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Have you wondered about the difference between Lightworkers, Earth Angels, and Starseeds?

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Earth Angels, Lightworkers, Watchers

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Outlook Calendar. Google Calendar. Jenny triluminous. View organizer profile. Interested in hosting your own event? Tend to have a strong affinity for Angels and feel a guardian angel is watching over them. If this describes you then you might be an Earth Angel! StarSeed is a soul who is not originally from earth but they also may have incarnated here for multiple lifetimes.

They may be from any number of distant galaxies, different dimensions or far off stars. They have agreed to leave their wonderful existence to incarnate here as a human. They have a pre-programed purpose to help heal the planet and raise the vibration. They are highly evolved souls but their true nature is shielded from them.

Every Starseed has an activation code that at a predetermined time wakes them up to their true purpose and nature.

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This can be a pre-programmed series of events that leads them to remember or it can be a drastic and rather sudden wake up call. Once this code or the wake-up call is activated they will remember what their purpose is here and they will find peace with their gifts and abilities. Am I a Starseed? Do you have the following qualities: highly clairvoyant in one or many senses, an interest in other worlds or aliens, a strong feeling of not belonging here, a desire to go home despite being uncertain where that is, highly empathic or sensitive, intuitive abilities in energy work, a resistance to following the rules of society or identification with progressive movements.

Often described as having a highly evolved soul. If these qualities describe you then you might be a Starseed!

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Light worker is a person that is born with a strong sense of purpose to help heal and to assist others with the spiritual awakening process or work in some type of healing field. They may be a highly evolved soul from or not from this planet but they are acutely aware of a strong urge or sense of purpose to help spread light and positive energy and be of service to humanity.

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They are deeply spiritual people who exude love and light! They are usually drawn to healing professions or activities such as reiki, meditation, yoga and other healing modalities. They tend to be described as highly spiritual, caretakers and healers. Am I a Lightworker?

Lightworkers & Incarnated Angels

People who are Lightworkers often feel a nagging sense of having to do something very important with their life, they are seekers trying to discover their true path. Others may feel as though their purpose has been revealed to them and are actively working on it. They tend to work in a spiritual-based practice such as intuitive coaching, reiki, yoga, meditation, healing services, or any other helping profession.

They also may have experienced a wake-up call by seeing repeating signs, seeing repeated numbers and will keep hearing these messages until they pay attention. Regardless of what terms you identify with if you are going through a spiritual awakening process or starting on a spiritual journey things can get quite confusing. Try to open your mind and heart and ask the universe for guidance and direction! If you are working in a spiritual field or starting on a spiritual path try not to get too hung on what you call yourself- you are truly helping raise the positive energy and consciousness of yourself and the planet!

Earth Angels have a strong reaction to the suffering of others and Are you an Earth Angel?