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May God bless your little family abundantly. Oh my goodness- I love this! This is so great to hear. Thanks for sharing! THank you. I need this reminder as my son says the same thing every night to me. Teared up reading the end of your article. Thank you for this!! I need to be more mindful of these requests for more meaningful time together. My kids are growing like weeds and soon they many not beg for me to cuddle with them.

Thank you for sharing. Truer words were never spoken. They will be over soon enough. Oh my goodness. We have three kids, all grown. All in 5yrs. Taking turns, on rotation each Friday evening belonged to one.

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My kids mean more to ,e than life. Our eldest now 55 yrs was in a horrific auto accident in She is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Our son middle is 53yrs. He was borned Autistic. By the grace of God he outgrew it. He became a handsome young man. He was x at age 52 with Colon cancer. He fought it for 13 and half mos We lost him Oct. I did my best for him that I knew to do.

And, I still have guilt feeling about some things. I completely agree- all together in Heaven, one day. This is 1 of the most beautiful, and insightful articles that I have read. I am 37 years old now with a son that is I remember my parents seemed to always have time for me. I remember my mom would say to me, while she was cleaning, that I could help her and we would get done faster so that then we can play. Often, I would skip playing at the table in order to help Mom, so that we could get done cleaning; and, then my mom and I can play.

I remember another time my friends and I were playing outside. Then as we were playing, something happened that changed my eyes forever. The heater did not even work; and it was the ugliest car I had ever seen! I remember thinking what would my friends think now? Boy ole boy, then it was like lightening struck my heart. I became ashamed of me, for not seeing my daddy 1st, rather than that ole beat up car. How dare I think about what my friends might think over what I knew was true about my dad. It had nothing to do with the car for my dad was always a shiny jewel.

I felt I had betrayed my dad in thinking about what my friends may think. No one knew what all I was thinking, for I kept it to myself. I cried that night, as only a 12 yr old, suddenly infused with a moment of clarity and wisdom. Because of his sacrifice my mom got to be a stay at home mom and I had plenty of all that I needed and wanted. Well 3 yrs ago we done it; we bought a farm. I say we cuz it took my parents and I to take on the financial load and not to mention the physical load. For before this, I had decided to give up where I lived, to sacrifice the best way I knew how.

This story may sound like me rambling on about myself; but no way is it about me. I thank God for giving me these two as a testimony he sent to me. Jessica, Your story is amazing and truly touching, brought tears to my eyes!! What a beautiful perspective you have! I, too, have stopped to smell the roses with my children. After bath time, I read to them, prayed with them and sang to them. I breathed them in and held them in my heart as I got up to go to bed myself, sometimes with my eyes crossing.

I have adult children now and was so blessed to have one more. We went from reading board books to Harry Potter and everything in between. I love that!


My grandma was my closest friend! I talked to her many times a day until she passed three years ago. It all started at a young age, too… You are doing amazing things for her! I am a Gigi Grandma of 5 now. They love jumping in our bed and being goofy. So, I scratch away. These times are priceless. God Bless all the children, young and old. My mom is Gi. My mother-in-law is the queen of scratching backs, so when she visits, she takes that job for me. Thanks for posting this, Becky. I was in tears after reading your post. I have a 4 year-old, and I do get irritated when she tells me she wants one more story, then another one, and then another one.

I too laid down with my kids, and woke up with them in the middle of the night, and your right it was such a moving experience, I never felt closer to my children than at that time, it was wonderful. I could have almost written that! Much better for them to talk things out and sort them in their minds before going to sleep to stew. Thanks for such a beautiful post!

I agree. We only have 18 years with them before things change and they begin to find their own way. In the grand scheme of things, that is a very short time. I always think of that. While mine are with me, I try to focus on them. I will have plenty of time to do my own thing, whatever that is.

I questioned them all evening about their day at summer camp and got I forget response until I lay down with them and got told everything in fine detail. I have literally just came across this article and it really hit me. I normally lay with my 4yr old but when my 10yr old asks I normally tell him i will when im finished with your sister but then never do.

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I will be making a consious effort every night to make enough time to lay down with distractions to hear all their fabulous stories about their day. He probably needs it much more than your younger daughter and the time to share like this with him will be ending so soon. Within just a couple years, he most likely will not want you to lie down for many years to come. Listening to him now will forge a strong bond to help carry him through the soon to be tumultuous teen years. I wish I could go back and do it now. Thank you for this.

Having ten out of eleven kids at home, I often find myself rushing around in survival mode, trying to get things done. I really needed to read this. Becky, this post really hit home for me. My 5 year old asks me to lay with him every night, and while I always do, I say the same things you do. No, how about 2 more minutes?

Mine are off to college. I want a do over. I should have laid there until they feel asleep. Not left them for something more important. Because nothing else was looking back more important. Audrey your comment brought tears to my eyes, I feel the same way. I like you lay with all three of my kids talking to them or singing songs. Heck I will even from time to time rock my youngest if they want. These are the moments I can look in their young eyes and see the wonders and love they have.

And like u said the other things can always wait. Well said. I have a 7 year old boy, 4 year old boy, and 2 year old girl. The last two are 16 months apart and a handful together! I have so much mom guilt at times because the last 4 years have felt like it was in survival mode! We have a tight budget, and it breaks my heart we can do certain things as a family, like trips, to build memories with the kids.

I feel like my oldest misses out because the little two need so much attention. I feel like bedtime is rushed so that we can relax for a few minutes without demanding kids needing something. Anytime I hear of a child passing away, my heart breaks. Thanks for your simple, yet meaningful words! You are so right! I have 5 children, and the oldest is miles away at college right now!

There are days that I miss her so much that it physically hurts!

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My youngest just turned 8, and every single night he expects me to lie down with him….. I do, and I stay until he falls asleep. I have always rocked to sleep or laid down beside each of my children. I can remember when my first three were a baby, a 21 month old, and a just turned 4 year old. My husband worked late hours, so I put those three precious children to bed each night all by myself.

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I would get in the twin bed with the 21 month old and hold the baby nursing him or just bouncing him. I would read stories and then sing songs in the dark until they all fell asleep. Then I would ease out of the room and place the baby in his crib. Those three children are now almost 15, 16, and 18, and they are all taller than me! I make myself slow down and lie down with the younger two.

I am expecting out first right now. This post is a great reminder for me now and I am sure that I will need to be reminded of this many times in the future. Having 6 children is the best blessing I was ever given and I actively try to remember what you are speaking about daily. We have to remind ourselves often to enjoy every minute…. I think that all kids want us to lay with them at bedtime. If I could just get mine to bed earlier then it might work. Because once I do lay with him like you said, he wants to talk, talk, talk. I will make more of an effort in this area.

This blog post is so beautiful. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mum! You have truly inspired me. It drives the other half nuts but I stop what I am doing and hand out a few treats, give a cuddle and talk to them. It is the precious gift of time, the gift they repay a thousand fold be they child or animal — the gift they give you of trust and love. I have a 39 yr. Every bedtime I would read their favorite books, sing favorite songs or tell a story I made up for each if them.

No matter how tired I was I would never miss the bedtime ritual, it was just as important for me as for them, the memories…priceless. As they got older they would aak me to come into their rooms to get advice, discuss a problem or school issue, sometimes just to talk or vent about something or someone. While I sat on their beds listening, I would think about the bedtime ritual when they were young and realized that the ritual had laid the ground work for the talks we were having, and feel blessed that as teenagers or 20 something adults they wanted or needed me talk too.

My daughter, and when her husband could, has read to their son since he was a baby, just like I did with her and her brother, it established the bedtime ritual early. As for my cats, 3 of the 4 sleep on my bed and one sleeps on my sons bed, they have done this since the day we brought them home.

They have given us hours of entertainment, attention, love and affection because we raised them with those attributes which they freely give back to us. I am blessed, I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, that I raised two beautiful, wonderful children to be the adults they are and yes 4 crazy affectionate fur balls. I know I did things right, with misteps and errors on my part and agonizing and feeling guilt sometimes over what I was doing or did, for them to be the adults I see today. I know it was worthwhile and yes for the majority of the time…I did it right.

I have two teenagers who I would lay with and sing to for hours when they were little. We had such wonderful memories of that time and it brought us so close. This opens soft conversations and quiet moments of just them and me. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks so much for this! Funny enough, when making the decision to become a one income family several months ago, I downloaded and read your eBook on my Kindle. I think ALL mom struggle with this.

As a new stay at home mom I feel I have to keep the house in tip-top shape; something I am working on! They will only be home with be for another year before starting preschool. I have to cherish this time instead of say, mommy is busy, not right now, etc. Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for the reminder to stop and do those little things with them. My kids are getting older and it is harder but every now and then it is so good to just stop and be in the moment with them.

My kids also like for me to spend time with them. I agree that night times can be hard but one solution I have found is to spend the time with them at nap time. My 3 boys 5, 4, and 2 share a room and I will often sit on the floor at nap time and listen to them talk to each other. Oh the stories I hear…. Oh, Becky, I so hear what you are saying! My son — who is almost 15 — used to say the same thing and I would always stop what I was doing to lay with him. Nighttime seemed like the perfect time for all of those little stories and secrets to come out.

I love these moments. And when they are grown, they will take time to spend with us.

Mommy, I Want to Sleep in Your Bed! by Harriet Ziefert

My own children are grown and living their adult lives. I get to see my daughter on a regular basis as she visits with me weekly and does her laundry. Thank you for reminding us the importance of stopping for a moment for our children. I look back and wonder where time went and try to remember those tuck in times when they were younger. And that makes me made. BTW: Love your blog! Just wow! I absolutely love the way you think and I agree.

Some of my favorite moments as a child was going to bed, having mom or dad lay next to me until I fell asleep. I loved that and cherish those moments. I am trying to give the same to my son. Just be able to relax, sniff his neck do all mothers do that? I usually tell him about the day and things I really liked. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 21, Jill rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: someone with toddler or preschooler.

Shelves: children , picture. I have given this a 5 perhaps with the hope ever optimistic? Still, she really likes Charlie the dog and I found it to be a cute and accurate representation of one kind of family i. After the little boy dog and his parents say goodnight to their bird, their rabbit, and baby sister, they do have a couple of ups and downs, he eventually soothes himself by telling his stuffed toy a story. Childlike endearing pictures, interesting details, and repetitive phrases make this a comforting and satisfying story. Apr 18, Karelle Royal rated it it was ok Shelves: courage-bravery , worry-fear-self-confidence.

The story about a little boy who is afraid of sleeping in his own bed. Addresses fears that little kids have and provides problem-solving techniques. Sep 19, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: lucias-favorites , kids , picture-books. Its been a good one to share with my daughter as she continues to struggle with staying in her own bed. She has requested re-reading of the book multiple times. It has been funny as we have seen her telling her dolls and animals that they need to go to sleep in their beds. May 27, Naomi rated it it was ok. A good book focused on teaching kids about sleeping in their own beds.

Still felt kind of cold to me. Illustrations were simplistic to meet the story text. There are better books out there on this subject. Sep 01, Jenna Arntz rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books. This was an okay read. The illustrations were not very detailed or exciting. However, this would be a good read for younger children who do not want to sleep alone in their beds at night.

I would probably read this to my kindergarten students. Oct 26, Beck rated it liked it. Didn't come near to loving it, and I was a little surprised the illustrator is an adult, but I'm a sucker for the kid's dolly. Sep 29, Jessica Thompson rated it it was amazing. My son calls this the "sad doggy book" And asked for it nightly! I think it helped him through a phase of asking to sleep in our bed. Basic story of a dog family in which the boy wants to sleep with parents, love how mom is reading in bed, but why didn't they read Pablo a story the first time they put him to bed?

Angela Stockton rated it liked it Apr 06, Payson rated it really liked it May 15, Stacy rated it did not like it Sep 11, Eli Becker rated it it was amazing Aug 11, Michal Hope rated it liked it May 23, Kimberly rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Liam Logan rated it liked it Sep 27, Victor rated it it was amazing Apr 10, Shelly rated it liked it Sep 11, Robert rated it liked it Feb 18, Shiloah rated it liked it Oct 30,