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Good communicators are also good listeners. Listening fosters trust, respect, and openness. Allow people to air their gripes and complaints. Ask questions that open the door to what people really think and feel. Communicate relentlessly. Communicate information, thoughts, and ideas clearly — and frequently — in different media. Keep processes open and transparent, and find ways to help smooth the path of communication for your team or organization. Simplify and be direct. Say what you mean. Be direct. Simple communication can be smart communication.

Listen and encourage input. Be okay with silence. Encourage the other person to offer ideas and solutions before you give yours. Illustrate through stories.

Leadership Series #2 Effective Communication in the Workplace

When you tell a good story, you give life to a vision, goal, or objective. Telling good stories creates trust, captures hearts and minds, and serves as a reminder of the vision. Plus, people find it easier to repeat a story or refer to an image or quote than to talk about a vision statement, strategy document, or project plan. Affirm with actions. If people hear one thing from you and see another, your credibility is shot. People need to trust you. Great article.

5 Important Communication Skills for Leaders - Training Industry

Guide used by the coordinator of the Building Your Leadership Power. Workbook used by the participants of the Building Your Leadership Power. Workbook used by participants of the Building Your Leadership Power. This workshop helps participants learn to use leadership skills as they pertain to working with and leading teams.

This workshop will give participants the knowledge and skills they need to be more effective managers. Certificate to be presented to the coordinator for any of the Success Communication and Success Leadership programs. We used Breakthrough Training for both our locations in NV and CA, Jeff and his team put on a great experience, the entire company went through the training. The interactive elements of the training were what made it a stand out experience for every employee.

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We are ready for the next level in communication and leadership training and would gladly let Breakthrough help us get there. The staff quickly learned their strengths and how to overcome challenges working together. Jeffrey knew exactly how to identify each of the staff's communication styles, how to work with them, and inspire their greatness. Jeff's leadership training is a must! This training is great for managers, leaders, and staff. Understanding leadership styles, communication tactics, and team building are all essentials for building a cohesive team.

This training provides these essentials and more! I just finished a great training program lead by Jeffrey. It was an amazing two days. Each aspect was engaging and meaningful, with take-aways that I am able to utilize every day.

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It was definitely time well spent. Thank you Jeffrey for providing awesome program!

Leadership Series for New Supervisors - Effective Communication

I look forward to putting the skills to work! I've attended several of Jeff's Breakthrough Training courses and it's some of the best training and development I've experienced in my whole career. The training was timely and relevant for my position and the construction industry. His courses take you outside your comfort zone in terms of personal growth and relationship building.

What I think I appreciated the most was Jeff's personal connection with each member of the course. I was able to get a lot out of them that I can apply in my professional career and in my personal life. Everybody wants to be able to communicate better with co-workers, employees, family members and friends. After completing the modules I felt that this was accomplished along with many other skills.

Breakthrough Training was a great experience for me. The training is especially useful during sales presentations as well as business meetings. Jeff helped make the terrifying experience of speaking in front of people something that I looked forward to. His encouragement and critiques were always right on. I would love to go through the training again. The training has made a difference for me in my work-life as well as real-life. Having participated in 3 of Jeffrey's trainings over the last several years I can say that each time they have had an impact for me.

I always learn more about myself as well as the team I work with. Working for Microsoft we have the opportunity to attend many trainings.

The real value of a training is when you walk away after spending the day together with your team; and you know your perspective has changed in how you look at your job, your team and your personal life. Jeffrey's trainings have all had that impact for me. Jeff's Leadership Program through his Breakthrough Training was a great resource and a really fun time for me.

The information I learned was not only relevant to my work but also something that I could work on during my workday. I had a great time and felt that the program made a large impact.

Master Effective Communication Skills

This training was awesome and very interactive! I love that it was not just sit down and listen the whole time. Each module was different and helped different personalities learn to work as a team. It was fun, interesting and very beneficial for not only your work life but your personal life. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The interactive challenges were definitely an eye opener for communication and leadership styles. It really helped me realize and work on approaching each style the most effective way to achieve goals. Once again, Jeff delivered an energetic and dynamic training session to our management team!

Several employees noted that this was the best training they had ever received. We intend to partner on a consistent basis with Breakthrough Training for our diverse training needs throughout our unit. I had the opportunity to take Jeff's leadership class.

Open Body Language

It was wonderful! This class worked on team building and communication skills. I think this class would be particularly useful for anyone who is in a supervisory position or plans to be or in sales. It really helps to understand how to communicate with people you interact with in different situations.