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And it reads like heavily syruped pancakes. Kevin Coval rips the black skin off of hip Whiteness.


Part Norman Mailer''s White Negro ''urban adventurers who drifted out at night looking for action with a black man''s code to fit their facts'' and part social aesthetic-activist but branded a terrorist determined to continue the Unfinished, Collected Works of John Brown. Real or imagined, as a poet, this White Boy operates in a complex, Contemporary Confessional mode which means he is a snitch, one who straddles the line between escapism and cultural betrayal, a poet who tells bravely and honestly on the self even as he is being haunted by the inheritance of the swinging hips of a legend.

Kevin Coval may not have wanted to but he has proven, at a time when many poets use metaphor and restraint to tiptoe around the tough issues of identity and borrowed race, that most L-vises especially the ones falsely hardened by their own often rejected love of Hip Hop have Soul. It offers poetic affirmation of Ralph Ellison''s signal insight, made forty years ago, that ''whatever else the true American is, he is also somehow black. With poignancy, humor, raw insight, and no small amount of soul, Coval has fashioned a poetry for the present.

His voice demands our attention. Nothing like it has ever been written. No one really talks about these white men of color.

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No one considers their origins or the source of their craving. No one has bothered to label this pursuit of Blackness a meaningful tribute or a persistent dysfunction. The world is ours. He writes- indeed, speaks, for it is his voice we hear singing.

'L-vis Lives' in the heart of poet Kevin Coval

It is a bleak and dangerous time for all mankind. And yet, we shall, despite horrendous evidence, prevail and survive-and hopefully, grow as we glow on hearing his eloquent tribute to our species.


In Kevin Coval''s voice is our hope for a new world of peace, grace and beauty. She has published a book on Frankfurt School philosopher Theodor Adorno titled, Dialectics of the Body: Corporeality in the Philosophy of Theodor Adorno , and researches and writes about museums and diversity, cultural and environmental sustainability, and spaces for fostering radically democratic practices. Anthony Stepter works at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he is both the graduate program coordinator for Museum and Exhibition Studies and the coordinator of public programs and community engagement at Gallery He served as a juror for apexart, collaborated with the Office of Public Culture in Grand Rapids, and in cocurated Extinct Entities, a month-long performance series of commissioned art works exploring the history of Chicago-based art spaces that no longer exist.

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  6. In high school he worked at a record store called Beatnics and saved up enough money to buy turntables by making instructional videos for schools and nonprofit groups. Johari Palacio is a music enthusiast and tune curator who goes under the pseudonym of The Bored Enthusiast.

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    The Enthusiast is an interdisciplinary artist who works with all types of sonic pallets from noise to hip-hop to Brazilian jazz to create an aural cinematic visual for the listener. He currently has residencies at Maria's Community Bar and Harbee's Tavern and Liquors, and has guest curated at several different spaces from Chicago to London. Search Query. Announcement Please note that space for this MCA Talk is limited due to capacity; seating is first come, first served.

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    When you pick up this book, prepare to be schooled and delighted by Coval's wordplay and to be challenged by his stories to think critically about your own position of power or lack there of in society. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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