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An incredible Christmas story from WWII

It means you get more than you expect and is another way of keeping this readers eyes glued to the page. Holly herself is a character I really liked, she is motivated but also patient and can see the best in people. Mitch is moody and initially a bit of a shocking character, but as I learnt more about his story and how he has come to be where he is I saw that he was more than first meets the eye. He was probably my favourite character, but only just. For me, it was how his life had gone through a roller-coaster on an emotional level that added that extra intrigue and poignancy.

This book is part of a series, and even though this is book 4 it really can be read as a stand-alone. This is a book and also a series that has a charming, festive, cosy and enchanting feel to it. A story that has a heart and just ticks all the boxes in what I am looking for in this type of book. One I would definitely recommend xx.

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To everyone who reads by flashlight, who sees dragons in the clouds, who feels most alive in worlds that never were, who knows magic is real, who dreams. Search for:. I love you, honey. See you in a few hours. Please see us through safely to Iowa. In less than an hour the men were back in the sky, enjoying the fact that the sun had come out and the conditions were once again clear. By the time they flew over Sioux Falls, Steve's fears had nearly disappeared and he began looking forward to being with Katy. Then, as the plane passed over a series of valleys the fog appeared once more and almost instantly engulfed the small craft in a dense, suffocating blanket of gray.

Moments later they approached a mountain range, and Steve watched as Joe struggled to clear it safely. The airport wasn't far away, and Joe immediately contacted the radio control tower for assistance. Return to Pierre Municipal Airport and land there. We don't have enough to fly back to Pierre. They had no visibility, and Steve's eyes fell on the fuel gauge and the needle, which danced dangerously over the letter E.

Again he silently prayed, struggling to control his terror: please, God, please get us out of these clouds safely.

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Let me make it home this Christmas, please Finally, a different voice broke the silence. We'll get the ground crew ready. Come in on an emergency landing. There was no way they could make an emergency landing when visibility between the plane and the control tower was completely cut off by the fog. Joe's voice snapped Steve to attention. According to the map, they should be directly above the airport.

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Gradually, Joe began to descend through the fog toward the ground. As he did, the voice of the controller entered the cockpit. Pull it up! They were not over the airport as they had thought. Instead they were over the lights of a busy interstate highway and had missed an overpass by no more than five feet.

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Steve felt his heart thumping wildly, and he was struck by the certainty of one thing. Short of divine intervention, there was no way they would escape their grave situation alive.

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The memory of "Silent Night" playing in the airport earlier that day rewound itself in Steve's mind. Now the words took on a terrifyingly different meaning. Without anyone to guide them down from the skies, the silence in their cockpit that night might be the last they would ever know. At that instant, the controller's voice broke the silence again. Joe released a pent-up sigh. I'm listening. Meanwhile, the controller began guiding Joe toward a landing. Okay, a little more. Not that much. All right, now over to the right.

Straighten it out and come down a little more.

The trip seemed to take an eternity, and Steve wondered whether he would see his wife again. Okay, you're too far to the left. That's right. Now lower it a little more. All right, you're right over the end of the runway. Set it down. As the plane touched down Steve saw Katy standing nearby waiting for him, and his eyes filled with tears of relief and gratitude. The two men in the cockpit looked at each other. Without saying a word, they bowed their heads and closed their eyes. And thank you for listening. We couldn't have made it without those directions. You probably saved our lives.

A Treasury of Christmas Miracles: True Stories of God's Presence Today

He had a different voice this time, and he was clearly confused. Buy now with 1-Click. One-night miracle for the Crown Prince! No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Christmas Miracles: A Collection Of Inspirational Stories To Warm The Heart by Kristine Pierce

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