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Fall Asleep Version Connect with Multiple Spirit Guides / Guardian Angels Hypnosis & Meditation

You can specifically ask the Angels to reignite your brain and imagination so you can get clarity and take action! It is also great for creative endeavors like writing or art. I use this intention frequently for writing blogs and articles. Part of my purpose is writing and I have my own blog, plus I am a freelancer and contributor for several others. I also write websites for entrepreneurs, often for businesses I know nothing about. I usually need ideas that will best suit varying audiences, and the Angels always come through to help inspire me! Surrender is powerful. This is not the waving the white flag, giving up scenario we might think of when we hear that word.

Surrender is faith; it is saying that you have faith in your higher self and your Angels plus God or the Universe; whatever energy resonates for you to work together for the best possible outcome; free of expectations and limitations. This intention is awesome when you need help with communicating even in situations of conflict , presenting, performing or any time nerves have you feeling out of sorts.

Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Testing Identity

The Angels can align you with your higher self for peace, help you recall the information you need and help you communicate so the interaction is successful, pleasant and for your highest good. I use this technique before every single Angel Reading I do, my Facebook Live Angel Readings and whenever I am teaching a seminar webinar or presenting at a live event.

It works like a charm, keeps me calm and has never failed to help me be successful. Please help me remember what I need to say at the moments I need to say it. Please help connect everyone involved to their higher selves so that we all benefit positively from this experience. Angels and Archangels are Divine spiritual beings of love and light; they really do not care about being named. All you really need to do to ask for help is, ASK! That being said, humans seem to love names and specificity, and the angels know it helps make us more faithful.

That is why there are names for our Guardian Angels and Archangels along with specific purposes for Archangels ; it helps humans create a stronger connection. You never need to name an Angel when asking for help, it will be up to you; do what feels for you, always. Guardian Angels: Our Guardian Angels are all purpose helpers and can give us guidance, healing and support for anything we need; just ask.

We each have a Primary Guardian Angel that is with us for our entire lifetime; more Angels may come and go as needed, depending what is happening in our lives, and you can always ask for more Angels to be around you for help and support. You can ask your Primary Guardian Angel and any others for their name and they will bring you the information intuitively. The names are often very unique and will come to you, after asking, in the form of Angel Signs; so pay attention to names you hear or see repetitively after asking for the information.

Archangels: below are some common Archangels and their purposes what ways they can help us. There are too many Archangels to list them all. Learning about the Angels is not only fun, it can also have a profoundly positive impact on your life. Working with the Angels can help you in more ways en you can possibly imagine.

If you feel drawn to this information, keep pursuing it and ask your angels to help you find the best people and resources to teach you! Visit www. You can change these settings at any time.

Here’s how to contact your guardian angel:

However, this can result in some functions no longer being available. Written by Gina Sendef. Tweet Pin Share 14K. View all posts. Cookies Information To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. This may be one of the most important positive habits that anyone can develop. Connecting with our angels, then, is much more than a personal-growth venture. Our relationship with God, the ascended masters, our angels, and deceased loved ones can ultimately help us love ourselves and others more deeply. By opening our hearts to heaven, we literally open to life itself.

In that way, we can all become earth angels. Skip to main content.

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Connect with your Angels 6 ways to contact Divine help. Doreen Virtue More by this author. Mar 19, at AM. You can request aid from God, Holy Spirit, Jesus or other ascended masters , the archangels, your guardian angel, or a deceased loved one in so many different ways: Think the thought: Help me! Heaven hears our thoughts, and responds with assistance.

Speak your request aloud. The words you choose, and the way that you say them, are unimportant. What counts is sincerity. Write a letter to heaven. Pour your heart out, including all your fears, worries, and hopes. Invite them into your dreams.

5 Ways to Call on Your Angels and Archangels For Help

Before falling asleep, pray to have a connection with your angels. Invite them or a particular being in heaven into your dreams. Ask for a sign. Ask your angels to make their presence known.

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  • Let the angels surprise you with their method. Ask for faith. If you find yourself filled with self-doubt, ask your angels to boost your spiritual confidence.