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The world Lynn Viehl has created, you either love it or hate it, there seems to be no way in the middle. And although I did enjoy the story in this book, not as much as I used to. I will read the next book a bit sooner, Nightbound is already on my shelves. Mar 17, Melliane rated it really liked it.

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But that was not the case and I was swept away by the story more than I would have thought at first. We discover Jamys a young man changed at his 17 so, now, everyone thinks he is only a boy. Appearances are deceiving but it does not change people's attitude towards him. He corresponds in secret with a young woman, mortal, Chris, he loves for almost three years.

But their condition, so different, prevents them from being together. So when he learns that the discovery of a lost treasure has the power to make him win a land, he does not hesitate to be part of this quest. Chris, meanwhile, is trying to become Tresora in order to get closer to her lover. But in order to become what she wants, they ordered her to find the treasure, otherwise they will destroy her by any means. So when Jamys arrives and that Chris is assigned to him, she knows that she will have to make a choice and fast!

But in addition to this, it seems that they are not alone in the search of the famous stones, and some others Darkyn, have some more ruthless methods! Fact that we can discover in this novel. It was really cute to see our two heroes together. They do not know how to express their feelings and do not know what the other feels.

They therefore act both very cautiously, afraid to be rejected. It's funny to see them around each other like that, trying to uncover the secrets that are buried in themselves. During their quest, they will have the opportunity to rediscover what they have become after three years of absence, realizing that the person they were, are no longer, and each has evolved since. But that does not change their feelings and they will gradually be closer in the story.

They are both scared but determined to please the other. We discover through their quest their tumultuous past, and their hopes for a new life. It was very interesting to see how they have evolved and how they became the person we discover. But of course, we have other really fascinating characters as Lucan and Sam and I must say that Sam is a woman with a fiery temperament.

She made me smile several times by her attitude and her courage in all circumstances. I'm curious to learn more about her. I was surprised that nobody realized who the villain really was or what was happening but when he was found I did not expect that he was so twisted. I was surprised by many of his actions and manipulations. It was interesting to see his designs at work. The story was intriguing and I was looking forward to see how they would manage to survive. Jan 02, Tania rated it really liked it Shelves: lynn-viehl. Book 2 of the Lords of the Darkyn trilogy. I really liked this second addition to the trilogy.

Jamys is a character that was introduced in the second book of the Darkyn series and I've always wanted him to get a happily ever after. Chris is a character that was introduced in the third book of the Darkyn series and I've always wanted to know what happened to her. Jamys may look like a mature seventeen year old but he's really years old.

He's been training to be a warr "Nightbred" by Lynn Viehl. He's been training to be a warrior for the last 3 years, gaining muscle and skills to use a sword and knives. He wants to be master of his own territory so he can have a tresora , one in particular. He has never stopped thinking about Chris since he met her 3 years ago. He's loved her ever since then but he's not sure if she has the same feelings for him.

If making her his tresora is the only way he can be near her, then that's what he's going to do. Chris has dedicated the last 3 years of her life to becoming the prefect tresora but not for her current Lord Lucan. She never swore loyalty to him even though she's very loyal. She wants to be Jamys's tresora. She's loved him since she met him 3 years ago but she's not sure if he feels the same way. If being his tresora is the only way she can be with him, then that's what she's going to do.

So that's the basis of the love story between Chris and Jamys. I loved it.

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Beyond the romantic love story, the overall plot of the book continues from the first book. Jamys and Chris are both searching for the Emeralds of Eternity; Chris needs them to become a tresora and Jamys needs them to become a seigneur master of his own territory. But there's another force out there that's interfering and can take over the minds of the Kyn. Even though I figured out the plot and some of the twists in this book, I really enjoyed the story.

It's also enjoying to see some of the original Darkyn. In this book, Lucan and Sam play a big roll. The overall series story line is not concluded in this book obviously because there is one more book to go. The only thing I wish I knew was Chris and Jamys's back story.

They kept referring to meeting 3 years ago like I as the reader should already now what happened. I know there is a novella in the Darkyn series called "Master of Shadows" and unfortunately I couldn't read it because it is not available on the eReader that I have. I'm thinking their past may be included in this novella? Regardless, you can totally read this book without reading the novella.

Enough of the backstory is given that you know they formed some kind of relationship together. I am really look forward to starting the last book. I'm enjoying this trilogy. Oct 20, Theresa rated it really liked it. Jekyll and Mr. Though I love Jamys and am glad he had his own book and happy ending, sometimes I felt he was a little too bland and predictable. He comes across as the perfect lover, but his love scenes were too gentle.

Chris also was too withdrawn and cautious. She used to be rebellious until Sam introduced to the Darklyn world and Burke got ahold of her. The two of them seemed like whipped puppies. Afterall this was their book, they should shine. Instead, as shown by how Dutch was more interested in Lucan and Sam than Jamys and Chris, it was like the two were the sidekicks. Sam was the female hero and Lucan was the unwilling bad guy. Except for a few spots, Jamys and Chris were just along for the ride.

Werren was an interesting character. I was never sure just who she was and what she was up to even at the end. She did what she could to help the girls, but she was way too terrified and subservient. She could have taken over like Sam did at any time, but then they had nowhere to go. I would think that death would be preferable to their condition. The main storyline ending is exciting, though the epilogue was expected.

I knew somehow the main issue between Jamys and Chris would be resolved, afterall it was brought up quite a bit, but I like the romantic way it happened. Jamys got his girl and his jardin. Though having to keep Chris a secret is nothing new to the series. It might have helped his case. Though Paradise was a lot more fantasy.

Jan 22, Candy rated it really liked it Shelves: challenge. Jamys Durand, an immortal Darkyn, is in limbo. Fiercely protected by his father, Jamys has had no chance to prove himself as a warrior and gain his own territory. When an announcement from the High Lord arrives promising territory to anyone who can find a lost Knights Templars treasure, Jamys sees it as the perfect opportunity to finally be taken seriously and perhaps win the heart of the human girl he loves.

Chris Lang has done a lot of growing up since her and Jamys met three years ago. Secret Jamys Durand, an immortal Darkyn, is in limbo. Secretly in love with Jamys, Chris decides to take on the onerous task of becoming a tresora , in hopes that she may get to serve Jamys. When her last task puts her at odds with Jamys, Chris has a huge decision to make. Will Chris complete her training? Will the lost treasure be recovered? I was really sad when the Darkyn series ended. Viehl has created a very unique take on vampire mythology by combining it with history, which made me completely enamored of the series.

Fortunately, the Lords of the Darkyn continues in that same vein. Readers first met Jamys in the Darkyn series where he was recovering from being tortured by the Brethren. In this book, he is definitely more confident but frustrated by the roll his father has forced him into. Once Jamys learns of the treasure hunt, Jamys risks everything by defying his father and leaving their territory without permission. Like Jamys, Chris has done a lot of growing up since we last met her.

She has shed her Goth persona and is determined to become a tresora , a human servant to the Darkyn. The only thing that distracts her from her end game is when Jamys shows up unexpectedly. Chris struggles for a bit trying to decide if she wants to be a tresora and lose Jamys or help him in his quest and not become a tresora. In addition to getting to read about Jamys and Chris again, Lucan and Sam also make an appearance in this book with a secondary plot. Sam and Lucan are still as lovable as ever. When Lucan begins to act abnormal, Sam has to figure out what is causing the strange behavior before Lucan does something he may regret.

Nightbred is the second book in the Lords of the Darkyn series not a standalone read! The Darkyn series should be read entirely before this series.

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Viehl continues to weave her magic with this dark PNR series. If you love vampires and history, Viehl is a writer that you need to read. Dec 11, Margaret Fisk rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. The series is presented as paranormal suspense romance, and Nightbred lives up to that label, but at the same time, I find myself captured by the use of language not so as to distract from the story but more to embellish upon it, transcending the genre standards to offer stunning imagery.

This is especially true for his father, a man unwilling to chance any more harm to the remainder of his human family. Three years have passed, spent separately in a desperate attempt to prove they are each worthy of the other. As is often the case, their efforts push them apart rather than bringing them together, but neither of them are the type to passively accept the failure.

Their future requires they open up to the chance of hurt and rejection, challenges their loyalty to each other and those they love, and introduces a new element with a lot of potential stories woven around it.

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  • This novel is complex, compelling, and at times, dark and painful. Nightbred started out as an amazing novel. I was rather excited to have finally found a book that measured up to some of my favorite romances, but unfortunately my hopes were dashed. I loved Lucan, Sam, Chris, and Jayms. They were very intriguing and well thought out characters. Though this is were my positive thoughts end.

    Nightbred had great potential and talent up until the last third of the book. It was like the story went off the deep end. Almost as if the author thought something was wrong Nightbred started out as an amazing novel. Almost as if the author thought something was wrong with the story and tried to "fix" the problem, but in my opinion ended up ruining the whole book. I was definitely not impressed with Nightbred, and though there were parts of this book I enjoyed I probably won't read another Lords of the Darkyn novel.

    Lord Durand has always been a warrior at heart, and these last three years he has spent every day training to become a true warrior. When Jamys and many other Darkyn warriors are called to duty, he realizes that this is his chance to prove his worth. To himself and the woman he loves. Christian Lang is one mission away from becoming a Tresora, but when she is asked to betray her friends and the man she loves she begins to question everything!

    On test will make or break this relationship and only true love will come out on top. I don't know what happened with this book. But this book was boring. I am still confused on that. It f I don't know what happened with this book. It felt really high school as well, which is odd since Jamys is yrs old. I mean, I know he looks 17, but he's not, so why must his love story be high school-ish? And Chris is Speaking of Chris, there really should've been more about that cross she wore.

    I feel nothing was resolved in this book of small mysteries. I'd give this 2 stars, but I feel that makes it seem bad, when it's not. It's just mediocre. I'm hoping for something more from the 3rd book. And why has no one mentioned to Jamys in all the Darkyn books that Alex Keller can age him like she did Jayr? Seriously, why hasn't Alex herself told him. Looking 21 forever would be fine, but a teenager?

    No, that's just too problematic. I'd pick looking forever, myself. This one has a dual plot.

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    • Lucan is the suzerain of the jardin in Fort Lauderdale. Suddenly someone is using mind manipulation to throw his jardin into chaos. Samantha is targeted as is Lucan himself. Jamys leaves his North Carolina home to visit Christian Lang who lives with Lucan and is training as a tresora so she can ultimately protect Jamys. Richard Tremayne has issued a proclamation that anyone who finds the three Emeralds of Eternity will become the new suzerain of Ireland. All kinds of crazy people come out of the woodwork in search of the jewels.

      In order to complete her tresora training, Chris has to find the jewels and give them to the tresora council. Jamys needs the jewels to get his own jardin. These youngish lovers are at cross purposes until they finally start talking to each other instead of assuming. This is a crazy roller-coaster ride of murder and mayhem that does have it's happily ever after Dec 01, Darcy rated it liked it Shelves: , pnr , vampires.

      This book reminded me of the early Darkyn series, which is a good thing as I really liked those. I think part of the reason why is that the main characters are ones that we have meet before, they had already worked through a lot of issues with themselves. Plus the other Kyn people around are ones that I really reading about. It was interesting how Lucan seemed to change so much, too much.

      I loved seeing Sam give him hell, because out of it or not, he at times deserves it. I loved watching Jamys a This book reminded me of the early Darkyn series, which is a good thing as I really liked those. I loved watching Jamys and Chris get to know each other and how they each were working towards the same goal, but in secret. Like Chris, I found myself laughing when they each confessed what they were doing.

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      I thought the ending was funny, the ceremony that was that didn't need to be, and then Alex letting Chris know of some secret news. With as much as Jamys and Chris are hiding I can't wait to read more in the series to see what happens when they are outed. Jan 01, Francesca Rock rated it liked it Shelves: Not bad, not bad. I was excited to read Chris and Jamys' story - as there were teasers about their relationship in previous books. It was nice to see something you knew was coming bear fruit.


      It was a pretty quick read. I really like Chris, though I don't like that she changed herself for him. But then it all redeems itself because Jamys gets mad at her for making those changes. It was a nice relationship to read - one of those "I like you as you are" stories that all Bridget Jones fans love. Th Not bad, not bad. The plot was also good, if a tiny bit confusing. I don't really get how these emeralds are supposed to work And there was certainly a lot of action and explosions in the effort to obtain them.

      Overall, a good story with good characters. Let's just hope for clarification in the next story. Apr 08, The Window Seat rated it really liked it. When I first read Nightborn, by Lynn Viehl, I really liked the world that Viehl had created and I went back and started to read the other books in the Darkyn series. I think I got to the third one before I just wasn't interested in it anymore. The Lords of the Darkyn, the branch off series that Nightbred is a part of, is much better written and the greater story arc is much stronger.

      One of the books that I did read was Thierry's story I don't know which one it was When I learned the second book in the series would finally focus a story on him, the seventeen year old who is really centuries old, I was excited. Jamys was the draw to this story, and he delivered! Jul 01, The Last rated it liked it. On the whole, I liked the characters - although I found it impossible to imagine being attracted to Jamys he was turned at 17 and even though he's now hundreds of years old, he still looks like a 17 year old so the thought of doing rude things to him was just icky.

      Also, the author should have just called Lucan's tresora Alfred rather than Burke, as he seemed to have been styled on Bruce Wayne's butler and confidante. Even though there were a few over the top elements - like the Pirate Captain, Dutch, and the lap dance at Stryker's private orgy party - they didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. I just hope that the next Lords of the Darkyn book features a slightly older in body Darkyn!

      Nightbred : Lords of the Darkyn

      Oct 08, Tricia rated it liked it. While I love Viehl's Darkyn series, I'm less enthused by the last few installments. Nightbred is slightly more interesting than the last one, but the characters are still shallow and hard to root for. In this particular book, Jamys is fully described as a baby faced man who wishes his daddy would stop coddling him so he could be treated seriously as a fighter and get the girl. Well, boo hoo. That's about all we ever learn about his motivations or internal struggle.

      There are descriptions in the While I love Viehl's Darkyn series, I'm less enthused by the last few installments. There are descriptions in the book about his mother's betrayal, but although Viehl describes the conflict often, we don't really ever feel what Jamys is feeling or really understand how it shapes him. Fans of the series, however, may still find the story interesting and the side plot of Lucan and Sam is great as they always are.

      Dec 03, Alicia rated it really liked it. I like the main characters in this one, enough to ignore the I've-been-in-love-with-you-for-three-freakin-years-and-never-mentioned-it thing. Both are more than competent and emotionally mature, having overcome some nasty stuff. And they were both actively working on their individual strategies for being together, in a gift of the magi sort of way. The plotting wasn't as clear in this book, as there are layers of villains that have to be peeled away. The author's tendency to include non-consensu I like the main characters in this one, enough to ignore the I've-been-in-love-with-you-for-three-freakin-years-and-never-mentioned-it thing.

      The author's tendency to include non-consensual sex in every book also continues. But ignoring the rapey bits and the sometimes confusing which-bad-guy-is-it thing, the main relationship and its development is lovely. May 07, Faby rated it liked it. This is a solid read, but I miss the dark magic feel of the original Darkyn series. I just don't get this series and why it's a spin-off.

      The characters and worlds in this book are all mostly from the Darkyn world, which should make me happy, but as much as I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of getting Jamys's story, I couldn't help but feel as though something is This book was boring.

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      I don't know if I'll continue with this series, and that mak This is a solid read, but I miss the dark magic feel of the original Darkyn series. I don't know if I'll continue with this series, and that makes me sad. Ah well. View all 6 comments. Oct 26, Jessika Theologus rated it it was amazing Shelves: lynn-viehl.

      I love this author and this book did not disappoint! LV has also introduced another important character that plays a huge part with the very few female Kyn. I don't want to give too much away tho, so you're just gonna have to read this awesome book! Dec 07, B. Oooo, this one was the best so far.

      I thought I'd have a little trouble with the romance part and Jamys being so young - but then again, he might look 17, but he's hundreds of years old, so I got over it. Hi-Res Cover. New York Times bestselling author Lynn Viehl's enthralling new series continues as a valiant warrior sets out on a dangerous quest for immortality. Lynn Viehl. Online retailers Or. Also by Lynn Viehl. Love Nightbred: Lords of the Darkyn Book 2? Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. Sign up to our newsletter using your email. Thank you!

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