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Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. Beispiel example 2 2. Northern-Blot-Analyse Northern blot analysis. ICAMverwandten identified clones for a new ICAM polypeptide encoded, as suspected by the unique Ig-like domain, the tissue-specific expression was examined by Northern blot analysis to permit comparison with the previously reported expression patterns of human ICAMs. Exp Med ]. Approximately 5. The fact that the initially identified cDNA clones were detected in a rat spleen library, suggested that a subset of cells in the spleen may express ICAM-4 in niedrigert mirrors.

One explanation for the detection of ICAM-4 cDNA in spleen is that the sensitivity of PCR may have amplified a trace amount of transcript even though these tissues do not express the encoded protein. Beispiel example 3 3.

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Die Hybridisierungsbedingungen waren wie in Beispiel Hybridization conditions were as in Example beschrieben, und positive Plaques wurden einer oder mehrerer Runden von Screening unterzogen, um einen klonalen Phagen zu erhalten. Neun positive Klone wurden identifiziert, von denen zwei an beide Sonden hybridisierten.

Nine positive clones were identified, two of which hybridized to both probes. The longest of the two clones, designated clone 7, contained bp that encoded for four of the five Ig-like domains found in the probe cDNA. In addition coded clone 7 four Ig-like domains, which were not found in the probe. Potential transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains were identified which were followed by a stop codon, a polyadenylation signal and a poly A tail.

Bestimmung des 5'-Endes B. Determination of the 5 'end. This technique utilizes an internal primer paired with a second primer which is complementary to the sequence, which is ligated to the 5 'end of cDNA library molecules. PCR mit diesem Primerpaar wird daher die dazwischen liegenden Sequenzen amplifizieren und deren Identifizierung erleichtern.

PCR with this primer pair will therefore amplify the intervening sequences and to facilitate their identification.

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Overlapping sequence information can then be used to generate a full-continuous sequence of the gene. The product resulting from this primer pair amplification product was then subjected to a secondary PCR using the same 5 'kit primer paired with a 3' primer complementary to a region in ICAM-4 domain 1. Partial sequence information for domain 1 and the hydrophobic leader was determined from the resulting amplification product. A putative Kozak sequence is located upstream of the methionine residue in the leader sequence.


A 27 amino acid hydrophobic leader sequence is followed by nine Ig-like domains, a transmembrane region and a 58 amino acid cytoplasmic tail. Domain 9 comprises amino acids to Other structural features of ICAM-4 include the transmembrane region, which amino acids and includes the cytoplasmic region, the amino acids comprising The second domain is more conserved, with the percent identity of the amino acids 60, 42 and 62 are connected to each ICAM-1, -2 and The cytoplasmic tail is 58 amino acids long.

Vonderheide et al. Beispiel 4 example 4. In situ-Hybridisierung in Hirngewebe In situ hybridization in brain tissue. After washing, the sections were dipped in NTB2 emulsion Kodak, Rochester, NY and exposed from 2 to 21 days prior to development and counterstaining. The detected in brain slices signal was primarily localized in the gray matter with the strongest signal in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus.

The hybridization profile was consistent with ICAM-4 expression primarily in cerebral neurons. Beispiel 5 example 5. PCR primers corresponding to the 5 'and 3' ends of domain 1 and the 5 'and 3' ends of domain 2 used to amplify DNA fragments coding for individual domains. Transformants were then screened for their ability to produce fusion protein of the correct molecular weight.

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The gel was stained in ice cold 0. The fusion proteins were on the gel slices in dialysis tubing in buffer containing 25 mM Tris-HCl and mM glycine, electroeluted. Beispiel 6 example 6. Two weeks later, the mice were again emulsified by subcutaneous injection with the same protein, but in incomplete Freund's adjuvant. Two final intraperitoneal immunizations given two weeks after the second immunization included soluble antigen with no adjuvant given at two week intervals.

Serum from each immunized mouse was assayed by ELISA out on its ability to specifically react with rat ICAM-4, which was produced by the baculovirus expression system described infra is. The cell suspension was filtered through a sterile mesh Nitex cell breakdown Becton Dikkinson, Parsippany, NJ and washed twice with RPMI followed by centrifuging at xg for 5 minutes. The resulting pellet from the final wash was resuspended in 20 ml serum-free RPMI. Once harvested, the cells were centrifuged at x g for 5 minutes and the pellet was washed twice as described in the preceding paragraph.

After washing, the cell suspension was brought to a final volume of 10 ml in serum-free RPMI. Approximately 2. Subsequently, an additional 14 ml serum free RPMI was added over 7 minutes of time. M sodium hypoxanthine, 0. M aminopterin, After blocking, the plates 3X with PPS containing 0. Substrate, The absorbance at nm was then determined on an automated plate reader Dynatech. ELISA was performed as described above except that the Immulon 4 plates initially coated overnight with Baculovirus supernatant diluted 1: 4 in 50 mM carbonate buffer were coated.

Pits of Klonplatten were visually evaluated after 4 days and the number of colonies in the least dense wells was recorded. The results showed that the antibodies A, and F all IgG isotypes were one. These antibodies were subsequently used in immunocytochemical analyzes, Western blotting, and for purification of protein expressed in baculovirus. Beispiel example 7 7. The 5 'oligonucleotide primer included Hind III and Bgl II sites a, in addition to a consensus Kozak sequence upstream of the first methionine in the leader sequence.

The 3 'oligonucleotide primer included a coding sequence for six histidines followed by a stop codon and a HindIII cloning site.


After these manipulations, the linearized, blunt-endige vector contained a portion of the upstream multiple cloning region those restriction sites 5 'of the original Hind III site in the multiple cloning region , the Kozak sequence and most of the ICAM-1 leader sequence. The coding sequence for rat ICAM-4 domains 1 through 6 was amplified by PCR using primers were constructed so as to permit cloning of this sequence into the linearized vector described above.

In later work, monoclonal antibodies generated from those mice were used to purify ICAM-4 protein produced by the recombinant baculovirus in SF9 cells. Beispiel 8 example 8. The rat ICAM-4 domains were in the baculovirus expression system in Example 7, expressed as described. The recombinant protein was purified using monoclonal antibody A as described in Example 6. Briefly, 30 mg to 3 g of activated Cyanogenbromidsepharose 4B Pharmacia, Piscataway, NJ were purified monoclonal A mM sodium chloride in mM sodium borate, coupled.

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Mice were immunized with the purified recombinant rat ICAM-4 domains protein in a similar manner as in Example 6. The spleen from mouse was used for fusion th Das Fusionsprotokoll war wie in Beispiel 6 beschrieben. The fusion protocol was as described in Example 6. The secondary screen included immunocytochemistry on rat brain sections as below described in Example 9. The immunocytochemical staining pattern of each antibody on rat brain sections was the same as observed with monoclonal antibody A see Example 9.

These two distinct binding specificities, have in common with the others that do not bind any GST protein suggest that at least three different epitopes were recognized by the range of antibodies. Die Hybridome A und H wurden jeweils am Mai und 1. Beispiel 9 example 9. It was performed Immunocytochemistry with monoclonal antibody A, to localize the protein production within the rat brain.

The attached tissue was sectioned at 6. The sections were fixed in ethyl ether Mallinckrodt, Paris, KY for 5 minutes at room temperature.

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Once the slides were removed from the ether, it was made possible the reagent evaporate. After blocking, the solution was gently blotted from the sections and the purified supernatant antibody A 1. The next day, the antibody solution was gently blotted from the sections and the slides were washed three times in 1X PBS with each wash for 4 minutes. The incubation was allowed to proceed for 1 hour at room temperature.

The incubation was allowed to proceed for 30 minutes at room temperature. After color development, the sections were rinsed under running tap water for 5 minutes with Mayer's hematoxylin Sigma counterstained for 20 minutes and again rinsed in gently running tap water for 5 minutes. The slides were dehydrated through a graded series of ethanols, passed through xylene and 60 with Accumount Stephens Scientific, Riverdale, NJ mounted.

Immunohistochemistry of rat brain sections that were stained with mAb A indicated that rat ICAM-4 is expressed in the neuronal cells of the hippocampus. The staining pattern suggested that the protein may be limited to the neuronal processes dendrites. Brain sections stained in a similar manner with a second antibody or inelevanten Schrittreagenz alone did not show the distinct expression pattern seen with MAb A. Beispiel 10 example Genome Systems Inc.

Zwei Klone, bezeichnet als und wurden identifiziert und einer weiteren Analyse unterzogen. Two clones, designated and were identified and subjected to further analysis. Both P1 clones contained approximately kb genomic DNA inserts. The clones were digested with BamHI, separated by agarose gel electrophoresis and blotted onto Ny lon membranes.

The washed membrane was exposed for 3. Based on homology to rat ICAM-4, these fragments appeared to the domains 2, 3, 4, 5 and to contain a portion of domain. Beispiel 11 example Das Bibliotheks-Screeningprotokoll war im wesentlichen dasselbe, wie in Beispiel The library screening protocol was essentially the same as in Example beschrieben. Diese Bibliothek ergab eine Zahl von positiven Klonen. This library yielded a number of positive clones. Based on the alignment with the full length rat ICAM-4 was hergesagt before that this clone was missing the leader sequence and approximately 30 kb from the 5 'end of domain.

A fragment of DNA comprising the first three domains nucleotides 1 to clone 34 corresponded, was used as a probe to screen a. The apparent 9 Ig like extracellular domain structure of the protein is conserved between rat and human. Beispiel 12 example These contained at least 2. The following day the blots were washed in a solution of 0.

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Die Ergebnisse der Analyse sind unten in Tabelle 1 gezeigt. The results of the analysis are shown below in Table 1 below. A longer exposure 5 days confirmed that only the brain had a detectable level of messenger. The blots were stripped by treatment with a boiling solution of 0. Except for minor differences in the quantities of all traces was shown to have a good quality RNA.

All the regions that showed ICAM-4 expression are part of the telencephalon, with the exception of the thalamus which is considered part of the diencephalon. The hippocampus and cerebral cortex appeared to have the highest levels of expression. The transcript size was the same in all cases, 3 kb. The exquisite tissue distribution of the ICAM-4 expression suggests that the promoter region may contain elements that cause the observed development and spatial expression of the gene product.

The use of such information may provide insight into the understanding of control of neural gene expression in general available. Beispiel 13 example Denn wir arbeiten auf Non-Profit-Basis und nicht gesponsort. Reise, Unterbringung sind selber zu organisieren. Akkreditierung mit FoBi-Punkten wird beantragt. Nicolas Nowack Hg. Bitte vormerken! Fronleichnam — Sa. Stranger in the City - On the circular relationship between alienation and psychosis and the healing power of human reconnection.

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