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More Kia Soul reviews on Autos. Photo Gallery: Kia Soul. I drove one in , just after its launch as a model. The fast-moving auto industry has changed a lot since then, so the Soul gets some updates in an effort to keep it current.

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Key among them, two new engines: 1. Both are more powerful: the 1. Six-speed manual and automatic transmissions replace the old five-speed stick and four-speed auto. Styling updates, inside and out, are minor: you have to look hard to find the differences on the outside; inside, functional changes are limited to a new automatic shifter and climate controls. It looks good in photos, less so in person.

However, much of the dash is made up of decent-looking plastics that feel a small cut above the norm in small cars. The extra power is obvious, too. The 2. The six-speed automatic transmission has its own obvious benefits. Inevitably, the car would make it to third or fourth gear and then have to downshift again to get the car to the speed I wanted. Newsletter About Contact. Buyer's Guide. If you purchase a poster tube, all your posters will be contained in the tube case.

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