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He started his career at State Street Corporation in Boston, which is one of the biggest and oldest providers of a mutual fund, pension processing, and asset custody services. He used advanced statistical and technical tools in the field of socially responsible investment. While executing independent consulting assignments, he has advised a leading sustainability firm that helps Fortune companies.

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He is a seasoned entrepreneur and Co-founder of a renowned corporate training firm - Nurture Tech Academy. People love The focus is to take you on a journey of all the phases of SAP Activate methodology and make you understand all the phases with real-life examples, lessons learned, accelerators and best practices. SAP Activate Methodology is a harmonized agile implementation approach for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments for delivering shippable product increments in an iterative and incremental way. VP, and Directors. Add to cart Default Title. Microsoft Excel dates back to when the first version of Excel v1.

Her expertise in Excel comes from the vast experience she has in using and understanding the software over the years, that helped her in working efficiently and managing complex programs. This book exactly aims to educate you with practical examples on topics of importance associated with the research field of Natural computing. Interested readers should have good skills in math and python programming along with some basic knowledge of physics and biology. Although some knowledge of the topics covered in the book will be helpful, it is not essential to have worked with the tools covered in the book.

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He is passionate about Drones and diverse technologies ranging from Analytics, Machine Learning, Simulation, Automation, Tools development, and Application Development across different verticals. He has more than 14 years of rich corporate experience in training delivery and analytics product development. To make the topics more comprehensive, screenshots and code samples are furnished extensively throughout the book.

This book teaches novice beginners how to write interesting image processing programs with scientific Python ecosystem. He has more than two decades of programming experience. He is also a freelance software developer and technology trainer. He has worked in a few multinational corporations including Cisco Systems and Cognizant for more than a decade. In his free time, he consults on the topics of Python programming and data science to the local software companies in the city of Nasik.

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Some of her hobbies are: Working for community development with a focus on selective SDGs, Speaking at conferences, exploring places. With this book, she aims to share her learning and understanding of the concepts of Angular Routing with everyone. In this book, we have made an honest effort to make the concepts of machine learning easy and give basic programs in MATLAB right from the installation part. We have touched all basic algorithms of machine learning in detail with a practical approach. Tech in Computer Sci. He has total Academic teaching experience of more than eight years with more than 50 publications in reputed National and International Journals.

He has been in International Conference Committee of many International conferences. He has got Sir CV Raman life time achievement national award for in young researcher and faculty Category. He has done five edited book. Price: Rs. The book is going to help students in self-learning of data structures and in understanding how these concepts are implemented in programs.

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It explains the concepts of blockchain through a different dimension, that is, explaining the data structure aspect of blockchain. This book is inspired by her passion to simplify complex subjects for easy understanding; the real contribution of a great teacher.

Presently, she is working as an Assistant Professor in the P. His great passion for teaching and research motivated him to write this book. He is a passionate tech enthusiast and his dream is to become a full-time researcher. In this textbook, the author emphasizes on various concepts like creating 4D and 5D simulations, animating models, rendering, and performing clash detection in an AEC project using real-world examples. This, in turn, will help users make the project cost-effective and have better control over the project outcomes.

This approach helps the users easily learn the process of reviewing models and to collaborate with design projects. This enables the readers to relate them to the real-world design. The book enters with its first chapter providing a simple and legal backdrop of the idea behind AI Ethics and International Law, its references and some important analogies and conceptual ideas.

Also, the first chapter introduces some problems and questions regarding AI for contemplation in the field of jurisprudence. The third chapter gets specific with International Law and paves on ways towards the idea of the Privacy Doctrine conceived by the author. The chapter also lays the origination of the idea of an AI as an Entity, with special examples. It also poses a sense of curiosity and humility for people to understand the legal and social role of disrupting tech whether they are in a developed country or a developing one. His prima facie field of learning and research is in the field of International Law, Artificial Intelligence Ethics, Constitutional Jurisprudence, and Algorithmic Policing.

Despite academics, Abhivardhan is a food lover and is a bilingual poet. He is an avid public speaker and legal thinker. Net and Kelp. Net developers who are passionate about deep learning. Readers will learn all the skills necessary to develop powerful, scalable and flexible deep learning models from a fluid and easy to use API. Net, which is used in production by a major hedge fund in NYC. He also developed the first Bio Artificial Intelligence framework which completely integrates mirror and canonical neurons. You may also like: Deep Learning with C ,.

Net Rs. Author: Matt R. SharePoint is one of the popular portal technologies and web-based business collaboration and document management system. With Office subscription, organizations can use SharePoint Online. Microsoft has announced the Modern features in SharePoint for a long time. In the book, I have covered details on Modern Team sites, communication sites, how you can customize the team sites according to your business requirement.

I have also explained in detail various new features of Modern list and document libraries in SharePoint. I have also explained the Modern Experience in SharePoint Though the book is intended for SharePoint developer knowledge, but a little understanding of SharePoint is required.

Using Adobe Digital Editions

This book is also for the developers who are trying to build pages for Modern SharePoint team sites or publishing site in SharePoint Online or SharePoint server How we can handle at the organizational level. Various new features of SharePoint Online Modern list and document libraries. Various examples of SharePoint Modern portal designs. How we can create and customize Modern site pages. Bijaya is a passionate individual who loves public speaking, blogging and training others to use Microsoft products.

It covers the basic knowledge of mobile apps with their designing steps and programming. This book comprises of total seventeen chapters for designing different independent prototypes for the various control methods. It covers an introduction to IoT and basic components to design a robotic platform. The control of robot with different mobile apps like Blynk, Virtuino, Cayenne, Thingspeak, Firebase is included for vast coverage of scope.

This book is entirely based on the practical experience of the authors while undergoing projects with the students and industries. She has twenty patents in her account. She has published more than fifty research papers in refereed journals and conference. He has been awarded as a gold medalist in M. Tech and honors in his B. His area of expertise includes embedded systems, robotics, wireless sensor networks and Internet of Things. Less time fueling means more time operating and better train velocity.

That's fueling rates up to gallons per minute with safe, dry break connections, no leaks, and no spills! Installs trackside in just minutes with no modification to fuel tanks. Now it directs that funding to Kootenai County. We upgraded the fueling system with a state-of-the-art Air Eliminator, dual mechanical flow meters, larger diameter piping, and various valves and pumps. A fourth fueling main line provided limited access for short trains or light power maneuvered in from the adjacent yard. In , BNSF expanded track capacity at Hauser so there are now four complete runthrough fueling mains.

Peak periods have seen as many as 43 trains fueled in a single day, but 25 to 30 trains per day is the norm. All that, plus nearly 2, days without a reportable injury as of late July , make the Hauser facility the standard by which all other railway fueling centers could be judged. Trans Environmental Systems, Inc.

The system has been designed to reach fueling rates up to gallons per minute using a dry-break connection that ensures no fuel leakage at disconnect. SpillX was developed using proven aircraft fueling technology and modifying the components to meet railroad industry needs. The result is a robust, durable system that provides enhanced safety as well as significantly increased fueling rates.

MPL Innovations worked closely with the Advanced Manufacturing Institute at Kansas State University and Meggitt, a leader in aviation fueling products, to develop this patent-pending locomotive fueling system. The SpillX system was designed partially around the intended goals set forth in the AAR locomotive fueling recommended practice RP These goals include providing higher flow capabilities over.

However, the SpillX system is also different from the guidelines set forth in that recommended practice. It requires no special electronic sensors to be installed on the locomotive, nor any special controller on the fueling platform.

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Installation is simple and can be completed track-side in a matter of minutes with little to no modifications to the existing locomotive fuel tanks. MPL works closely with its customers to understand problems impacting the industry and address those problems through research and development and advanced engineering of new products.

SpillX is a direct result of this research and development. The AAR recommended practice for fuel-. In John W. Roger Grant details the fascinating life and impact of a transportation tycoon and "doctor of sick railroads. History does repeat itself. Introduction to North American Railway Signaling covers the basics of signaling philosophy and techniques. This is the book you need for information pertaining to signaling systems used in the various rail transportation modes in North America.

MPL spent more than eight years working with customers to design a fueling system that was able to strike a balance among increased fueling rates, safety, simplicity and cost effectiveness. Jeff Wilson's new book, Guide to North American Diesel Locomotives, offers more than pages of detailed information on diesel locomotives produced in North America from the s to today. Following are several examples of how the supply industry has warmed up to the task. Railroads, rebuilders and lessors based in the Midwest and East Coast prompted the company to open an office in Merrillville, Ind.

Heating engines during winter not only keeps the locomotives running on schedule, but also eliminates the need for idling in freezing temperatures. Running on 0. The remote monitoring gives real-time alerts, keeping track of fuel savings, engine temperatures and much more. This gives piece of mind knowing our locomotives are being monitored around the clock. For operations needing installation flexibility, both electric heaters are available in modular configurations, decoupled from the standard vertical mounting plate.

PDI is a Buffalo, N. Power Unit incorporates a Tier 4-compliant, 9. It consumes, on average, 0. The electrical requirements are lower, allowing for more locations to utilize the PowerHouse The PowerHouse has greatly reduced our fuel and oil consumption while reducing maintenance costs from fewer operating hours. The TXR Railway is located in town, so eliminating unnecessary idling helps reduce noise pollution.

ZTR Cold weather extremes can wreak havoc on locomotive batteries. Generally, about 1, amps are required to start a diesel primemover. It uses supercapacitor technology to supplement locomotive batteries during engine start-up. Supercapacitors are virtually impervious to temperature extremes.

Consisting of conductive plates separated by a di-electric material, and controlled by internal software, they store energy in an electrical field. By contrast, a battery stores energy chemically. One key difference between a battery and a supercapacitor is its rapid discharge capability. Another is longevity: Supercapacitors can last up to 1 million cycles, as opposed to cycles on a battery, which typically has a two-year life span. If a battery drains down, it will maintain a charge and be ready to assist starting, even after extended shut-down intervals.

And, a railwayage. KickStart also offers fault notifications and diagnostics that eliminate the need for proprietary software for setup and commissioning. The current through the starting motors was consistent in both tests, as KickStart provided the additional required power. We have clients with zero non-starts.

REC has developed a system to collect and circulate pertinent asset operating data. Railroad-defined data is collected via interface modules that monitor a variety of analog and digital inputs. Data is transmitted to a secure online portal for processing and accessibility. The portal allows the user to customize the data presentation as well as when an alert should be sent out and to whom, whenever an asset is operating outside normal parameters. Railroads can prioritize their responses to better utilize maintenance resources. With remote monitoring, a site visit is no longer needed.

Instead, the information ensures that maintenance personnel are equipped to correct the situation before traveling to the asset. MBTA has been pleased with the performance of our gas hot-air switch heaters; this success should lead to higher adoption. Everyone using the Single Car Test Device to check their air brake system will benefit from this manual. This book has already helped thousands in its previous editions.

The Test Procedures Flowchart section is derived from the current code. It contains additional test information as well as a troubleshooting guide. The Job Aid section contains inspection, adjustment and testing information for the components found on a freight car. It was derived from procedures supplied by product manufacturers and was designed to offer that extra bit of guidance when you just might need it most.

Hard bound, pages. CCI Thermal, through acquisition of Fastrax in and the Hovey Industries SCD product line in , consolidated snow clearing device products for track and switches. The SwitchBlade and Hellfire products acquired from Hovey have been in service on Class I and transit railroads for decades.

The company expects the North American market for snow clearing devices to grow. Fastrax will carry on under the Thermon Heating Systems brand. We have transit customers in Canada and the U. Where Barriger is celebrated as having devised and implemented improved engineering, management and marketing practices in hopes of keeping troubled railroads afloat during the most smothering years of 20th century economic regulation, Krebs arrived at the executive suite level as the regulatory burden was being lifted.

Works (1,124)

With greater freedom to adjust nimbly to market forces, Krebs melded two already healthy railroads, so improving their post-merger. Although of different generations, Barriger and Krebs each demonstrated consistently, and without hesitation, an extraordinary ability to identify, extract, organize and put to productive use strategies, managerial teams and solutions essential to corporate excellence.

Roger Grant recites the life and accomplishments of Barriger, whose approach to railroad management was largely scientific. His railroad research collection became so vast that a library in St. While Barriger interspersed college studies with manual labor in the Altoona, Pa. See www. That was when the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Railroad Administration directed carriers to inspect cars for a specific brand of wheel that failed after overheating and was suspected in a rash of derailments.

A yellow dot indicated the car was safe for interchange; a white dot meant the car carried the offending wheel and was banned from interchange. The ubiquitous dots were seen on older cars for years after, a moving. Sidebar, opposite. Griffin has been producing wheels and related equipment since , and stands at the forefront of acquired experience, railwayage. To be sure, there are times when a little help is needed to get from here to there, but, as we know, the squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease. Which brings us to a rather dubious. A unit of Amsted Rail, Griffin produces about half of the million wheels now operating in the North American freight car network.

Alloys are metals typically combining two or more metallic elements, for improved performance. Pitting is usually a top concern for most customers, Oliver says, along with flat spots, which can cause excessive pounding on rails. Other conditions include similar loss of material through shelling and spalling. Shelling is related to rolling contact fatigue, and is sometimes braking-related.

Although rare, the most prominent wheel fracture is the vertical split rim. This failure mode increased in the late s railwayage. There is some speculation that more rail grinding may contribute to more contact stresses, causing changes in the residual stress [on a wheel].

Griffin also manufacturers locomotive wheels. It sells more and inch diameter wheels due to the proliferation of six-axle power.

Book Notes - kejycerubolo.tk

The same goes for the and inch wheels designed for fouraxle locomotives. NSSMC offers Class C wheels in , 36and inch diameters, but since has sold Class D wheels made with a proprietary alloy that makes it harder than conventional carbon steel wheels. It is expanding its specific applications to include grain cars and iron ore cars, and expects to sell an additional 20, wheels through March The initiative was launched under the leadership of the Association of American Railroads Equipment Health Monitoring Committee to improve safety, productivity, and reduce costs.

Like automobiles, there are rare occasions where a railcar part needs to be recalled.

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Because wheelsets are registered and tracked through the Component Tracking system, Railinc can generate a list of cars that may be affected in a matter of minutes, and advise the industry to act on those cars. In , a minor recall of wheelsets was executed in a number of days, instead of spending years looking for specific components scattered all over North America. This provides a key safety benefit to the industry. In addition to the management of recalls, the program allows industry stakeholders to capture and view component-level data about applications and repairs.

This enables improved maintenance planning and more informed decision-making. With the wheelsets initiative well under way, Component Tracking has been extended to include side frames, bolsters, couplers, brake valves and slack adjusters. This essential data gives equipment owners, shops, reconditioners and other rail industry participants a broad view of equipment health and performance.

In California, construction of the. In Texas, a planned bullet train is getting ready to break ground. Eastward, Amtrak has ordered new trains and announced right-of-way upgrades for the next generation Acela Express service on the Northeast Corridor; Connecticut opened an upgraded route that will host high-speed Amtrak services. In Florida, Brightline, the privatelyowned South Florida passenger startup, is creating the kind of buzz usually associated with new age transformative ventures, the kind that promise to disrupt traditional ways of doing business, only this time for the better.

Operated by All Aboard Florida, a division of Florida East Coast Industries, what would become Brightline was first proposed as a Miami-Orlando high speed route in as the first privately owned. Construction on Phase 1 from Miami to West Palm Beach began in mid, and the first revenue runs began in January It was a new experience for suppliers, who were used to working with pubic transportation agencies that prioritize railwayage.

Siemens Digital Services enables our customers to enhance fleet operations, remotely monitor systems, perform fast diagnoses, and predict failures before they ever happen. Passenger Focus engineering over creature comforts. They had a focus on hospitality that was at the forefront of everything they did, and more of a focus on aesthetics of both the interior and exterior of cars, and on passenger comfort. We figured that was key.

Publisher Series: Heartsong Presents

We had to find a path to success without violating those standards for safety. Getting to mutual solutions was new for us, without losing the vision they had. We had to evolve as we went along. For the new Charger locomotives, Brightline again had its own ideas. For the handholds on the seats, he took a paper clip and formed the shape he wanted the handhold to be. There were adjustments to pricing to manage that, and generally we were able to accommodate them. Siemens is also building next-gen passenger equipment for Caltrans and a group led by the Illinois Department of Transportation, and have had their teams down to its Workshop B facility in West Palm Beach for review.

Amtrak viewed the program as an opportunity to relaunch its premium service, so multiple departments were engaged from the beginning. The acquisition was divided into 45 different design areas, with working groups of Amtrak subject matter experts to first help define the specifications in these areas, then evaluate proposals and finally to participate in design reviews. The Avelia trainsets are being constructed by Alstom for the high-end passenger experience to serve the NEC, and to accommodate one-third more passengers per train than the Acela Express.

Sherin credited Amtrak and the FRA for the new-age development process. The creation of Tier III requirements was very close to European norms, and allowed the development of a trainset that looks and performs similarly in terms of safety, and is completely suitable and accepted by FRA to run in the U. Spiral bound. Safety Glazing Standards Updated Locomotive Safety Standards Updated Safety Appliance Standards Updated Brake System Safety Standards Updated SUMMARY: FRA proposes to eliminate the requirement that certain locomotives display a badge or tag to demonstrate the railroad has certified the locomotives comply with noise emission standards.

This proposed rule would reduce economic burdens on the rail industry by removing the badge or tag requirement. Comments received after that date will be considered to the extent practicable. However, if FRA receives a specific request for a public, oral hearing prior to August 15, , one will be scheduled and FRA will publish a supplemental document in the Federal Register to inform interested parties of the date, time, and location of any such hearing.

The FRA released this rule in effort to reduce the number of highway-rail grade crossing accidents and deaths. Prescribes the minimum safety standards for freight cars allowed by the FRA. Includes safety standards for freight car components, car bodies, draft system, restricted equipment and stenciling.

Softcover, spiral. CAN U. Revision dates subject to change in accordance with laws published by the FRA. Smith joined Watco in and has since held multiple leadership positions with the company, serving as Chief Operating Officer since He led the purchase of full ownership of Greens Port Industrial Park in Houston, which now operates as Greens Port Industrial Terminals, the largest privately owned multi-tenanted industrial terminal in the Gulf Coast market.

The Transportation division also expanded its rail service area to the Eastern U. Norfolk Southern Corp. Allen Sutherland as Vice President Law. She will be headquartered in Norfolk and report to John M. Scheib, Executive Vice president Law and Administration. Allen Sutherland previously. Prior to that, she served as Chief Counsel with the U. Damaging Equipment Helps the Kaiser Delays caused by equipment damaged in the rush to handle cars may offset any apparent gains.

There may be disloyal men who are responsible for some of it. If so, their fellow workmen should hunt them out and hand them over to the federal authorities. Damaging a car during a time of war is as much an offense and may have just as serious results as going to sleep on duty at the front, and yet the latter offense is punishable by death. Finished line maps can be scaled and printed or saved as an image file. A line map route network plan, also known as a web spider is used to schematically depict public transport networks.

Different colors are used to distinguish individual lines. Normally, topographical accuracy is not required to achieve a clear, space-saving design, and lines run only horizontally, vertically or diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees. The inventor of this schematic network plan was Harry Beck. After a line map drawn by Beck for the London Underground was published in , almost all major cities adopted this representation, and the schematic line map is now regarded as standard. Service providers are often commissioned to create line maps.

With LineMap Draw, the time-consuming, cost-intensive creation of line maps can be simplified. LineMap Draw is an efficient alternative to image processing or vector graphics programs. With LineMap Draw, existing stations and lines are entered and assigned.

Afterwards, various maps can be created, for example, for the overall network, the high-speed rail network or the night network. To create a railwayage. This includes, for example, image size, colors, background image, fonts, text spacing and alignment, as well as the properties of station symbols.

Then the lines are drawn, and the stations are positioned. For output, the line map can be scaled to the desired size. Since the line map is completely redrawn on resize, loss of quality can be avoided. The route maps can also serve as a basis for printed plans that can be supplemented with additional graphics and design elements. The plans can also be pasted directly into other applications such as word processing or image editing. Since the viewing distance usually increases with increasing size, the resulting line map can be used for largeformat posters.

LineMap Draw requires one of the current Windows versions, 7, 8 or Further information and a free demo version can be found at www. It is fully isolated and highly efficient over a broad operating range of input and output voltages. In addition, its compact size and ease of installation make it ideal for most industrial applications, such as control panels, instrumentation and railways, and can complement or even replace existing models and families of DC-DC converters. Existing converters are based on a fixed input and output voltage, which generates many individual models for example: 24 Vin, 48 Vin, 5 Vout, 12 Vout and 24 Vout that need to be individually qualified and stocked.

Output voltage setup can be done through the front panel, or through a Modbus over a USB interface Windows or Android for remote monitoring and control. Information: belfuse. Technical inquiries: Tech. Support psbel. View the video and brochure at www. The Advertisers Index is an editorial feature maintained for the convenience of readers. It is not part of the advertiser contract and Railway Age assumes no responsibility for the correctness.

Several of the cars were ruptured and there was a crude spill. It was noted that the tank railcars involved in the derailment were DOT R cars. It was surprising to hear from certain corners of the shipper community that, on the heels of the derailment, BNSF was making overtures to their customers indicating that it would only offer contract rates for the DOT J car while holding back or refusing to offer contract rates on the DOT R.

Industry watchers were alarmed. The issue? This continues the crude by rail CBR rollercoaster. Railroads moving crude have used a variety of strategies to accelerate the pace of change in the tank railcar supply for hauling crude and other flammable commodities. Railroads are able to deny the right to load a car on their lines OT-5 loading authority and are able to use tariff rate increases to influence what cars are being operated. In this particular case, the core issue is that BNSF has placed many customers in an economic bind.

Between and , tank railcar prices steadily increased. DOT J cars did not begin production in earnest until roughly This allows shippers that made an investment in a soon-to-be-outmoded tank railcar to utilize the interchange life of that car. Even with the retrofit cost, owners and operators of DOT A cars benefit by not having to purchase two completely new tank railcars in less than a decade.

If the railroads follow this initiative to completion, the —whose value in the marketplace was already under stress—will have a limited customer base and opportunity for use operating as a DOT A or as a DOT R. Railroads carry a heavy liability when it comes to derailment remedy and reclamation. If there is a derailment-related crude oil fire, those costs increase exponentially. Two industry sources indicated that they did not blame BNSF for requiring the highest-standard tank railcars on their lines.

Railroads should not be responsible for bearing the risk of a sub-optimal asset that could cause them to increase their financial liability as a result of a derailment. It is difficult to establish a logical, goaloriented pattern. Spend some time at a tank car committee meeting and you will find an industry concerned about safety and responsible about self-policing. This is a complicated issue that would seem to require collaboration. Stay tuned. Got questions?

Set them free at dnahass railfin. August 8 w w w. Photo: Bruce E. Source: AAR railwayage. Perfecting Railcar Performance minerent. The tank car backlog increased to 24, cars vs. William C. Vantuono FREIGHT CAR order, delivery and backlog statistics for second-quarter show that orders increased sequentially to 23, cars from 10, in first-quarter , the largest quarterly figure since fourth-quarter Then came the BNSF merger in , and with it a new emphasis on efficiency and throughput.

The most visible feature setting Hauser apart from other fueling facilities is its overhead canopy above all four main tracks, which reduces the amount of industrial stormwater generated from rain and snow on the fuel pad.