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She died in at Lambeth Palace in London. From first to last she was popular with the people and had a genius for the selection of capable advisors. The execution of Mary Queen of Scots marred what was a glorious time in English history.

Britain 1066-1485

Shakespeare was also at the height of his popularity. Elizabeth never married. He was the first king to rule over Scotland and England. James was more of a scholar than a man of action. In the Gunpowder Plot was hatched: Guy Fawkes and his Catholic friends tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament, but were captured before they could do so. He encountered difficulties with Parliament from the beginning, and this led to the outbreak of the English Civil War in The House of Commons tried Charles for treason against England and when found guilty he was condemned to death.

His death warrant states that he was beheaded on Tuesday 30 January Following this the British monarchy was abolished and a republic called the Commonwealth of England was declared. He entered Parliament in and became active in events leading to the Civil War. A leading Puritan figure, he raised cavalry forces and organised the New Model Army, which he led to victory over the Royalists at the Battle of Naseby in In he finally expelled the corrupt English parliament and with the agreement of army leaders became Lord Protector King in all but name.

Unlike his father, Richard lacked military experience and as such failed to gain respect or support from his New Model Army. After the collapse of the Protectorate following the death of Oliver Cromwell and the flight of Richard Cromwell to France, the Army and Parliament asked Charles to take the throne. Although very popular he was a weak king and his foreign policy was inept. He had 13 known mistresses, one of whom was Nell Gwyn. He fathered numerous illegitimate children but no heir to the throne. Many new buildings were built at this time.

Although James converted to Catholicism in , his two daughters were raised as Protestants. James became very unpopular because of his persecution of the Protestant clergy and was generally hated by the people. William landed in England and James fled to France where he died in exile in Gathering local support, he marched his army, now 20, strong, on to London in The Glorious Revolution. William and Mary were to reign jointly, and William was to have the Crown for life after Mary died in James plotted to regain the throne and in landed in Ireland.

She had 17 pregnancies but only one child survived — William, who died of smallpox aged just A staunch, high church Protestant, Anne was 37 years old when she succeeded to the throne. Anne was a close friend of Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough. The 54 year old George arrived in England able to speak only a few words of English with his 18 cooks and 2 mistresses in tow.

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George spent little time in England — he preferred his beloved Hanover, although he was implicated in the South Sea Bubble financial scandal of He was more English than his father, but still relied on Sir Robert Walpole to run the country. George was the last English king to lead his army into battle at Dettingen in In the Jacobites tried once again to restore a Stuart to the throne. His reign was one of elegance and the age of some of the greatest names in English literature — Jane Austen , Byron , Shelley, Keats and Wordsworth.

It was also the time of great statesmen like Pitt and Fox and great captains like Wellington and Nelson. The American Colonies proclaimed their independence on July 4th George was well meaning but suffered from a mental illness due to intermittent porphyria and eventually became blind and insane. He had a love of art and architecture but his private life was a mess, to put it mildly! He married twice, once in to Mrs. Fitzherbert, secretly as she was a Catholic, and then in to Caroline of Brunswick.

Fitzherbert remained the love of his life. Caroline and George had one daughter, Charlotte in but she died in George was considered a great wit, but was also a buffoon and his death was hailed with relief! Before his accession he lived with a Mrs. Jordan, an actress, by whom he had ten children. When Princess Charlotte died, he had to marry in order to secure the succession. He married Adelaide of Saxe-Coburg in He had two daughters but they did not live.

He hated pomp and wanted to dispense with the Coronation. The people loved him because of his lack of pretension. During his reign Britain abolished slavery in the colonies in The Reform Act was passed in , this extended the franchise to the middle-classes on a basis of property qualifications.

The throne Victoria inherited was weak and unpopular. Her Hanoverian uncles had been treated with irreverence. In she married her cousin Albert of Saxe-Coburg. Albert exerted tremendous influence over the Queen and until his death was virtual ruler of the country. He was a pillar of respectability and left two legacies to the UK, the Christmas Tree and the Great Exhibition of The Queen withdrew from public life after the death of Albert in until her Golden Jubilee in When Victoria died in , the British Empire and British world power had reached their highest point.

She had nine children, 40 grand-children and 37 great-grandchildren, scattered all over Europe.

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He loved horse-racing, gambling and women! This Edwardian Age was one of elegance. Edward had all the social graces and many sporting interests, yachting and horse-racing — his horse Minoru won the Derby in Edward married the beautiful Alexandra of Denmark in and they had six children. When Edward died in it is said that Queen Alexandra brought his current mistress Mrs.

Keppel to his bedside to take her farewell. He had joined the Navy as a cadet in and loved the sea. His years on the throne were difficult; the First World War in — and the troubles in Ireland which lead to the creation of the Irish Free State were considerable problems. In he began the royal broadcasts on Christmas Day and in he celebrated his Silver Jubilee.

His latter years were overshadowed by his concern about the Prince of Wales and his infatuation with Mrs. Consequently when he renounced the throne to marry Mrs. Wallis Simpson the country found it almost impossible to believe. The people as a whole knew nothing about Mrs. Simpson until early in December Attributed to William Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire.

A smartly bound copy of this early work on British heraldry and nobility. Penned by an influential scholar who was key to the development of medieval history in academia. Rebound in a smart Studying her personal virtue and defects, her policies, the methods of her government A very scarce English translation of this beautifully illustrated synopsis of William of Orange's triumphs. An early edition of the English language edition of this work, translated from the A limited edition copy reprint copy of 'The Northern Atalantis of York Spy' a scarce parody work from the eighteenth century. A limited edition reprint, of which there are only standard A richly illustrated book on British nobility.

Third edition. With 66 plates of heraldic devices, portraits of notable people and examples of robes worn by them. Including details of such figures as Osborne, Duke of Leeds, Hastings, Matthias Earbery was an industrious participant in historical and theological controversy; his bias was consistently broad-church and Whig.

Scarce disbound pamphlet containing letters between Archibald Hutcheson and Charles Spencer Sutherland. Archibald Hutcheson c. With a frontispiece. Complete, being three volumes bound as one.

Civil War and Revolution

In the original An extremely scarce political pamphlet from , written anonymously and regarded as attacking the Prime Minister Robert Walpole. The first and only edition of this work. Written anonymously Scarce disbound pamphlet with illuminated letters. Collates complete. John Hervey, 2nd Baron Hervey , English courtier and political writer and memoirist, was the eldest son of John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol, by his Four leatherbound volumes with marble paper covered boards and gilt titles to the spines.

Volume I has an engraved frontispiece, 3 fold-out maps, 4 foldout plates, and 49 other plates. Volume II has an engraved frontispiece and The first editions of the first two volumes of Thomas Carte's somewhat controversial history of England, with Jacobite leanings. Bright, with wide margins. Volume One and Two Only, of Four. A scarce eighteenth century book. Containing such instructions as will enable the shop-keeper to carry on his business with more ease and greater exactness than is usually done.

Gives a good overview of the world of business and commerce A nine volume set of 10 of Tobias Smollett's 'History of England', illustrated throughout, including with folding plates to Volume I all with the original binding. A nine volume set, lacking An uncommon Eighteenth Century study of Worcester. With pull out illustrations, throughout, this early work is an informed and detailed survey and history, tracing the city from its time under Roman and Saxon rule up until the author's In lovely contemporary bindings, this comprehensive work looks at this esteemed monarch.

Kings and Queens of England & Britain

Lacking volume II, and IV, being A complete ten volume set about the history of England and Wales, exploring the counties of both countries, illustrated with two-hundred and forty plates. Complete in ten volumes. This set Two separate essays from the scarce title, 'The City Remembrancer'. These two works comprise of volume II A interesting look at the history of Scotland, going into fascinating detail, original written by William Goodall.

A fascinating essay on the history of Scotland. This works looks at the different A set of Hugh Clarendon's History of England. The works presents a sweeping view of British history, "Particularly, Its Origin; the Progress of its Empire; Laws; civil and religious Establishments; its various Operations naval and Three volumes bound in full leather with gilt titles to the spine, gilt detailing to the boards, and collates complete with 36 plates and in a lovely original binding. Containing a genealogical and historical account of A delightful four volume set of historical work by Oliver Goldsmith, in a uniform calf binding with gilt to the spines.

A first edition copy of this work. Complete in four volumes. The complete three volumes of Sir John Dalrymple's comprehensive history of Great Britain and Ireland from the dissolution of the last Parliament of Charles II until the turn of the eighteenth century. Twenty two fascinating volumes from the Society of Antiquaries of London's monumental 'Archaeologia'; copiously illustrated throughout with in-text illustrations and plates, many of which are folding and or coloured The first half of John Whitaker's interesting history of Manchester, in a smart tree calf binding. In two volumes, being part one of Whitaker's work on Manchester, the second part first published Oliver Goldsmith 10 November 4 April was an Irish novelist, playwright and poet, who is best known for his novel The Vicar of Wakefield , Rare local Perth imprint.

A pleasing copy of this scarce work from the eighteenth century explore the tithe system of the eighteenth century. Rebound in a half calf binding, with marbled paper covered boards and new A superb set of this very scarce history of Norfolk. Very rarely seen and then only in individual volumes. Seven leatherbound volumes with gilt detailing to the spine, marble paper covered boards and marble foredge. Volume IV A complete two volume set of Gilbert Stuart's fascinating history of Scotland, with particular emphasis on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots who reigned over Scotland from to A scarce Rider's British Merlin almanac and the Royal Kalender, containing a fascinating variety of information, including agricultural insights, fair dates, members of parliament, colonial ministers, and army officers, The Domesday Book, with Additional Volumes.

Bound in leather and marbled paper-covered boards, with gilt lettering and decoration. Five complete volumes of Tobias Smollett's continuation of 'The History of England', carrying on from David Hume's work in an original binding. Complete in five volumes. Five volumes of Tobias Francis Grose's extensive work on the historical monuments and antiquities in England and Wales, illustrated profusely throughout.

Six volumes in three.

A new edition. A uncommon work of British and Irish History, documenting the important clerical, political and military figures over three centuries. In three parts. First edition Copac. An interesting An uncommon account of Edward I's wardrobe account, with an analytical introduction by English official, antiquary and librarian John Topham. This work transcribes the wardrobe account of Edward Thomas Pennant's popular historical and observational work. Due to its instant popularity Of London went through several editions.

This is the second edition, published the same year as the first. Illustrated, with a frontispiece of Sir A very scarce first edition of this account of the Birmingham Riots, presided over by Richard Perryn. A very scarce work. The first edition of this work. An account of the Priestley John Phillips' condensed history of canals in England, looking at their usage for travel and and trade purposes. John Phillips is thought to be the first person to document and research British Complete in two volumes.

With one large folding map on two separate sheets in volume I, and three double-page and three folding letterpress An uncommon collection of letters from Henry Clinton, a British Army officer, to the commissioners for auditing the public accounts. Henry Clinton was a British Army officer best known for his A nice clean first edition of Dallaway's work on Heraldry with bright hand-coloured plates First Edition Bound in quarter leather with marbled boards, gilt lettering and blind embossed detail. In the original binding.

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The very scarce second edition of this fascinating historical work by noted historian and theologian Thomas Robertson. Very scarce. The second edition of the work David Hume's famous historical work. A 'New Edition' of the work with the author's final corrections and improvements complete in eight volumes. With a short account of Hume's life to the first volume by himself. Illustrated, with a The complete three volumes of David Dalrymple's Annals of Scotland.

A collection of Richard Phillips' Public Characters, short biographies of eminent public figures. An important contemporary reference. Normally seen as single volumes for up to per volume. A good run, smewhat spotted and The first edition of this collection of memoirs on British Peers during the reign of James I, illustrated throughout, written by Egerton Brydges. A large paper Illustrated throughout, with a frontispiece of Henry IV and forty-three plates.

Rebacked with original A thirty-nine volume collection of essays from prominent British Essayists. The first edition of this comprehensive guide to Gloucester by topographer and antiquarian, Thomas Rudge. Rebound, in smart full calf bindings. Illustrated, with a frontispiece map and one A scarce early edition of Nisbet's history and explanation of heraldry. Includes the true art of blazon according to the most approved heralds in Europe. The first edition of this final volume in Sharon Turner's 'History of the Anglo-Saxons', with a great deal of information on their political, secular, and religious life.

The first edition of A very smart copy of this historical look at Lichfield city and cathedral. A first thus, being the first expanded edition. The first expanded edition. This work was first issued in , with An uncommon work of a agricultural history by the noted writer and agriculturalist, Arthur Young. The sixth edition, greatly enlarged and improved. Written by Arthur Young, the An interesting record of deaths, listing all land owners who held his lands under various forms of feudal land tenure directly from the king. Two volumes bound in one. Embellished with a A mixed edition set of this beautifully illustrated historical work.

Uniformly rebound in a lovely half calf binding. Collated using the binder's directions to the rear of volume III. First Edition. Featuring an engraved portrait frontispiece of Charles James Fox. With an appendix to the rear. Charles James Fox was a prominent British Charles James Fox. Fox was engaged in this history for may years, however, he died before A scarce work by William Frend on the astronomical observations for the year , with illustrations throughout. A first edition copy of the History of James II, focusing on the early years of his reign.

First edition. This particular work was written by Charles James Fox. Unfinished at the time of The thirteenth edition. Containing numerous tables allowing readers to 'ascertain the Value of any Number of Hundreds, Pounds, Ounces, The work draws together contemporary documents, including newspaper articles and other ephemera, which shed a light on Cromwell, his A two volumes of historical writing by the published, Nicholas Crouch, under the pseudonym, Richard Burton. A interesting two volume set of works. The early volume documents the Wars of England, Volume I features a facsimilie of the records.

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