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If your partner is dismissive of your concerns, or tells you that they aren't important or aren't serious, that's a red flag.

Research says that our romantic promises and wedding vows may be unrealistic.

That's why it's helpful to get some support. It's important that you recognize a few factors: "No long-term relationship can compete with new lust, but no new relationship can hold a candle to the couple who has it all," says Gunther.

Great Relationships Require Hard Work, But Not Forever | Psychology Today

If you're going to commit to one person, you need to get a new definition of what's sexy to you two. Yes, taking home a stranger can seem new and exciting, but exploring new fantasies and engaging in pillow talk with your partner can be just as much of a turn-on. Similarly, says Kerner, most of us aspire to find the kind of connection to another person that married people have. You're certainly not going to find that from a person you don't know as well as your fiance. Being with one person isn't the end of your life; it's a new beginning with plenty of benefits. In other words, when you decide to commit to a long-term relationship, you're allowing yourselves the privilege to create a new life together.

We're talking a new family, a bigger and stronger friend network, and the safety and security that comes along with all those things.

Does the Idea of Being With One Person Forever Freak You Out?

Lust is a big deal when a relationship is just beginning. As time goes on, it should become less important, says Gunther. Hear that?

12 Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship

It should become less important. It's not weird if the desire-factor isn't the same or as strong.


In other words, if you stop taking an interest in new hobbies, reading great books and sharing them or just generally having a life outside of your relationship with your fiance, you risk losing too much of your individuality. It's your different point of views that makes it so much fun to get together at the end of the day and talk.

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We're not talking about going full-fledged Fifty Shades of Grey , but being open to at least talking about and trying your partner's desires and fantasies sexually is a big part of learning and growing together. Bringing up your own ideas is a good thing too.

6 Secrets to Keep Him In Love With You Forever

Don't let a small problem become an even bigger one by not communicating openly about it. Small issues like spending too much on a night out with the guys or on a pair of new heels that go unspoken can become seriously damaging road blocks -- both physically and emotionally. That goes for the big topics too. Not talking about moving to another city or giving up a career opportunity can foster resentment and create big problems later on.

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It can feel like all of a sudden, you and your spouse are enemies, says Glickman. Learning to give and truly accept apologies and openly communicate about problems goes a long way in having a successful relationship. Simply put: You know the person you love and you wouldn't be committing to them unless you had confidence in the type of person that they are. Sexiness comes in all forms, and settling down can be a turn-on too. A feeling of stability and security that comes with commitment should make you feel more confident in yourself and more willing to explore new things.

To achieve this, every prospective couple needs the best advice they can get if they are going to survive the long haul in marriage. Not that this is not a possibility, the only issue is how you go about it as well as the principles you apply, as this can go a long way to determine how enjoyable or how nerve wrecking your relationship will be as a couple.


More so with most celebrity couples who probably starred in make-believe popular movies about love and how it ends in happiness. At least now we know we are definitely not taking any marriage advice from them anytime soon. Couples who are married or still in the courting process need to take the time and learn more about what it takes to build a successful marital relationship and the best source of this knowledge would be to spot married people around them who have survived years together.