor Roosevelt. It explores intersections between personal and social histories, and investigates the documentation and representation of cultural and social values. It comments on the ways in which a wide array of images and texts shape political discourse in America.

Each aspect of her work looks closely at the ways in which social machinations are reflected in the smallest elements of daily life. Shot over the course of one year, the film acts as a visual and aural eulogy for the place the filmmaker once called home. Hanley is a Brooklyn, NY based filmmaker pursuing experiments in the documentary genre.

While the film largely relies on footage shot by Galinsky and Arnow, it also includes a wealth of footage from other filmmakers. They have made a number of feature docs, two of them were short listed for the academy awards. Gleichzeitig schert sich der Slacker herzlich wenig um sozialen Aufstieg oder Karriere. Stefan Staub. At the same time, the slacker has no ambitions in terms of rising up the society ladder or nurturing a career. In positive terms, one could describe him as a rebel against achievement-oriented society. The artist John Baldessari might not be a slacker, but he is without doubt a rebel.

The animator Don Hertzfeld presents his persona in quite a similar way. Christensen himself plays the amiable outsider Richie, who is given one last chance to whitewash his image as a loser. Whether he grabs the opportunity or not is not really that important, as it is precisely his foibles that make him so appealing.

And this is often how it is in Indie shorts: the true heroes are the antiheroes. Two friends meet each other in the middle of a dilapidated bridge and admire the setting sun. The daydreams of one are undermined by the pessimistic interjections of the other. Jones and Seccombe have consistently collaborated on every project of theirs for over ten years. How the Oz Tinwoodsman lost his limbs, his lover, and how he tried to get his life back.

John schafft sich seine eigene surreale Welt. John sells things online, cheats off dollar stores, needs friends but settles for strangers, has roaches, and is prematurely thrust into the cruel wasteland that is the world around him. He is punch drunk, not with love but something far more strange and lost. One can only say John's gone. The Safdies are members of Red Bucket Films, a creative collective formed by several friends and schoolmates. A towering figure in the art world, standing at 6'7", John Baldessari's epic career crammed into five and a half frenzied minutes Mark arbeitet hinter der Imbisstheke und redet zu viel.

Eine Liebesgeschichte mit Folgen. Mark works at a deli and talks too much. When C. Nathan Williams is an independent filmmaker working in the Pacific Northwest. Der Sender hat nach einer Sichtung alle Clips abgelehnt. Sie wurden nie ausgestrahlt The cartoons were completed in five weeks.

The Family Learning Channel rejected all of them upon review, and they were never aired His films have received over awards and have been presented around the world. Dies ist vielleicht seine letzte Chance, zu zeigen, dass er eine verantwortungsvolle Person sein kann. In the midst of attempting to end his life, Richie gets a call from his estranged sister, asking him if he can look after his niece, Sophia, for a few hours. Richie decides to cancel his plans, and spends the evening with Sophia. But Sophia has preconceived notions of who Richie is, and Richie has to overcome this perception, even though he lacks social graces.

Shawn Christensen graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in illustration and graphic design. Since he's also made nine feature films, six of them are all animated features. Diese Freundschaft endete mit der Atombombe. Nun wurden politische Karrieren gemacht, indem der Kommunismus offen attackiert wurde. Gleichzeitig wurden Karrieren beendet und Verhaftungen vorgenommen aufgrund von falschen Anschuldigungen, ein Mitglied der Kommunistischen Partei zu sein.

Der Programmtitel spielt auf diese Beklommenheit an. Was sehen die Leute im Film denn genau? Und sieht mein Sitznachbar das auch? Und sollte mir das, was ich da sehe, eigentlich nicht auch Sorgen machen? Sie werden sehen Laura Walde und Dennis Nyback. It has been used to control and paralyse large segments of the population for increasingly political purposes. Paramount in that campaign has been the fear of Communism and Socialism. During most of the first half of the twentieth century, Socialism was more of a political party than a pariah.

That era of amity ended with the atomic bomb. Political careers were made by attacking Communism and, on the other hand, careers were ruined and people were jailed for having been, or claimed to have been, members of the Communist party. To this day and long after the fall of the Soviet Union, the fear of Communism is a driving force in United States politics.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr. Can fear paralyse? Congress has repeatedly failed to pass a budget for the next fiscal year. A significant number of politicians have said they are ready to shut down the US government in order to defund and end Obamacare. Many of those have also said they want to abolish the Department of Education and end public education as we know it. If it is true that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, for now, fear seems to be winning.

Today, his archive contains more than 13, titles collected from all over the world, with which he tours the United States and international festivals to present his found-footage programmes in person. In the light of various surveillance scandals, the war on terrorism, or the omnipresence of the health- and beauty-craze in mass media, a latent sense of paranoia has endured in a society in which one is still constantly surrounded by potentially frightful and uncontrollable systems.

This morale is no longer systematically exploited or stirred up by the authorities. The citizens themselves cannot always clearly determine the source of this unease, and so the tense atmosphere is transferred to the audience. What do the people on the screen actually see? And does the person sitting next to me see it as well? Laura Walde and Dennis Nyback. Surely a cartoon that could not have been marketed during the Cold War. Eerie silent footage of the moments before an atomic bomb fires. This film starts with an Atomic Bomb blast and shows early footage of the Vietnam War.

Gezeigt werden Musiker der Russischen Armee. This Movietone newsreel shows Communist hot spots all around the world. French newsreel footage of Russian army musicians. Could evil people really make such great music? The US Department of Defense explains the aftermath of a nuclear war. Yes, for those who survive it, it could be an OK world.

Curated by Laura Walde. San Francisco native Bryan Boyce is a film and video artist whose work skewers American culture through appropriation and perversion of found footage. His work has screened at film festivals internationally. Sie ist nur schwer zu verorten, denn sie ist drinnen wie draussen. Sie zischt nicht einfach durch die Kabel, sie ist nicht fassbar. There is a presence lingering in the dark woods, just under the surface of a placid lake and at the end of a dreary basement corridor.

She has won numerous awards and her work is shown internationally. She lives and works in Chicago. Charaktere aus den er Jahren werden zu Protagonisten einer Geheimoperation. Figures from the s are recast in a large-scale secret operation. The film reflects on current and troubled relationships between the areas of national security, civil liberties and telephone companies. It explores how technology can be used to shape our fears, desires and how we feel connected.

Her work has screened at museums, galleries and film festivals. Meanwhile, the camera continues its forays, merely taking in what there is to see. Cynthia Madansky is a New York-based artist and filmmaker. Angelika Brudniak is a Vienna-born artist. Bis jetzt. For more than 20 years, Charles Manson has refused to communicate directly with the outside world. Until now. These are the actual never-before-heard phone conversations between the Canadian best-selling author Marlin Marynick and Charles Manson.

She lives in Brooklyn where she freelances directing, conceiving, animating, writing, and designing commercially for production companies. Drei Jugendliche in einer Vorstadt. Es gibt kein Entkommen, denn draussen herrscht Krieg. Three teenagers in a suburb. Born in Rockville, Maryland. Das zweite Programm zeigt die Verspieltheit, die Anarchie und die konzeptuelle Scharfsinnigkeit der Filmemacher auf.

Adams Sitney und die. Jed Rapfogel. Founded in , Anthology came into existence thanks primarily to the efforts of editor, critic, and filmmaker Jonas Mekas, one of the central figures of the American underground film movement. Co-founded with scholar P. Adams Sitney and filmmakers Stan Brakhage, Peter Kubelka, and Jerome Hill, Anthology was originally intended as a showcase for the Essential Cinema Repertory collection, a selection of films representing the art of cinema that would screen perpetually.

Eines von Angers simpelsten, aber beeindruckendsten Werken. Die Frage nach Sinn oder Handlung ist irrelevant. As the actors pose in harem costumes and bizarre makeup, Rice explores the allure of indolent women and swaying hammocks stretching out the experience through colourful in-camera superimpositions. The psychedelic montage moves at a languorous pace far removed from the rush of modern life.

Questions of motivation and plot are beside the point. Ron Rice was an American experimental filmmaker, whose freeform style influenced experimental filmmakers in New York and California during the early s. A frantic collage that represents, in a brisk nine minutes, a kind of hyperspeed gestalt vision of the s and all that that wild, tumultuous decade represented. Wallace Berman is gaining wider recognition today for a visionary body of work that encompassed assemblage, photography, collage, drawing, sculpture, poetry, and mail art.

Harry Smith Harry Smith wore many hats during his long, eventful life as a key figure of underground culture through the latter half of the 20th century. Through the intermediary of rhythm, the maximal impact is drawn from the simplest of universal human images: straight horizontal and vertical lines.

In diesem Werk oszillieren kleine Kreise in einem Spektrum von Farben, ganz wie bei einem Kaleidoskop. Dazu spielt indische Sitar-Musik. Die Muster entfalten ihre hypnotische Wirkung. In this piece smaller circles oscillate in and out in an array of colours resembling a kaleidoscope while being accompanied by Indian sitar music. The patterns become hypnotic and trance-inducing. This work clearly correlates the auditory and the visual and is a wonderful example of the concept of synaesthesia.

James Whitney was the younger brother of John Whitney, with whom he collaborated for some of his seven shorts completed over four decades. The Whitney Brothers were among the very first, and the most inventive, in harnessing the power of computers to create images of dazzling, trancelike beauty.

George Kuchar ranks as one of the most exciting and prolific American independent film- and videomakers. With his homemade Super 8 and 16mm potboilers and melodramas of the s to 70s, he became legendary as a distinctive and outrageous underground filmmaker whose work influenced many other artists including Warhol, Waters and Lynch.

Winesburg, Ohio (Webster's German Thesaurus Edition) Sherwood Anderson

A compilation of four films, several of which include early images of Jack Smith, another pioneer of underground cinema. Born in Brooklyn, Jacobs has been at the centre of avant-garde cinema for more than 50 years, both as a filmmaker, teacher, and co-founder of the Millennium Film Workshop.

One of the most prolific of all avant-garde filmmakers, he combines radical formal experimentation, passionate political commitment, and wry playfulness, and today continues to produce extraordinary work. Goddess Holle Aug 30, Get it by Tuesday, Jul 09 Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Eostre Ostara Eostar Oct 15, Get it by Tuesday, Jul 09 Only 1 left in stock more on the way. Wild Hunt and Furious Host Jul 1, Mass Market Paperback. Only 2 left in stock - order soon.

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