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Meanwhile, Mary Winkler and her three daughters were still missing…. A frantic search for Mary Winkler and the girls ensued.

What follows is a condensed collection of their words to help us understand our pastor’s wife.

Once they were found, on a beach in Alabama, Mary was charged with murdering her husband in cold blood. But why did Mary pull the trigger? Monika Choynowski Keli Manson. It was bad enough having to suffer through Rose McTerfy's lousy performance, but to insert a bunch of clips of Nancy Grace's show was just cruel!! That woman is the devil, but I especially enjoyed the clip of her raging about "women kill their husbands all the time, what makes this case so special, why are we talking about Mary Winkler?!?

I don't doubt she suffered at the hands of an abusive husband, but I am really into this idea of "the wig made her do it," it's almost as poetic as the hair-segments from anthologies like Kwaidan and Body Bags.

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I can handle the truth. I fucking love lifetime movies 2. Review by Ron Hogan Jr. Of interest: letterboxd.

The Pastor's Wife. Sometimes in the background, sometimes with a welcoming smile up front, sometimes noticed and appreciated, sometimes being silently judged. What if we invited them to share their hearts and tell us what they wished the church knew?

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Despite such different backgrounds, their responses were strangely similar and in several cases, almost identical. They told me tales of family evenings being rearranged for crises of church members, middle of the night emergencies and regular interruptions.

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They battle many of the same issues every other woman battles: marriage issues, extended-family difficulties, sickness, finances, children who make poor decisions, fear and insecurities. Some seasons of life are obviously harder than others; but remember, ministry wives are not Wonder Woman with special powers. Please have a little mercy and extend grace. Personally, I think this is surprising to many it was to me. Several ladies shared the difficulties of finding friendships that are safe, being looked at or treated differently, and even the desire to be invited for an occasional ladies night out.

We like being known.